Saturday, July 05, 2014

Blame Israel

This powerful column by David M. Weinberg is worth reading. It's titled "Five Minutes" and starts off this way:

"Five minutes is all it took for the world to issue the strongest of condemnations following the murder on Wednesday of a 16-year old Palestinian boy from east Jerusalem. Five minutes. Then the fiercest of denunciations swiftly poured in.
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry rushed to 'condemn in the strongest possible terms the despicable and senseless abduction and murder' of Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir. 'It is sickening to think of an innocent 17-year-old boy snatched off the streets and his life stolen from him and his family. There are no words to convey adequately our condolences to the Palestinian people.'
'Despicable' and 'sickening.' 'Snatched off the streets.' 'There are no words.'
Similarly, Quartet envoy Tony Blair called the murder 'horrendous' and 'heinous,' and said that 'the perpetrators must be found swiftly and brought to justice.' Blair is so 'very worried' about 'the unrest in Jerusalem and the West Bank, including assaults on Palestinians, 'price-tag' attacks and settler violence that cannot be tolerated.'
'Horrendous.' 'Heinous.' 'Very worried.' 'Cannot be tolerated.'
For most of the world, Israel's guilty verdict had already come in. Guilty until proven innocent. Trigger-happy to convict Israel. All within five minutes."

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