Thursday, August 15, 2019

Lots 'o Links

Get ready for some good reading with Maggie's Farm, Larwyn's Linx, and Stephen Kruiser's Morning Briefing!

Also: Good for Netanyahu, banning Omar and Tlaib from spewing their anti-Israel, anti-Jewish propaganda in Israel!

Here's an appreciation of John Cazale's portrayal of Fredo Corleone.

What they've done to Placido Domingo is like what they did to Judge Kavanaugh: a politically correct rush to judgement and the destruction of a man's career and reputation. This well-written article is titled "Innocent until proven guilty? Not for Placido Domingo: Americans race to condemn, Europeans hesitant".

Here's a quip from Argus Hamilton's latest column: "Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine over the weekend. Bernie promised that if elected president, he will release to the public everything the U.S. government knows about extraterrestrials. He will then sign them up for Medicare."

Monday, August 12, 2019

Juden Verboten

RedState's analysis of  this disgraceful news was exactly right. complete with the perfect photo, above.

"The European Union is preparing to add warning labels on Jewish products made in Israel. Not content with generations of antisemitism before and after the Holocaust, Europe’s ruling class apparently thinks it’s a good idea to push what is the equivalent of an in kind contribution to the boycott, divestment, and sanction movement

All of this is a call back to boycotts of Jewish businesses before the Holocaust in which Jews were mandated to post signs announcing who they were so anti-Semites could avoid them. It is simply astonishing that such tactics are on the verge of becoming law in Europe again. None of this appears to be getting better and it underscores, now more than ever, exactly why Israel is necessary as a safe haven for the Jewish people."

Vienna Philharmonic 2019 Summer Concert: Wonderful American Music

What a great concert this was!  Every piece was music was familiar, including the overture from Candide; "Rhapsody in Blue" featuring the pianist Yuza Wang; "Casablanca Suite" by Max Steiner; "Stars & Stripes Forever";  "Adagio for Strings";  "Hoe-Down"; and more!

You can see the video here.

Friday, August 09, 2019

Good Friday Links

Here's the inaugural issue of Stephen Kruiser's Morning Briefing.

The best  revenge against the Nazis: "Holocaust survivor marks 104th birthday at Western Wall with 400 descendants. Shoshanna Ovitz survived Auschwitz, moved to Haifa and had 4 children; 'Everyone had tears in their eyes,’ granddaughter says, as photo of gathering goes viral."

An Excellent Column by Daniel Greenfield: "We Need Criminal and Crazy Control, Not Gun Control"

This column by Daniel Greenfield is a must-read, especially for our lawmakers. The title is We Need Criminal and Crazy Control, Not Gun Control, and he's absolutely right.  

Among other things, he writes: "It is not the purpose of government to control weapons, but to control criminals".

He says: "When we fail to lock up criminals, society becomes a prison. When we don’t institutionalize the insane, then society becomes the insane asylum. When we don’t stop foreign gangs and terrorists from entering our country, then we wake up to realize that we are living in El Salvador, Mexico, Pakistan or Iraq" 

He says: "We can work to turn our societies into giant prisons in the hopes of impeding that 0.1% of the population which is inclined to violence over drugs, deranged fantasies or the Koran from shooting up malls, ramming cars into crowds, setting off pressure cooker bombs or flying planes into skyscrapers. Or we can get rid of that 0.1% and actually have a free and safe society"

And, "If we want to stop mass killings, we have to restore a moral society based on individual responsibility. The alternative is living in one giant progressive prison with the killers, the psychos and the terrorists. Either we control the criminals or we lose all control over our own lives."

How can you argue with that?

Thursday, August 08, 2019

Lots 'o Links

There are lots of good links today at Larwyn's Linx, Maggie's Farm, and Steven Hayward's Loose Ends. (Cartoon by Michael Ramirez)

Argus Hamilton Quips

The humorist comments on the latest news topics in his latest column.  I got a kick out of this item: "Shark Week ended with a dramatic flourish at Smyrna Beach in Florida when three different swimmers over a twenty-four hour period were bitten by the same shark. It was a Great White, so it's being classified as a hate crime. The hospital looked at the victims' wounds and blamed Trump."

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Some Interesting Posts I Saw Today

It seems that today was Liz Sheld's last day at Pajamas Media, and she will no longer be writing the Morning Briefing. I enjoyed her columns very much.  Here's her farewell post:  "Readers, this is my last day and PJ Media and my last Morning Briefing. Thank you all so much for your loyal attention over the years, I have enjoyed reading your comments (yes, I read them, even the trolls) to my morning brain dumps and obsessive news monitoring. You can find me on Twitter, American Greatness, and behind the scenes at other places you probably read where I pull puppet strings and reign as a benevolent dictatrix.  Mr. Stephen Kruiser, infinitely more popular and talented than your humble Liz, will be taking the helm."

Daniel Greenfield makes the scary case that Medicare for All equals Medicaid for All. "Medicare for All doesn’t expand Medicare. It eliminates Medicare for those who have it."  This is a necessary read, unless you're a socialist Democrat who thinks this is a good thing and can't wait to turn 65.

Matt Walsh tries to explain why we've had so many mass killings:  "At bottom, the answer is that we have become a country filled with numb, detached, and desensitized people. Mass shootings are the ultimate manifestation of that detachment."

Monday, August 05, 2019

Terrorism at Walmart - We Need To Fight Back!

I didn't want to talk about this latest mass killing, because the publicity only helps give more incentive to other killers, But I really think this was a case of terrorism rather than just some random attack by a disgruntled lunatic.  I still remember hearing years ago that sleeper cells in America were under instructions to commit mass shootings in public places where crowds gathered, for maximum deadly results. They know that most Americans (unfortunately) aren't armed and can't fight back, resulting in depressingly high death tolls.

In case you have forgotten, next month is the 18th anniversary of the cold-blooded attacks on September 11. How can you be sure that Islamic sleeper cells and their sympathizers have not been awoken to continue their deadly mission?

See this report titled Terrorism in America After 9/11 and read Part IV. What is the Threat to the United States Today?

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Masques and Bergamasques

This is my favorite part of Masques and Bergamasques by Gabriel Faure. It's the 3rd movement, Gavotte:Allegro Vivo, and the art work is by Jean-Antoine Watteau.