Monday, April 30, 2007

Carnival of the Carnivals

Yid With Lid lists some blog carnivals blog carnivals that include Havalim Havalim and Carnival of the Insanities, both of which I read. The first blog carnival I ever discovered was Carnival of the Vanities, the current edition of which is at Silflay Hraka. (Eye exams should be required after reading all this)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Haveil Havalim #114 is Up!

Haveil Havalim #114 is up at Soccer Dad, and that always means lots of great reading. It's also a good way to discover blogs you've never read before.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Liviu Librescu Family Condolence Page

Smooth Stone has linked to the Librescu Family Condolence Page. Here you may leave a message for the family of the hero of Virginia Tech.

Bad College News

Little Green Footballs reports on Jimmy Carter's visit to UC Irvine: "The University of California Irvine, where the Muslim Students Union called for jihad and genocide following a disrupted speech by Daniel Pipes, has invited America’s disgraceful Israel-hating ex-president Jimmy Carter to the campus: Jimmy Carter to visit UC Irvine, talk with students. This despicable human being should be shunned; instead he’s being feted by academia and used by radical Islamic front groups to promote their demonization of Israel. This is going to make the already appalling, out of control situation at UC Irvine much worse."

Good College News

Read this terrific story about a remarkable college student, and make sure you look at the accompanying photograph. "Sitting on the front row in her college classes carefully taking notes, Nola Ochs is just as likely to answer questions as to ask them. That's not the only thing distinguishing her from fellow students at Fort Hays State University. She's 95, and when she graduates May 12, she'll be what is believed to be the world's oldest person to be awarded a college degree."

Friday, April 27, 2007

"If..You Must" -- 4/26/07 Edition

Some more good reading to end the work week, with Soccer Dad's "If...You Must"

DNC Membership Kit

Read about the Democratic Party Official Membership Kit here!

Recommended Reading

There's so much good reading around! Smooth Stone recommends Judeophobe Watch, which "allows for people of good conscience to debunk, refute, chastise, and debate anti-semitic postings from various Judeophobic web sites." Go here.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Congress of Quislings"

From "Reader and Vietnam Vet Jack Haley e-mails: The White Feather has been a symbol for cowardice. I suggest that white feathers be sent to the leaders of the Senate and House for the cowardly vote that abandons our soldiers around the world. I was in Vietnam the day that the 101st took "Hamburger Hill" -- the headline in the Stars and Stripes was Teddy Kennedy's statement to the effect that it was all such a waste. I am sure it raised the spirits of the folks on top of the hill -- I know it gave my morale a boost. Surely these leaders of our country will head out on a USO tour to encourage the troops further. As far as I am concerned this is a Congress of Quislings."

Yeah, Right

Rosie's exit blamed on money, not mouth

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blame Bush!

Dow Jones Shatters 13,000 As Wall Street Closes With A Smile

We Don't Need Another Hero

Barking Moonbat Early Warning System decries the current politically correct movement against American heroes and against the dissemination of any good, positive news. I can't even watch the TV news any more because the steady drumbeat of negative propaganda is so disturbing. The media is the Fifth Column, and I'm sure the terrorists are looking on approvingly.

"If..You Must" -- 4/25/07

Here's the latest edition of Soccer Dad's series "If..You Must".

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Israel at 59", by Dore Gold

Read "Israel at 59", by Dore Gold. "This Independence Day it is clear that Israel will continue and will be victorious. The flame of its idealism still burns strong, though you would never know that from the headlines in the regular Israeli press. The key to understanding Israel's independence and ongoing survival against all odds--this year in particular-- is to remember the incredible faith of the fallen on Memorial Day, that Israelis as a collective witness together just one day before they celebrate their national independence." (Posted by Israpundit)

Good News You Haven't Heard

More good news from Iraq that never makes the nightly news broadcasts. As Gateway Pundit says, "..wouldn't it be nice if the media reported the progress in Iraq once in a while?"
(The above progress graphic is from the Dept. of Defense)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh, the Toilet!

Sheryl Crow wants to limit people to one square of toilet paper per sitting. (It looks like she also needs some spelling and grammar lessons). Meanwhile, "Crow's suggestion too radical even for Rosie O'Donnell"!

"Tragedy, American-Style"

Jewish World Review always has a lot of good articles. Here's one by Tom Purcell about the events of last week.

My Mother Predicts...

...that some crackpot will come out with a line of "Cho" Guevera posters and t-shirts that will become big sellers.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Haveil Havalim #113 is Up!

Haveil Havalim #113 is up over at reliable Soccer Dad, where you will find a long list of well-written posts on many topics.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yet Another Reason Not to Vote for Hillary

UGH!: MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (Map, News) - Hillary Rodham Clinton said Saturday that if she is elected president, she would make her husband a roaming ambassador to the world, using his skills to repair the nation's tattered image abroad. 'I can't think of a better cheerleader for America than Bill Clinton, can you?' the Democratic senator from New York asked a crowd jammed into a junior high school gymnasium. 'He has said he would do anything I asked him to do. I would put him to work.'

"If..You Must" -- 4/20/07

Soccer Dad is back with another roundup of interesting reading at the long-awaited edition of If...You Must.

Liviu Librescu

I haven't stopped thinking about VA Tech hero Liviu Librescu. This letter to the editor pays tribute to him. Meryl Yourish ponders: "But I found myself thinking: If Librescu is one of the Jews that Hitler missed, just imagine the kinds of men and women we lost. Just imagine the leaps in science and medicine and technology we didn’t make, because of Europe’s Jew-hatred. And today, I think, there are a few parents out there who are thanking God that Hitler missed Liviu Librescu. So should we all."

Father Knows Worst

Did you hear Alec Baldwin's phone tirade to his 11 year old daughter? What's just as unbelievable are the people making excuses for him and blaming the child for "making him angry"!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Neville Reid

See what the milbloggers are saying about the treasonous Harry Reid. The above photo shows Reid as Neville Chamberlain.

Harry Reid: Defeatist Appeaser

When I heard what he said, and thought of the aid & comfort he has given our enemy; and the slap in the face he has given our troops, I immediately thought of another famous defeatist remark in our history:
Defeatist Harry Reid, 4/19/07: "Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Thursday the war in Iraq is "lost," triggering an angry backlash by Republicans, who said the top Democrat had turned his back on the troops." Defeatist Joseph P. Kennedy, Ambassador to Great Britain, October 1940: "The story led the Sunday paper on November 10, 1940, at a time when Nazi troops occupied Poland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, and France, and German bombs were falling on London and other British cities. The headline read: 'Kennedy Says Democracy All Done' ..... In the interview, Kennedy was reactionary toward Europe and isolationist and defeatist about the war with Germany. One explosive quote in a long and garrulous performance ended Kennedy's hope for a political career: 'Democracy is finished in England. It may be here.'

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Holocaust Remembrance

Soccer Dad links to a Holocaust Memorial Day blog carnival. Lots of great posts here.

Just a Prank

I see that bombings and copycat crimes have been threatened at schools across the country. Anyone who is caught making these threats should be treated as terrorists. This is not a "prank". The Department of Homeland Security should get involved, the sooner the better.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Smooth Stone reports that Lebanon is seeking war reparations from Israel! How's that for nerve? Israpundit refers to this as "Lebanese chutzpa".

Don't Blame the Victims

Here's a very good editorial about the VA Tech murder rampage from the Edmonton Sun. "In the wake of such tragedies, it's natural to look for something simple to blame -- lax gun control laws, bullying, societal violence, bureaucratic incompetence. Sometimes, they may be relevant. But we also need to use our good judgment and common sense, including the recognition that in free societies, it is almost impossible to stop a lone gunman with no apparent motive, who suddenly goes on a murderous rampage against strangers, before taking his own life. The thousands of locals who gave university president Steger a standing ovation yesterday at a memorial service for the dead, despite criticism he didn't act fast enough, apparently understand this reality. So should the rest of us." I agree. Only one person is responsible, and that's the cold-blooded killer, period.

Tommy Thompson: Bad for the Jews

The end of a candidacy, from Obscure Store: "Tommy Thompson -- you've heard of him, right? -- got up before a Jewish audience and said that making money is 'sort of part of the Jewish tradition.' The remark prompted murmurs and disbelief in this room -- and a little bit of press coverage for the dark-horse candidate." See full story here. Hmmm. Sounds to me like he's suffering from a touch of Imusitis. Let's see how the media covers this story.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tax Day

From Mallard Fillmore...

"Evil Lurks Everywhere"

"Evil lurks everywhere". Among the many victims was this Israeli professor, who gave up his life for that of his students.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Here's a wonderful tribute to Jackie Robinson by baseball fan George Will. "Jack Roosevelt Robinson's middle name was homage to the president who said 'speak softly and carry a big stick.' Robinson's deeds spoke loudly. His stick weighed 34 ounces, which was enough."

Hate Crime in Canada

This happened in Canada: "Muslims charged in 3 bombings at Jewish school & community center." And the Muslims still can't understand why there might be feelings of Islamophobia in the world?

Horror at Virginia Tech

What a tragic massacre! Let's not talk about what should have been done and what should have happened. Let's concentrate on the victims of this tragedy, and on preventing further such slaughters from ever happening again.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Family Photos

Mere Rhetoric links to this touching story about the return of nearly 200 pre-Holocaust photographs to their rightful owners. Smooth Stone also comments.

Haveil Havalim #112 is Up!

Haveil Havalim #112 is up at Yid With Lid!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Culture Champions

If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are serious about cleaning up our culture, they ought to start with television and get rid of those freak shows like Jerry Springer and Maury Povich, and all the judge shows, where the dregs of humanity show up in ever increasing numbers, and where lowlifishness is celebrated in all its unabashed glory every single day.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Peace in Our Time

Read Ted Belman's comments on talks about freeing our three kidnapped Israeli soldiers
"I am revolted. The mentality or Israel’s present government may be characterized as “peace at any cost”, or “free soldiers at any cost” or defeat in Lebanon is better than another occupation or avoid killing “innocent” Arabs at an cost. I want to throw up."

Ho, ho, ho!

Read Michelle Malkin's column about the filth spewed on a regular basis in rap "music" lyrics. Shouldn't all these "singers" be required by Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to clean up their act? On the other hand, there wouldn't even BE rap music without that garbage.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


I was baffled as to why Rep. Tom Lantos, a Holocaust survivor, would say this in regards to visiting Iran: "Speaking just for myself, I would be ready to get on a plane tomorrow morning, because however objectionable, unfair and inaccurate many of [Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's] statements are, it is important that we have a dialogue with him,” Lantos said at a press conference on Tuesday.
Go here for more on this disturbing episode.

Duke Lacrosse Players: Innocent!

NC Attorney General left no doubt about the conclusion of this disgraceful case: "We believe that these cases were the tragic result of a rush to accuse and a failure to verify serious allegations. Based on the significant inconsistencies between the evidence and the various accounts given by the accusing witness, we believe these three individuals are innocent of these charges." Judge Andrew Napolitano (the one with the great hair on Fox) said in all his 35 years practicing law, this was the first time he had ever heard a prosecutor refer to the defendants as "innocent". It's about time. THIS should be the story everyone is talking about, to prevent such a miscarriage of justice from ever happening again based on the lies of one accuser (remember Tawana Brawley?) and the lies of one D.A.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus

The Imus show should be cancelled permanently from MSNBC. A 2 week suspension only keeps him in the news even longer and gives him even more attention. It also gives Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson more excuses for their own agenda. Cancel that show, stop talking about him, and focus attention on the Rutgers team he finally crossed the line to insult. Genuinely funny and clever people don't need to resort to gutter insults to keep viewers. Imus' career is over, and good riddance.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Arabs for Israel

Read Smooth Stone's post on Nonie Darwish of Arabs for Israel, who says, "We must stop the terrorism in Israel, and we must not encourage Hamas to say it wants to annihilate Israel. Ahmadinejad is not even an Arab - what does he have to do with Israel? Is he acting this way in order to unify his people?...We call upon the Arab countries to stop teaching hatred to the Arab children, and to stop teaching them to hate the Jews and the Christians." I wish there were more coverage of such peaceful Arabs.

Trading with Hamas

Little Green Footballs reports that Israel will swap murderers for hostage Shalit. What about Goldwasser and Regev? Why does Israel always have to exchange numerous terrorists to get back 1 innocent person? It's just infuriating, and more of the same. The item ends: "No one seems to care that rewarding Hamas this way will guarantee more of the same."

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Take a Peep at This!

It's Easter, and that means Marshmallow Peeps! Check out this hilarious website on Peeps research.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Iranian Goody Bags

The film footage of the British hostages displaying their gifts from their Iranian captors, and their warm praise for those captors, made me queasy. Even if they were just acting for the cameras, they didn't have to look so delighted! The coverage of Iran has been so positive, almost choosing to ignore the fact that these are rabidly antisemitic fanatics.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Timid Response"

Here's a take on the release of the British hostages. Let's hope we won't have to be subjected to too much nauseating excuse-making for Iran's kidnapping of those sailors, nor too much praise for their lunatic president. "See, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamadenijad isn't such a bad guy after all. Not only did Iran release 15 British hostages today after nearly two weeks of huffing, puffing and bluffing from both Iranian and (pathetically so, I might add) British government officials. Ahmadenijad actually wished them well and defended the honor of the only female hostage, to boot! As Rosie O'Donnell will tell you, Mahmoud is a swell guy."

"Perforated Cardboard"

Here's a matzoh joke that I love. (My grandfather used to refer to matzoh as "perforated cardboard", but he was being too kind.)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

TB or not TB?

I can't stand the ACLU. Since when do the "rights" of a patient with deadly tuberculosis matter more than the health and wellbeing of hundreds of citizens?

Monday, April 02, 2007

P.C. from U.K.

My pal Diane just sent me this politically correct outrage from the United Kingdom: "Teachers drop the Holocaust to avoid offending Muslims". Great Britain seems to be getting less great every day.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day

Let's hope that this really is just an April Fool's story! The story is here.

A Tribute to Israel

From Arlene Bridges-Samuels, this tribute to Israel and the determination of Israelis: "Israeli Jews are the energizer bunnies in the world of nations. They keep on going despite every obstacle. From every side, Israel is squeezed in a misplaced noose yet they not only survive, they thrive despite daily threats, ongoing terror, and media half-truths pulsating through the anti-Semitic world press."