Thursday, November 30, 2006

Frivolous Lawsuit of the Day

I can't stand these greedy people!

Guacamole lawsuit: Where's the avocado?
The Associated Press, Posted November 30 2006, 8:24 AM EST
LOS ANGELES -- Wholly guacamole?
That's the issue in a fraud lawsuit filed Wednesday against Kraft Foods, Inc., by a Los Angeles woman who claims the company's avocado dip doesn't qualify as guacamole.
"It just didn't taste avocadoey," said Brenda Lifsey, who used Kraft Dips Guacamole in a three-layer dip last year.

Response to that Lunatic's Letter

I've read several excellent responses to the letter sent to America by that Iranian lunatic Ahmadinejad.

Here is some of what Neal Boortz has to say:

Get ready America...the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (isn't cutting and pasting great?) has written you a letter this holiday season....
The letter is addressed to "Noble Americans." How nice...see...the president of Iran likes us! Warms my heart. As it turns out, Ahmadinejad doesn't think the American people support the Bush Administration. Said Mahmoud: "Undoubtedly, the American people are not satisfied with this behavior and they showed their discontent in the recent elections. I hope that in the wake of the mid-term elections, the administration of President Bush will have heard and will heed the message of the American people." There you have looks like the Democrats have the president of Iran on their side! But then Ahmadinejad went off the deep end, going into a rant about America's support of Israel and the injustices against the Palestinian people. Oh, and don't forget that the Holocaust was a myth...and he also wants you to know that he supports the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah. So much for the warm and fuzzy letter. But in reading the letter, one thing strikes you just a bit. It sounds awfully similar to the rhetoric that came out of the likes of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid during the recent campaign. Very interesting.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Last Michael Richards Post -- Really!

I received this headline at work and nearly barfed.

"Richards isn't really Jewish, publicist admits; Comic had used Judaism as excuse for anti-Semitic remarks".

I had guessed he was using this as an excuse -- but how many truly Jewish people actually make anti-semitic remarks in the first place??

Michael Richards and his apologists are despicable.

The Iranian Hatemongers

That Iranian lunatic is telling America that we should "stop blind support of Israel".

And we are actually considering negotiating with them to bring peace to Iraq?

Spare me.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Caroline Glick

My Uncle Leon recommends the excellent columns of Caroline Glick. This link takes you to her 11/27 column on the latest cease-fire, and the continued kowtowing by the Israeli government. It's impossible to understand this mentality.

And in her 11/20 column on appeasement, she writes: "There are many reasons that actions like {Tony}Blair's strategic retreat from reason and responsibility have gone uncriticized by the media. It is not simply that Western, and particularly European journalists are overwhelmingly anti-American and virulently anti-Israel. One of the central reasons for the silence of Western intellectuals and media in the face of actions like Blair's is fear of death at the hands of jihadists"

Michael Richards -- Still

The Michael Richards situation keeps getting more ridiculous. He is shown on tape making those racist remarks. You can see and hear him. There is no doubt that it's him. Yet he actually told Jesse Jackson that "the outburst came through him 'like a freight train' and that he's "shattered by it."

This makes him sound like a ventriloquist's dummy, as if all he did was stand there while someone else uttered the racist filth!

He also made antisemitic comments back in April that is only being reported (very little) now. So of course he is now saying that although he himself isn't Jewish, he "adheres to Jewish philosophy". Right.

The best thing he can do is disappear. He should shut up, stop giving interviews, stop making excuses, and go away!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Israel Withdraws

Here we go yet again. Israel withdraws, Israel gives in -- and the terrorists continue to attack. Why do we continually back down?

Israpundit says about the Israeli Foreign Ministry's explanation, "[The last sentence]should read 'Israel is allowing the terrorists to rearm and rebuild'. As for the rationale for allowing this to happen the FM argues that they did it to end the violence (thereby inviting more violence) to enable political negotiations. Better to remove the threat coming from the terrorist buildup before negotiations. We must negotiate from a position of strength and superiority rather than from a position of capitulation and subservience. This is elementary."

Haveil Havalim #95 is Up!

Smooth Stone is the host of Haveil Havalim #95, and it's chock full of interesting reading!

I Knew It!

Even though Black Friday sales were up 6% over last year, per "The Street", The Washington Post's headline says, "Wal-Mart sees weak sales as holiday season starts."

Saturday, November 25, 2006


I came across this story via Reddit, a website that links to stories popular online. (I much preferred the now-defunct Blogdex and Daypop)

Anyway, this is yet another example of Israel-bashing:
"As if Israel’s position in the world in not bad enough, a new survey published in the US Wednesday says that Israel is suffering from the worst public image among all countries of the world."

Israel has the worst public image? Israelis don't use women and children as human shields like the Arabs do; Israelis don't fly jets into buildings; and Israelis aren't suicide bombers.

But Israelis are Jewish.

Friday, November 24, 2006

My Grandmother, The Suicide Bomber

Here is the headline of the day:

Woman suicide bomber's family: We're very proud

Black Friday

You should have seen the traffic jams headed to the mall today! These people are nuts, getting up at midnight and standing in line until the mall opened at 5 am. Nothing would induce me to do these things. Where have they been the past 10 months or so?

I wonder how the mainstream media will spin this shopping spree? I figure they will try something on the order of, "While millions spend a fortune on Christmas presents today, millions go without".

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Absolutely Right!

Smooth Stone speaks for many of us with this timely reprise of his article To Hell With Arab Outrage.

Pass this on.

A Very Good Question

Boker Tov, Boulder asks a question about the kidnapped Israeli soldiers that nobody seems interesting in answering:

"Whatever happened to 'Free Our Boys'?"

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More from Michael Richards

My first thought after hearing about Michael Richards' racist "comedy" routine was, "I hope he isn't Jewish".

Well, he's not. Instead, it sounds like Michael Richards is a Mel Gibson clone.

Note that this anti-semitic outburst took place LAST APRIL, but it didn't make news until now, after the racist tirade became known.


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Haveil Havalim #94 is Up!

Please visit Crossing the Rubicon 3 and read the terrific posts that make up Haveil Havalim #94.

The Michael Richards Outrage

I'm taking bets to see how long it will take before Michael Richards and his apologists use the drug abuse or alcoholism excuses for his hate-filled "comedy" routine. Or maybe he will try the John Kerry defense and blame the listeners for misunderstanding his botched joke.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Asheville: Flushed with Success

Asheville is definitely a very strange place, but I don't think it can all be attributed to bathroom habits!

Extreme Bush-Bashing

I wonder if this latest example of Bush-Bashing will catch on?

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The World Yawns

I came across this post by Sultan Knish headlined "1000 Rockets Have Fallen on Sderot: the World Remains Silent". Among other points, he writes:
"While the media reports every Israeli incursion as a massacre and goes into depth about the sufferings of the poor Palestinian Arabs, the world remains silent at this ongoing bombardment of a civilian town. The media and the world looks everywhere."

While we shouldn't be at all surprised by this apathy, I think it's still important to highlight these things.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Lesson of Hate

Michelle Malkin reports on a North Carolina teacher who resigned after it was found that he gave his students a word search puzzle full of hate.
Some students started uncovering strange words in the process. "There were words like 'kill,' then I saw it said 'destroy America,'" Eric Herrera said. As they read on, students found the puzzle contained a paragraph that contained the following phrases: "Sharon killed a lot of innocent people," a possible reference to former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; "Palestine is not a terrorist group." "Allah help destroy this body of evil making humanity miserable." The teacher told WRAL in a telephone interview that students got the wrong message from the assignment.

Of course! It's the students' fault for finding these messages, not his fault for putting them there!

Send Cards to our Troops

Here's a nice story about an Ohio woman dubbed the "Card Lady" for sending Christmas cards to our troops .

For more ways you can help the troops, visit this website

Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh well!

Woman accused of drowning baby in canal gets three years probation

Yet Another Reason Why We Need John Bolton

Gee, what a rarity! The Arab states are ready to condemn Israel at the U.N.

"Israel's Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman slammed the proposal, saying that the General Assembly has been hijacked by the evil forces. He added that the session was a cynical use and abuse of the UN."

He's got that right.

Gentlemen's Agreement

Here is a wonderful article from Smithsonian Magazine about
the famous photo of a dying Babe Ruth taken at Yankee Stadium.

The article also mentions the gentlemen's agreement among sportswriters never to refer to the fact that the Babe had cancer. This is similar to how the press never talked about FDR's polio. Can you even imagine such journalistic restraint today? There are very few gentlemen left; plus today you are given details about people's lives that you'd rather not know.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Just a Prank

Here are more excuses for nearly fatal stupidity. This is not a "prank" -- it's a crime. I didn't see anything about making these idiots pay the hospital bills.

Visine prank leads to day in court
"Basically, it was a prank that went wrong, and nobody intended for any real harm to come to anybody," said Andrew Ryback, 17, who had brought the Visine to school June 2 to help with his allergies.
A doctor said the student could have died if he hadn't gotten medical treatment, and his mother told a prosecutor that the boy had required a defibrillator while at the hospital.

PlayStation Insanity

I have never understood the hysteria over computer games, like the new PlayStation.

To go to these lengths, to stand in line for days, to spend $500 on these things, is just amazing to me. Don't these people have better ways to spend their time and their money?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

IF He Did It

The most nauseating, infuriating story of the day is the news that O.J.Simpson has written a book called "If I Did It", in which he describes how he would have gone about murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman -- hypothetically, of course.

If this isn't obscene enough, Fox is airing a 2-part interview with this vicious double murderer!

We all know he DID do it; this just proves he is more of a psychopath than we ever imagined.

The best response (other than putting him in jail where he belongs) is to ignore both the book and the interview.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Murtha, She Wrote

Ugh! Nancy Pelosi's choice of that awful John Murtha to be majority leader is nauseating, but I love the fact that now, he is attacking fellow Democrat Steny Hoyer, who wants the job himself! What a great impression the Dems have made already!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bolton Bashing

Here's a good pro-Bolton article from the Fort Wayne News Sentinel.

The following editorial appeared in the New York Daily News on Friday, Nov. 10: Dispiriting it is that one old Democratic lion has gotten off to a bad start with more of the same old, same old. We speak of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, who grabbed the first microphone in sight to announce that it's a big fat chance John Bolton has of staying on as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Never mind working together for the best interests of the nation. If Biden has the opportunity to take a good man down simply because Bush picked that man, looks like he'll be glad to do just that.

If there's anyone on Team Bush who has, in fact, genuinely done a heck of a job, it's Bolton, even as a recess appointee. That's what he became when the Senate decided not to confirm him last year, largely on the testimony of some former underling who blubbered that Bolton was ruuuude to her once - oh, the horror - and that's what he has remained, the big meanie, as he has accomplished significant things in the sinkhole that is Turtle Bay.

Bolton is the sole reason the Security Council has even bothered to notice the woebegone Darfur refugees in Sudan. Bolton is the reason Iran's feet have been held to the fire as much as they have while all dithering Europe was prepared to keep throwing cookies at the mullahs for the next several hundred years. Bolton is one of the reasons our Chinese friends have seen fit to conclude that a nuclear North Korea isn't a good idea for their side of things either. Bolton is smart, strong, resolute. He has been an admirable ambassador in every respect.

He's also a Bush man. Guess that means he's got to go. Joe Biden will to see to that, unless wiser Democrats prevail.

I just heard that Biden has announced he'll be running for President. I wasn't going to vote for him even before his Bolton-bashing photo op, but this is just another reason not to.

Not Cool

Pet peeve: when people in their 50s and older use expressions like "cool" and "awesome" at work. It sounds so idiotic and unprofessional, especially when they use both words in the same sentence, resulting in something like, "KEWL! That's really cool and awesome!"

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Haveil Havalim #93 is Up!

Haveil Havalim #93 is up at Soccer Dad!

Per Soccer Dad's (and Haveil Havalim's) own David Gerstman, "read Kofi Annan's love letter to the dearly departed Arafat; check out the latest distortions about Beit Hanoun; read news related to Kristallnacht; and a lot more!"

There's always a lot of interesting reading in every edition of Haveil Havalim.

Sickening Excuses

Our local newspaper has a very bad habit of writing headlines that take responsibility away from people responsible for any wrongdoing.

This one is just one of a number of such deliberately misleading headlines.

Hot car blamed in 3rd child's death
FOREST CITY — A 4-year old who was trapped in her mother’s car Friday died a heat-related death early Saturday at Mission Hospitals, authorities said.
The girl’s 2-year-old twin sisters, Asia and Bry’asia Shepard, were found dead at the scene by emergency responders. (Sheriff's Lt) Scoggins said Saturday he could not yet confirm how the children got into the car or how long they were inside. Family members said the mother of the girls, Ann Latrice Miller, 26, was sleeping when her unsupervised children climbed into her car in the parking lot of Woodlands Townhomes of Big Island Road near Forest City. They said Miller had been working a late shift at a restaurant the night before. Miller could not be reached for comment Saturday night.

And so, the headline should not read "Hot Car Blamed for Deaths" but "Mother Blamed", or better still, "So-Called Mother Blamed". I have no doubt that in days to come we will have to hear all about the lack of child care; the hard-working "mother"; and the terrible people at DSS -- but nothing about the wasted lives of these poor children.

Saturday, November 11, 2006


In gratitude for all the veterans who have sacrificed to keep America safe.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Ho Hum

Earlier I heard that there are 30 terrorist plots being tracked in England; and that Al Qaeda threatened to blow up the White House. Yet it took me quite a while to actually see these stories on the news. It almost made me feel as if I had only imagined it.

When I looked on Google, there were no immediate news results for "White House", none for "Al Qaeda", and nothing for "blow up White House". But when I typed in "White House + Al Qaeda", I found one result: "Al-Qaeda recording threatens to destroy White House" -- from the Daily Star of Lebanon.

Shouldn't these stories be dominating the news tonight? Instead, Larry King is devoting a whole hour to "Dancing with the Stars", while Glenn Beck finds Danny Bonaduce worthy of an hour.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Election Recap

Neal Boortz's Neals Nuze has a recap today of what the election results mean.

I agree with his assessment that the results were good for the following groups: Islamic terrorists; slackards; illegal aliens; the leftist media; and those who want a weaker America.

Read his column for more details.

And, as mentioned in Best of the Web today, Jim Treacher asks the following questions:

1. Does this mean Bush is still Hitler? I'm pretty sure Hitler never let his opponents win an election, did he? Unless... this is all part of Rove's plan.

2. A major concern of the last few elections has been that Republicans need to cheat to win, and the problem was going to be even worse with the new Diebold machines. What happened? Did Cheney forget his password again? That darn Cheney, always forgetting his password.

3. What happened to Ned? I thought Lieberman was Public Enemy #1...

4. Does Nancy Pelosi ever wear a fake flower on her lapel that shoots acid? Because that would really be a surprise for Batman when he's hauling her to Commissioner Gordon's office.

5. So the world likes us again, right? No more terrorism? YAY!!!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

Wow. What a repudiation of the Democratic party!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Politically Correct Story of the Week

What kind of nonsense is this? Tongue Tied links to this ridiculous self-esteem story from Australia.

Australian Teachers Warned against Criticizing Students

Even school reports that say that the student "Could try harder" are now suspect:

"Teachers are being warned to watch what they write and say about students because of the risk of being sued for defamation. New South Wales schools have also been urged to closely vet student scripts for theatrical performances and postings on school websites, blogs or electronic bulletins....

Parents and Citizens' Association president Di Giblin believes words such as lazy or phrases such as "can try harder" should not be used. "It is very important when referring to young people that their self-esteem is not damaged," Ms Giblin said. "Try harder doesn't tell a parent anything . . . it is better to say 'needs motivating' or 'is finding it difficult to be engaged in work'....


What next, employers barred from telling their do-nothing employees to work harder or else they will get fired? I think people should say, "You should try harder" more often, so we wouldn't have this excuse for remaining lazy and stupid.

Post-Vote Thoughts

I just came back from voting before work and found the whole process so easy that it was anticlimactic. There were no booths with curtains, no levers, no bells. You walked into the room, and before you even registered, an official showed you the ballot and explained the procedure. When you registered you showed your license and signed your name. Then another official went over the instructions a second time before you stood at a little "boothlet" to fill out the ballot. After that, an official hovered as you placed your ballot into what is called the "ballot acceptor" , which resembled a fax machine. I was given an "I Voted" sticker, and that was it. The voting experience was easier than ever, but more mechanical and less exciting than in the past.

So, get ready for the spin to begin!

Monday, November 06, 2006


(And vote Republican, if you're smart!)

I keep hearing about people who still don't even know who they're voting for tomorrow. Again, if they are that ignorant, then they shouldn't vote at all. How can you walk into the booth completely unprepared? Do they close their eyes and just pick the name of any candidate?

You just know that these will be the same people who complain the loudest when the results don't go their way.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


This morning I heard about the death sentence handed down to Saddam Hussein, and I have deliberately kept the TV off the rest of the day. I don't want to hear and see all the hand-wringing; excuse-making; Bush-blaming, or the ACLU statements and statements from other "rights" groups condemning this "cruel and unusual" sentence and worrying about how much this dictator might suffer at the end.

Saddam should be executed and then hanged in Baghdad on meat hooks, the way Mussolini was. Anything else is too good for him.

Another Response to John Kerry

Thanks to Blackfive for this photo taken at the Army-Air Force game. Pictures do speak louder than words, don't they?

Haveil Havalim #92 is Up - Already!

Hurry over to Jerusalem Board Games for today's edition.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Voting Machines + Moronic Voters

Well, here we go again. It's not even November 7 yet and already there are stories predicting voter fraud and electronic machines that don't work.

Why don't they simply bring back the old-fashioned paper ballot? Nobody could possibly complain about that, except the officials who would have to count them. Or, bring back the pre-electronic model's lever-version, where you simply flipped a lever that pointed to the name of your candidate, or to the name of the party. Writing a name, or checking a box, or moving a lever, shouldn't be that hard -- unless you are a complete idiot. And if that's the case, you shouldn't be voting at all.

But during my entire voting life, I have never heard about voting problems until the 2000 elections, with that insane "hanging chads" controversy. For all my voting years, I have never heard of anyone who couldn't fill out the old paper ballots; never heard anyone complain about the machines with the levers; and don't personally know anyone who has had problems with electronic machines. Let's stop dumbing down everything in our society, even the way we vote.

They always hand out instructions in advance as to how the machines work. If you are too ignorant to read them, that's your own fault, not the fault of the machines or their manufacturers. When you stand in line at your polling place, they usually have huge flyers posted with the instructions, a diagram of the machine, plus a entire ballot.

So, to already be blaming machines for the results IN ADVANCE of the election is outrageous.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Kofi Annan's Legacy

Let's count down the last few weeks until the disgraceful Kofi Annan steps down as the worst Secretary General of the United Nations.

News For Members of the Tribe describes his latest anti-Israel proposal.

Kerry On

Some people are comparing John Kerry's words to George Allen's "macaca" remarks, and saying that Allen was more offensive. Personally, I don't see any comparison. Since there is no such thing as a "macaca", how can this dopey non-word offend anyone at all?

On the other hand, our troops knew exactly what Kerry meant.

Wednesday's Best of the Web Today says it very well: "Pardon our morbid fascination with this story, but in a way it makes us feel vindicated. We first noted that something wasn't quite right with John Kerry way back in December 2002, but even we didn't realize how not quite right he was until this week."

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Inexcusable Offensiveness

I'm sure we will have to hear that he's "only a boy", it was "just a prank", and it was "only Halloween fun", but I don't find anything to forgive about this.

The Troops Respond

From The People's Cube

Idiotic Lawsuit of the Day

How do you like this gall?

Rosalie Druyan wants to stick the Rolling Stones between a rock and a hard place with a $51 million lawsuit. Shattered when Mick Jagger's sore throat scrapped the Rolling Stones concert Friday in Atlantic City -- four hours before its scheduled start -- the Stones superfan from Brooklyn is taking the wrinkly rockers to court.
In a class-action suit to be filed today in Manhattan Supreme Court, Druyan contends the late cancelation cost her and other fans big bucks on nonrefundable hotel reservations, forcing them to spend the night together in cold and rainy Atlantic City.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Missing From Front Pages"

Here's a good take on the Kerry incident from The People's Cube

Support Our Troops!

The best response to John Kerry is to support the troops even more than we do. I've always sent Christmas cards to the troops and written to soldiers over the years; it really does mean a lot to them.

Soldiers' Angels is just one of many wonderful organizations that helps the troops. Check it out and sign up to be an angel!

Kerry'd Away

Yesterday, USA Today's headline said "Kerry, White House exchange words over Iraq 'bad joke'"

What a misleading headline! John Kerry is the one who said that if students didn't do well, they "get stuck in Iraq".

His nonapology apology, too little, too late, was that his words were a botched joke

From what I have seen and heard, the only joke is John Kerry himself.

His attempts to explain his words away by blaming the White House are almost amusing. As with so many politicians and celebrities, he simply cannot or will not take personal responsibility, and finds it easier to blame others. This is our culture of victimhood.