Monday, November 25, 2013

Melanie Phillips on "A Suicidal Farce"

Read the always intelligent Melanie Phillips on the deal with Iran.  "Iran has been protected throughout by a mysterious cloak of denial and paralysis. The west took the decision that acts of Iranian aggression and mass murder were to be absorbed without any response. For the west, war with Iran has always been seen as infinitely worse than war by Iran — regardless of the body count of its innocent victims. And now this suicidal farce has reached its last act — with the west tragically still in appeasement mode".  And"We are indeed now facing the unthinkable. Not just that Iran is on the verge of being allowed to proceed to nuclear capability. The really unthinkable reality is that the enemies of the civilized world are not just to be found in Tehran. They are also in London, Brussels and Washington DC."

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