Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A Strong Constitution

That's what Judge Neil Gorsuch and his family will need when liberals and Democrats attack him with all the viciousness they possess.  Let's hope the Republicans stand strong and help him get confirmed.

Some People Do Get It

This  comes from Reuters: Derek Carey writes that "Iraq will not retaliate against Trump's travel ban, seeks cooperation against ISIS: prime minister."

That's what it's all about, stopping and killing ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other Muslim terrorists to prevent another 9/11, or another San Bernardino.  Have Americans already forgotten these deliberate, deadly attacks? Did Charles Schumer cry over that?

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Shameful Comparison

I was furious when I heard that some liberals actually have the nerve to compare Trump's ban on Muslims from terrorist countries to not letting Jews to come to America during the Holocaust (for example the ship St Louis.)

I hate to tell you, but Jews aren't terrorists who commit mass murder, utilize homicide bombs, and fly planes into skyscrapers. Jews don't shout "Allah akbar" while slaughtering innocent people. Jews are the target, not the butcher.  As David Goldman says about Walter Russell Mead, "Prof. Mead compares this to America's refusal to accept Jewish immigrants during the Holocaust. I respect Mead, but I find the comparison offensive: How many Jewish refugees from Hitler murdered civilians at random (the answer is, not one)?"

Saturday, January 28, 2017

America Last

That seems to be the motto of the liberals who are now protesting against Donald Trump at our airports.  Why would anyone be against keeping illegal aliens out of our country who are from Middle Eastern countries that hate us?  Who coordinates these protests, and who's paying for it?

If you want Muslims here so badly, why don't you support them; why don't you pay for their welfare benefits and their food stamps; why don't you pay for their doctor bills and hospitalizations?  The next time there's a terrorist attack here, why don't you continue to defend them? And when Americans are killed by them, it's you who'll have blood on your hands.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Lots 'o Links

Get ready to read lots of great articles and stuff on politics and culture at Betsy's Farm, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx! (Keep some Valium handy just in case.)

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Here's a classical piece I heard for the first time on the  radio today; evidently it's also used by marching bands! It's Call of the Mountain by Joseph Curiale.

Cartoon of the Day

By Bob Gorrell, as seen at Lucianne.com today.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Holocaust Without End

Speaking of the Holocaust, an artist named Shahak Shapira has done a service with a project called Yolocaust, which tries to shame people who take selfies at the Nazi concentration camps.  I doubt
thoughtless idiots like this can be shamed, but it's worth a try with images like these.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Trump has done more to help this country in a week than Obama did in 8 years.  The fact that he has given the go-ahead for the Keystone pipeline means jobs and revenue.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Obama left office with one last parting shot to Israel: "In final hours in office, Obama sent $221,000,000 to the 'Palestinians'."

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Notable Seniors in the News

Seeing 92 year old Jimmy Carter and 89 year old Rosalynn Carter make the effort to appear at Trump's inauguration made me wonder, if they could attend, why couldn't those 60 boycotting Democrats have attended?

Despite her discharge, 91 year old Barbara Bush refused to leave the hospital without her husband, 92 year old George H.W. Bush. Now that's true love, after 72 years!  You'll remember the photo on this web page - it was after George W. Bush delivered his moving speech at National Cathedral right after September 11.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Inaugural Items

I enjoyed the inauguration and all the pomp and ceremony, as I do every four years. It's usually the best thing on TV. The church services were wonderful, and the balls were entertaining,  especially the military ball where the Trumps and Pences danced with service members. It was amusing to see CNN so caught up in the apparel of Melania and Ivanka Trump

The protests were ridiculous, and you can't reason with people like that. Can anyone explain to me what women in Barcelona have against Trump, and why they, along with those in other countries, participated in those marches today? What did he ever do to them? And it's too bad the marchers in Chicago didn't use their energy and numbers to protest instead against the high murder rate in their city!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Inauguration Day 2017 - Out With the Old,

Forget politics just for one day. The majesty, power, and history of every Presidential inauguration is the only thing that counts.

But it sure feels awfully satisfying to be a Republican today!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Welcome to Washington, President Trump!

As seen at Breitbart, along with other great photos from tonight's pre-inaugural Make America Great Again! Welcome Concert. Having the Lincoln Memorial as the backdrop made for some powerful imagery.

Lots 'o Links

Hear ye, hear ye! Read the Inauguration Eve editions of Larwyn's Linx, Maggie's Farm, and Betsy's Page, and have a wonderful Friday!

Fake News Headline of the Day

"Advisors urge Trump to dance with 'Caitlyn' Jenner at inauguration." "Besides mollifying the LGBTQ community — wary of conservative Republicans in general, and of Trump in particular — dancing with Jenner could mend fences within the party." 

No, dancing with Jenner could show that Republicans are willing to make laughingstocks of themselves for a few votes from a tiny fraction of the population! Talk about pandering!  Let them dance with Bruce Jenner if they're so gung-ho about this.

This has got to be a very bad joke, a tasteless hoax -- or else the Republicans have lost their minds almost as badly as the Democrats have.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

"A Spite Machine"

"'So Ben Rhodes, who is a veritable enemy of Israel, Obama appoints to Holocaust Memorial Council,' American Spectator Managing Editor Melissa Mackenzie tweeted. 'The man is a spite machine.'" That is a perfect description of Obama.

Obama Frees Chelsea Manning and 273 More Criminals.   Isn't that wonderful.  (And they should have put "Chelsea" in quotation marks.)

Two days left. I'm afraid to see what else he has up his sleeve.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lots 'o Links

Start reading the news -- visit Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx!

Bonus: watch this animated video called Classical Mashups II.

Argus Hamilton Quips

Here's a news item from Argus Hamilton's recent column"President Obama was in Chicago on Tuesday to deliver his farewell speech to the nation as his second term comes to a close. During the president's speech, he said that he came into office eight years ago believing that what unites Americans is greater than what divides us. Well, we showed him."

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Some Links

Here are some Tuesday morning links from Maggie's Farm, and don't miss the cartoon on "climate change"!

Here's a post we can all appreciate: Farewell to a decade of media drooling over Barack Obama.

Friday, January 06, 2017

Lots 'o Links

Let's see what our favorite bloggers have to say about the latest news stories. Visit Betsy's Page, Larwyn's Linx, and Maggie's Farm right now.

The only reason to watch MSNBC: Fox News veteran Greta Van Susteren will be joining MSNBC next week to anchor a new evening show called "For the Record with Greta," network executives announced on Thursday.

ISIS On The Run -- Into An Airport Near You

The J.V. Team has reared its ugly head again. Is the Fort Lauderdale killer a "troubled Army vet" or inspired by ISIS to commit mass murder? And if you're so troubled, why do you always massacre others rather than just turn the gun on your miserable self?

The fact that he was able to fly across the country undetected brings back terrible memories of September 11 and makes you wonder how many other ISISaniacs are out there. 

This makes Obama's recent boast about the lack of foreign terrorist attacks seem even more empty.

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Sick and Tired -- of Obama and Liberals

This is another perfect editorial cartoon by Steve Kelley, as seen at Jewish World Review.  We're sick of Obama and Obamacare, and after January 20, we'll finally start to get well.

What the Democrats are saying about Trump wanting to make America sick again just reminds me of their ad showing Republicans pushing Granny off a cliff. They are losers in more ways than one.

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Twinkle Twinkle Jewish Star

How's this for a terrific editorial cartoon by Steve Kelley? I saw it at Lucianne.com today.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

2016 Classical Countdown

Check out WQXR's list of 2016's most-requested classical pieces.  Several of my favorites are on this list, but sadly, Tchaikovsky's Romeo & Juliet Overture didn't make the cut.

Basically Banished

It's time for Lake Superior State University's 42nd Annual List of Banished Words, which I saw over at American Digest today. Thankfully, I have never heard or seen any of the 2017 words used; unfortunately, the word I'd like to have banished -- "basically" -- is not on this list. Must people use that unnecessary word in nearly every sentence they utter?

Conservative Blog Awards!

Per Doug Ross @ Journal,  here are The2016 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners, "the most prestigious new media awards in the conservative blogosphere."  See your favorite blogs listed, and discover new ones!