Sunday, July 13, 2014

Jew Hatred in Boston & The World

I was very ashamed and very angry to hear about this: "Jewish students called ‘Jesus killers’ and swarmed by dozens of anti-Israel demonstrators at rally outside Israeli consulate."  I haven't been called a Jesus killer since I was in elementary school, so it's obvious that things haven't changed for the better since then.

There are violent anti-Israel protests in France, too: "An anti-Israel demonstration at the city’s Bastille Square quickly turned violent with protesters seeking out and attacking Jewish targets and screaming 'death to the Jews' and 'Hitler was right' according to community newspaper, JSS News....Hundreds of Parisian Jews were trapped in a synagogue while rioters threw stones and bricks." (I half-expected to read that they had set fire to the synagogue)

What do these antisemites do, follow the same sick script?

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