Saturday, July 19, 2014

Violent Anti-Jewish Hooliganism in Canada

Israel's Operative Protective Edge is just being used as an excuse by rabid, violent antisemites such as those in Canada, described in Cara Lebonzon's column "Hate Rally in Canada, Israel's Strongest Ally":  

"I am absolutely disgusted, embarrassed and outraged that this was allowed to take place in my home town and that peaceful Israel supporters were attacked in broad daylight for holding Israeli flags as members of the Calgary community yelled “KILL JEWS”.
"The people who attended this protest are not pro-Palestinian, they are not pro-human rights, and should barely be considered Canadian. They do not seek justice and peace, and they do not respect, nor value the democracy, freedom and liberty that Canada has provided them with. They are anti-Palestinian, anti-Jew, and anti-human rights. They are ignorant, violent people that adorned their children in anti-Israel signs and t-shirts, using them political pawns, beat up members of my community for being Jewish and are taking advantage of our freedom of speech to commit these atrocious hate crimes."

At least people are speaking up against, and posting videos of, these anti-Jewish attacks in cities such as Paris, London, Boston, and now Calgary and showing these savages for what they truly are. It's not Israel they hate, it's Jews in general, and in the fight of good versus evil, they clearly demonstrate what side they're on.

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