Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Israel in the News

How convenient! When I heard about the dead Arab teen and the riots in East Jerusalem, my immediate thought was that this was staged to make it look like the Jews killed him in revenge for the kidnapped boys. That's the level of hatred and mistrust the Arabs have engendered.

Here's a column from the Jerusalem Post titled "Obama’s callousness toward the ‘kidnapped’ kids... and Israel."  Gil Troy writes, "... his backers will support him and his calls for evenhandedness. They will debate the easily refuted 'anti-Israel' charge instead of this tougher critique of insensitivity and ineptitude. As Israel mourns and fights, as Israeli soldiers take great risks to root out those kid-killing terrorists and their armories, Obama will demand 'restraint.' Meanwhile, The New York Times will run absurdly amoral articles comparing Israeli kids victimized for being Israelis with Palestinian kids hurt while menacing soldiers, the UN will condemn Israel, and Israel will have to continue protecting itself militarily while fending off an ideological onslaught. That’s why it is fair to denounce Obama’s incompetence and iciness, along with Palestinian evil and enablement."

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