Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween, Boys and Ghouls!

Flag Frenzy

Why must everything that's decent and honorable in this country be criticized or destroyed? Who does this tradition possibly hurt?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oldies and Goodies

When you see how lazy kids are today, then you read an article like this about 80+ year old newspaper carriers, you know they don't make 'em like that any more!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Heartwarming News

Crossing the Rubicon3 has a wonderful story you certainly won't hear about on the network news: "Iraqi Army officers in Besmaya raised a thousand dollars in donations for fire victims in San Diego, California, and the only place that seems to have reported the story is the military blog OPFOR"

Good Question!

Mitch Albom asks: "When did adults start dressing for Halloween?" I am turned off by this, too. It used to be a treat for kids. Now, I turn off the light and stop handing out candy when I start seeing more adults and sullen teens than children.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Department of Homeland Insecurity

This is sure chummy: "Gov. Eliot Spitzer said Sunday that his new plan to make it easier for illegal immigrants to get driver's licenses while creating one of the most secure licenses in the nation is the result of conversations with an old friend, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. Spitzer said he has known Chertoff for more than 10 years, going back to Spitzer's life as a prosecutor and before, when Chertoff's wife went to Harvard Law School with Spitzer."

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Boy, do I ever agree with the sentiment in this article about entitlements, especially this:
"The fact is, there are many things in this world which would be good for us, but we accept that we cannot afford them, and move on with our lives. For instance, it would have been good for me to be able to attend an Ivy League college, but my family couldn’t pay the bill. It would be good for me (and my circulation) if I could afford to fly first-class, but I can’t, so I ride in economy and stand up every half hour or so to stretch my legs. It would be good for me to eat steak every night (all right, maybe not good for me, but very tasty), yet I eat ramen about three nights a week and steak maybe once a month because it suits my budget better. I even think it would be good for me to be riding in a 2008 BMW instead of a 1996 Saturn, but my checkbook says otherwise. This used to be called living within one’s means. Today, it is called being a chump. I don’t care what they call it. The fact of the matter is there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. All of that 'free' health care is costing somebody plenty. If you want that somebody to be you, then call your senators and congressman and tell them to vote for national health insurance and send the bill to your house. But opt me out. I can’t afford it."
And it's not only health care, it's everything.

Haveil Havalim #138 is Up!

Dependable Soccer Dad is hosting Haveil Havalim #138, where you'll find many interesting blog posts related to Judaism and Israel.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Are YOU Aware?

Here's some information on Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. Incorrect University has some great links. FrontPage Magazine reports on the disgusting reception given David Horowitz at Emory U. If you haven't already been aware of Islamo-Fascism, this description of its apologists, appeasers, and antisemites will make you aware:
"As soon as Horowitz was introduced, protesters began their efforts with loud boos and chants of 'Heil Hitler.' Despite the people who stood with their backs to Horowitz and the shouting of obscenities and other remarks from audience members, Horowitz attempted to deliver his speech that covered academic freedom and radical Islam. Considering the actions of the audience and the problem of universities only giving students half the story, Horowitz asked the audience, 'How can you learn if you can’t see the arguments?' This event was a perfect example of the left’s intolerance to other points of view."
Funny how it's still okay for Muslims on campus to preach hatred against Jews and call for the destruction of Israel; but not okay for anyone to point out the evils of Islamo-Fascism. Then they whine about "Islamophobia". Well, maybe if they hadn't attacked the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the World Trade Center in 1993, the African Embassy, the World Trade Towers & Pentagon in 2001...need I go on?

Friday, October 26, 2007

"Viva Californians!"

Lemon Lime Moon celebrates the basic decency of Californians as the fires rage: "Californians are showing what Americans are made of... stern tough stuff...when disaster strikes. (New Orleans was an aberration) Over 500,000 people are evacuated in California, peacefully and without trouble or rancor. No violence, no looting, just cooperation and calm. There is so much help from average citizens with food and supplies for those evacuated that it is being turned away and some going to waste from overabundance!...All of this wonderful news about the true spirit of America and Californians is not making the headlines. It isn't juicy enough for the evil media."

Jews in the Military

Jews in Green links to this interesting article about Jews in the military. It's another reason to feel proud.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Smooth Stone gives us this column by the terrific Victor Davis Hanson, titled "Looking for scapegoat, world again turns to Jews". Nothing ever changes, does it?

Good Links from Soccer Dad

Soccer Dad is juggling carnivals with his usual great success. And here are the latest Watchers Council nominations, from Watcher of Weasels.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Bush's Fault!

I heard about this on the radio last night and thought it was a pretty low blow, even for the Democrats:
"Well, you knew this just had to happen. Fires are devastating California from North of Los Angeles down to San Diego. Hundreds of thousands of people have had to flee their homes. Disaster is an understatement. So along comes MoveOn Moonbat Senator Barbara Boxer to announce who is to blame. And who would that be? Why none other than George Bush. It would seem that President Bush has taken the time off from killing children and becoming amused as our servicemen are killed in Iraq to plot these fire strategies for California. And just how is this all Bush's fault? Why, he sent all of those California National Guardsmen to Iraq .... For his amusement, of course."
(Actually, they have an arson suspect under investigation right now.)

Red Cross Needs Your Help

To donate money to the victims of the devastating California wildfires visit the Red Cross by phone: 1-800-435-7669; or at

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More Celebrity Antisemitism

My, isn't this amusing. Apologizing after the fact just doesn't help.
October 23, 2007 -- HALLE Berry was apologizing last night after she'd made an apparent anti-Semitic joke while taping "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" Friday afternoon. The Oscar-winning star, on the show to promote her movie "Things We Lost in the Fire," was showing Leno and his audience images of herself on her computer using the Mac program Photo Booth, which distorts images like a carnival fun-house mirror. According to one audience member, "She introduced the first photo by saying, 'Here's where I look like my Jewish cousin!' - it was a picture of her with a huge, distorted nose. No one laughed, and Jay nervously said, 'I'm glad you said that and not me.' When the show aired, they cut out her 'Jewish' comment and added a laugh track to the bit."

Monday, October 22, 2007

Republican Debate

National Review summarizes last night's Republican debate. "Everybody Was Good; Fred, Rudy, and Huck Were Best". And everyone is talking about McCain's clever line: "McCain won the debate with a single line. Talking about the fact he wasn't able to attend the Woodstock rock festival back in 1969, McCain said: 'I was tied up at the time.' Wow. A subtle reference to his time as a POW in the 'Hanoi Hilton' that the crowd slowly but surely caught on to and eventually rewarded McCain with an extended standing ovation."

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jewish Conservatism

Richard Baehr explains why he is a Jewish conservative. Among other reasons: "It seems obvious to me that the Jewish future is in Israel, and the protection of Israel has to be a primary concern of American Jews. I am a conservative at this moment, because I sense greater understanding of Israel's peril among conservative Jews than among liberal Jews, who sometimes seem embarrassed by Israel, and think it is Israel that has been the principal obstacle to achieving peace with the Palestinians and it neighbors."

Haveil Havalim #137 is Up!

Look at all the work that went into Haveil Havalim #137, over at Esser Agaroth.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

"Just Say Nu"

Here's a fun article on making Yiddish part of your daily life. I already use it daily, and my gentile co-workers always ask me what certain words mean. The other day one told me that couldn't remember the word for 'busybody' or 'gossip', so I referred to a certain talkative co-worker as a 'yenta', and then she immediately understood!

I'm Positive

The media would rather not report positive news, so as Rich Tucker puts it, there's been a depressing lack of bad news.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Real Shot in the Arm

This is unbelievable. Drug addicts might get their own "safe injection rooms" in San Francisco (where else?!), but meanwhile, people with diseases can't get the painkillers they desperately need. Will alcoholics demand their own "safe drinking rooms", and will pedaphiles ask for their own "safe pornography rooms" next?

Fat Chance

This is yet another example of the lack of any individual responsibility, and the constant excuse-making for every behavior:
"Obesity epidemic in Britain blamed on society: According to a new report by a government think-tank in Britain the current obesity epidemic is the result of modern life and individuals cannot be blamed for being obese due to overeating and lack of exercise."
How long will it be before obese people are considered "disabled" and collect disability payments?

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Deborah Kerr

I just heard that the great actress Deborah Kerr has died. She herself said, in reference to "An Affair to Remember", "I think I understand what women see in the movie. There is a sweetness that is appealing and far removed from today's crudities. It makes them realize that the world has lost something delightful." That statement could describe so many of the movies from the past, especially as compared to "today's crudities."

Middle School Birth Control

This is just unbelievable. Our society continues to go crazy:
"In the end, it wasn't even close. The Portland School Committee voted 7 to 2 last night to allow the health center at the King Middle School in Portland, Maine, to offer birth control prescriptions to its students, who range in age from 10 to 15. Dr. Pat Patterson, the medical director of School-Based Health Services in Portland said she was 'thrilled' with the vote. 'The past few days have been very distressing and very difficult for the school. People have been really charged up against us. But I'm happy with the vote.'"
What on earth is there to be "thrilled" about?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Just Call It Halloween"

Here is a good response to the insidious political correctness that seems to be getting worse: "A County Council member -- outraged that some schools have ditched the name of the traditional holiday in favor of 'Orange and Black Day' or fall festival -- submitted a resolution calling for a uniform celebration of Halloween in county public schools. 'I just think this political correctness thing has gone too far,' said council member C. Edward Middlebrooks (R-Severna Park). 'We have some schools calling it 'Harvest Day.' What are we even harvesting these days? Let's call it what it is, and let the kids be kids.'"

More Hilarycare

Here's Hilary Clinton's latest proposal. She's certainly pandering to every group, isn't she? When will the Republicans stop attacking one another and start going after HER instead?
(Cartoon by Ramirez)

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Games for the Brain

I rarely play games online, but this is a good memory game, from the website Games for the Brain.

Good Reading

Soccer Dad is carnival-juggling again.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The War Against The Jews

Israpundit links to this enlightening video presentation from the Terrorism Awareness Project called Jimmy Carter's War Against the Jews. Of course, it's not only Jimmy Carter -- there is no shortage of influential Anti-Semites who feel the same way he does! It's a must-see video. Unfortunately, the Anti-Semites won't be watching.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"A Dispiriting GOP Field"

Rich Lowry has a very good analysis of the Republican Presidential candidates, and it's just the way I feel: "Is this it? That’s the question that hangs over the Republican presidential field, and the answer is, 'Yes, this is it — no shining conservative on a white horse, no new Ronald Reagan, is arriving to re-make this race.'"

Haveil Havalim #136 is Up!

Haveil Havalim #136 is up over at Soccer Dad, who is the founder of this great Jewish and Israel-themed blog carnival. In case you don't remember how HH began, please check out Soccer Dad's Haveil Havalim #1 from December 19, 2004.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New York, New York!

Here's a great tribute, thanks to Atlas Shrugs, who comments, "Before New York was attacked and the Empire State went Hamas green."

Advice for the GOP

Israpundit's Ted Belman has advice for the Republicans. I agree they have to find their spine and do SOMETHING before it's too late. "To my mind if the GOP would adopt a politically incorrect posture and campaign on ending the Islamic threat not only to our lives but to our culture, it would be a winning ticket."

Friday, October 12, 2007

More Ugliness at Columbia

Opinion Journal's Best of the Web Today reports on recent disgraceful incidents at Columbia University involving a swastika and a noose, and the marked difference in the responses to them.

Driving Me Crazy

Am I the only one who doesn't find this sort of story particularly amusing? It seems to be an epidemic lately, and I think the parents should be charged in every case: "OMRO, Wis. -- A 3-year-old Wisconsin boy is stuck at home without keys to his battery-powered Mustang GT after taking a joy ride along a busy stretch of highway in Omro Sunday morning."

Reading, Writing, 'Rithmetic & Rifles

Here we go once again. Yet another teen thug was planning a school massacre. Unbelievably, one of the weapons in his arsenal was an assault rifle purchased for him by his own "mother"! More excuses and explanations are being offered, including this one by the Montgomery County, PA District Attorney: "I do not think an attack was imminent and I am not certain that an attack was going to occur at all," Castor said. "It could have simply been big talking by a kid who thought that he was bullied previously and he was going to exact his revenge." Right.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dan Brainless

I heard about this on the radio last night. Dan Bartlett is a moron; does anyone besides him actually think this way about Huckabee? And are people really that stupid that they allow a candidate's NAME to influence their vote? "...Mike Huckabee has many things going for him. He has experience as a former governor (a position that has put 4 of the last 5 presidents into office), is from the South (one of only two regions that has produced successful Presidential candidates since 1964), and arguably has the most experience of any Republican running for President. However, according to former White House Counselor Dan Bartlett, the candidate has a terrible last name. Bartlett argued that the name Huckabee sounds too much like 'Hick.'"


It's the season for Mallomars, and here's a great old article about "Mallomar memories".

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Double Standard Democrats

Newsbusters, a terrific website whose mission is "exposing and combating liberal media bias", points out another Dem double standard I noticed right away. If you believe the mainstream media, Republicans are always wrong about everything, but Democrats are always right.
"Liberals: "Bush 9/11 Ads Stink, But Hillary's Are 'Excellent Strategy'. Remember the media having fits over a Bush for President ad using images of 9/11 in 2004? Now Hillary is exploiting her own heroic breathing-apparatus tale from the 9/11 site in a commercial, and the media aren’t so outraged. But at least Matt Lauer brought it up on Monday morning's Today when Arianna Huffington started lecturing Rudy Giuliani for tragedy exploitation. Laura Ingraham was quick to poke Arianna for a double standard: HUFFINGTON: I think he should stop running just on 9/11. You know this kind of running theme, especially when you have firefighters and you have rescue workers and their families challenging his leadership after 9/11."

Good Question

Meryl Yourish asks, "Can we stop pretending that denying Israel the right to nationhood is anti-Semitic now, or do we still have to pretend that people who want an end to the Jewish State aren’t anti-Semites?"

Monday, October 08, 2007

Yet Another Reason Not to Vote for Hilary Clinton

I thought this had to be a joke, but it isn't. The Republicans should make hay out of this: "Sandy Berger, who stole highly classified terrorism documents from the National Archives, destroyed them and lied to investigators, is now an adviser to presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton."

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Death Obsession

Mark Steyn amusingly demolishes cable news channels' favorite conspiracy theory: that Princess Diana was murdered because her boyfriend was a Muslim. When you have nothing better to report, and you want high ratings, this story always seems to do the trick.

Haveil Havalim #135 is Up!

HH, hooray! Get ready for lots of good reading, because Haveil Havalim #135 is up at Soccer Dad!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

"Prank" of the Day

Here is the "prank" of the month, so far. Isn't this amusing? Today, everything is explained away, forgiven, excused, so I am eager to hear how this plays out.
The three Loyola University students arrested this week in connection with the attempted robberies of several people near the university apparently were not after money but were engaged in some type of misguided hoax, according to police reports detailing the incidents. In each of the incidents, the students -- two freshmen and a junior -- allegedly flashed fake handguns at their victims and demanded money. But when it came time for a wallet or purse to be handed over, court records state that the students passed on the opportunity, saying, "We are just playing." Then the trio drove away, laughing, records say.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Marion Jones

What a disappointment to hear Marion Jones confess to using steroids. It's so disillusioning, especially when you are old enough to remember a time when athletes actually competed and won on the strength of their own natural ability.
"It was never easy keeping up with the Joneses and today the reason became clear. In one of the most seismic confessionals of a sport long tainted by liars and cheats, Marion Jones admitted she had taken steroids before her five-medal haul at the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000. She faces up to six months in jail."

Our Friends in Iran

More hatred from Iran. But it's more important for our Senators to condemn Rush Limbaugh. Little Green Footballs writes, "I'm sure glad that Islam is a Religion of Peace, hijacked by a few extremists who misunderstand everything about it. Otherwise there might have been millions of people in the streets of Iran, shouting 'Death to America!' In the capital Teheran, hundreds of thousands of people poured into the streets as they chanted 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel.' Some protesters also burned American and Israeli flags."

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Selective Outrage and Democrat Hypocrisy

Here's a great column about the Democrats' selective outrage over support for our troops. They really should be ashamed.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Carnival - Juggling Time!

Soccer Dad is juggling carnivals again!

"The Incurable Disease"

This is another excellent column by Jackie Mason and Raoul Felder, and in it they ask the same question I always do: "Isn't it amazing that after committing so many acts of violence all over the world, not only are the Muslims not suffering for it, but actually the reverse has happened? They are the ones being treasured, respected, and venerated while every one is bowing to them in cowardly fear of the next possible attack. The Jews merely have to exist in order to generate ant-Semitism. Anti-Semites hated the Jews when they had nothing, and now they hate the Jews because of the claim that they have everything. No matter what the reason and even if it can't be called a reason, it becomes reason enough to hate a Jew."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Taxpayer Apathy

Where's the taxpayer outrage over stories like this?
"LA County has released figures which outline the actual cost of illegal immigrants. Remember that these figures are just for Los Angeles County and they are just for one month. In the month of July, illegal immigrants and their families collected over $35 million in welfare and food stamps. $20 million in welfare and $15 million in food stamps. The estimated annual cost of illegal immigrants in LA County -- $440 million."
I resent supporting LEGAL citizens, so I certainly wouldn't want to foot the bill for illegals as well!

Good News is No News

Instapundit reports some good news, via Investor's Business Daily, that the media would rather not discuss.

Monday, October 01, 2007

'Bad Manners' & The Iranian Nazi

Excuse me, but I really don't understand Americans who think like this woman in a letter to USA Today:
"Apology for 'bad manners' - Alexandra Bonifield - Dallas - I have to give President Ahmadinejad a hand. In response to the rude behavior by Columbia University President Lee Bollinger, Iran's leader held his ground. I don't understand many of Ahmadinejad's espoused beliefs, but I don't condone blatant bad manners from a university president who had invited him to speak. Imagine President Bush being invited to speak before a crowd at a major Iranian university. How would Americans feel if he was then taunted by his host? I would not have blamed Ahmadinejad if he had quietly risen from his seat and left Columbia. He had every right to do so. If I had to choose between dining with Ahmadinejad or Bush, I'd select the former. The conversation would be fascinating, illuminating. My apologies to Ahmadinejad for Bollinger's bad manners. We have few real leaders here to set good examples."