Monday, November 11, 2013

Remembering JFK's Assassination

From Vanity Fair, famous people describe their reactions when they heard that President Kennedy had been killed.

And finally, after recalling the gist of it, I found the poem online that my grandfather enclosed for us with a letter after the assassination. I still remember my mother crying as she read it out loud:

A Letter From Heaven, by Barbara Jones, 1963

Special Delivery-From Heaven
To the Kennedy Family
From John F. Kennedy

Sorry I had to leave right away
I look down and smile at you everyday
Little Patrick says to say Hi
I love you, I’m happy so please don’t cry

And Caroline I’d like to say
How proud daddy was of you that day
When you stood like a lady and watched me go by
You did just like mommy you tried not to cry

Little John John now that you’re the big man
Take care of mommy the best you can
You stood like a soldier, your salute was so brave
Thanks for the flag you put on my grave

And Jackie we had no time for good byes
But I’m sure you could read the farewell in my eyes
Take care of our children and love them for me
I’ll treasure your love through eternity
So please carry on as you did before
Till all of us meet on heaven’s bright shore
Remember I love you remember I care
I’ll always be with you
Though you don’t see me there

Love John

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