Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Permission to Live

Read this column by Ronn Torossian: "This most recent flareup shows just so clearly that this isn’t a battle over whether Israel is right or wrong. Its just so painfully apparent that quite simply, in the eyes of the world, the Jews are always wrong.
And if someone is concerned about the so called 'cycle of violence,' then they should march equally to demand an end to U.S. drone strikes, and to America pursuing Al Qaeda and other enemies. In fact, perhaps there should be no more militaries anywhere in the world. But these moral hypocrites want to force Israel to accept a 'ceasefire' with an enemy that kills and wants to kill. There is not much more to be said.
Israel and Jewish leaders need to worry about the Jewish people, and not about world opinion. The State of Israel would not exist if it were up to the world. Six million Jews were wiped out in our century.
Israel and the Jewish people need no one’s permission to live."

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