Sunday, September 30, 2012

What A Ryde(r)!

Congratulations to the European team for making up yesterday's huge deficit and winning the Ryder Cup!

Animals of the Day

What fun!: "Four teenage girls caught on videotape laughingly beating a defenseless woman are remorseless and defiant even as they are about to be arraigned on criminal charges in a Philadelphia court, police said today. The girls videotaped the beating and posted it on Facebook."

Interesting Tidbits

There are some interesting links at American Digest; I especially like the pie chart!  The shipwreck reminds me of the scene from "Close Encounters of the Third Kind".
Doug Ross @ Journal offers this helpful list: President Barack Obama's Complete List of Historic Firsts.

The Great Debate

Thomas Lifson at American Thinker has some advice for Mitt Romney. I agree he has to go on the attack against Obama, but I also think that even if he has the greatest debate in history, and everything he says is true, it won't make any difference. The mainstream media will be pro-Obama no matter what, and unless you are a complete moron, you have already decided for whom you're voting.
This is from a commenter at Free Republic:
  "If it's a draw, it will be spun in the post mortem 'analysis' as Romney being brutally crushed.
    If Romney wins decisively, it'll be called a draw.
    No matter what happens, we will be told that Romney didn't do what he needed to do, and 0 still has a commanding lead.
    If 0bama says something incredibly stupid, it will be dismissed as a slip of the tongue, never to be heard or seen again.
    If Romney makes a trivial or technical mistake, it will be replayed ad nauseam as a major stumble.
    The liberal moderators will ask nothing but difficult question of Romney
    They'll ask 0 if it's difficult for him to share a stage with someone so clearly his inferior
    Despite the stacked deck, the press will declare itself 'hard hitting, but mostly fair.'"

Saturday, September 29, 2012

For Those of Us Who Lived Through Watergate

In his excellent article, Roger Simon says that the Benghazi scandal is worse than Watergate. I agree! In fact, I said this to someone the other day, but they didn't seem to know what Watergate was. Watergate didn't involve terrorism and murders, and the difference in the media coverage of this scandal and Watergate is that Nixon was a Republican, and he wasn't "likable".

Taxing News from the United Nations

I agree with Congressman Peter King that liar Susan Rice should resign.  And speaking of the disgraceful United Nations, they want to impose new global taxes -- stealing money from people who earn it, to use for their liberal agenda.  Remember when the original intent was to preserve the peace and security in the world?


Not only are millions of people in this country getting "free" cell phones, but they evidently aren't even satisfied with even that!   How about paying what I do, $16.05 every 3 months for a pay-as-you-go phone, instead of being so ungrateful?  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Watcher's Council Winners

This week has been more full of weasels than ever, as you can see from the latest Watcher's Council posts.

Cindy Adams' Tribute to Geniuses

I really enjoyed today's column.

Asay Cartoon

I love Chuck Asay!

That Obama -- What a Card!

The economy is terrible. The unemployment rate is high. There are no jobs. People claim they're starving. Everyone's on food stamps, disability, or welfare.  The Middle East is on fire, and there are more terrorist threats than ever.  So all I can do is hope that this is only a Weekly Standard parody and not the real thing.  If it is the real thing, this shameless administration's obsession with free birth control and abortions shows what their priorities truly are.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

American Embarrassment

Scary -- our entitlement culture in action.  How did Americans sink so low?  The above Michael Ramirez cartoon perfectly sums up the mind of the average Obama supporter.

Lots 'o Links

Time for more terrific reading, thanks to links from Betsy's Page; from Maggie's Farm; and from Larwyn's Linx.  Why look all over the web when you can read these three blogs?

Disgusting Liar of the Day

Here's another despicable, greedy lowlife: "NJ woman accused of cancer scam for wedding,cash".  Of course her lawyer says she's done nothing wrong.  Really?  I always wish liars like this would actually get the disease they are faking, while people with the disease could have the con artists' health.

Flacking for Obama

The lies and the coverups continue:  "Network Morning Shows Completely Skip Report That Obama WH Knew Libya Attack Was Terrorism".  Gee, what a surprise. Meanwhile, Obama says today is a great day for America.  Why? Because he's resigning? Because he's admitting defeat in November?  Because Netanyahu gave another great speech at the useless U.N.?  No -- because the NFL referees have settled their strike.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lacking Energy

Katrina Trinko has written about Obama's war on coal -- but it's also a war on all jobs.  How anyone who's unemployed can vote to re-elect this defeatist jobs destroyer is beyond me.
Speaking of jobs, I think this was a Freudian slip.

Andy Williams

When eulogizing Andy Williams, everyone is focused on "Moon River" -- but I always liked "Dear Heart" best. He made everything look effortless. Also, you remember how he started the Osmond Brothers on the road to fame, and his relationship with the Kennedys.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What, Me Worry?

Yawn: "NEW YORK: A quiet day on Wall Street turned into the worst sell-off in three months after a Federal Reserve official said he doubted the bank's effort to boost economic growth would work."  Oh well.  According to the Obama campaign, we women don't care about silly things like that anyway -- or about anything that's happened in the last four years.  What's much more important that he's "likable", and that the First Lady has toned arms.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Fighting Back Against Antisemitism

Once again, the citizens of Denmark and Sweden are helping the Jews!
Israel's Ambassador to the U.N. Ron Prosor stood up to tyrants today and walked out on that Iranian lunatic's speech at the U.N., saying: "It is an absolute disgrace that this kind of man is given a voice on such an important issue. Allowing Ahmadinejad to speak at the UN about rule of law is like appointing a pyromaniac to the post of fire services commander."
Too bad our current leader isn't this blunt when speaking about terrorists! And they ought to get the disgraceful U.N. out of our country once and for all.

Something Is Very Wrong

Ben Stein says something is wrong, that Islam is becoming the mainstream media's official religion of America. and he ends this way: 
"I am just telling you, these do not feel like normal days. They feel like latter days.
There is just a feeling in the air, a look in the sky at dusk, a look on people's faces. Fear is everywhere. Mr. Obama cannot lose this election unless enough people believe it's within their power to stop the ticking of the clock, and I do not feel that groundswell. Not at all. When the American media turns its back on our own religions of tolerance and adores a religion of intolerance, times are upside down. The MSM says it's all fine, trust The Prince of Grant Park, Chicago. But I have always preferred the admonition, 'Put not your trust in princes.' Something is wrong."
I agree that something is wrong, if not exactly for the same reasons. Something is wrong with the fact that, despite all the evidence against a second term for any president, Obama will be reelected by the very people hurt by his policies. Are they that stupid, or that uninterested in bettering themselves and their country? I just don't get it.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Voting Wrongs

Oh, please! Michelle Obama says that nobody should be made to feel unwelcome in a voting booth.  Excuse me, but if you are made to feel unwelcome, it's probably because you aren't on the voting rolls, or you lack the proper ID, at your polling place!   I wonder what other scare tactics this administration will use, and the media will slavishly report, in the next month.

Girls of Cadiz

Wow! I heard this on the radio yesterday.

Muslim Outrage

By Michael Ramirez. I'd like him to do a cartoon history of Obama outrage as well, because I am extremely outraged.

Welcome to New York. Now Drop Dead!

The New York Post has welcomed Ahmadinejad to New York  --with some special gifts!
"If Ahmadinejad (pronounced: I’m a dinner jacket) needed midnight munchies during his visit to this infidel city, there were also plenty of H&H bagels, onion bialys and Zabar’s cream cheese.

To cheer up the sourpuss hatemonger, there’s a $125 comped ticket to the off-Broadway play 'Old Jews Telling Jokes' — booked in his name. It just might take the edge off his bloodthirsty desire to develop nuclear weapons and wipe Israel off the map.

Anticipating the schlumpy, unshaven dictator’s penchant for wearing the same suit all week long, we thoughtfully included 'I ♥ NY' undies and a stick of Irish Spring deodorant, to keep the flies away.

For those quiet moments away from spinning centrifuges, he can relax with a good book. But since it’s likely he can’t read the truth about 9/11, which he condemns as 'a big lie,' there’s a picture book, 'The 9/11 Report,' a graphic adaptation by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon.

There’s also a bobblehead Statue of Liberty to keep on his night table, a teddy bear to cuddle with during those cold Persian nights and a 9/11 American-flag refrigerator magnet that he can stick on the minibar.

The Holocaust denier might want to learn something about the subject by taking in a tour of downtown’s Museum of Jewish Heritage: A Living Memorial to the Holocaust. We packed a brochure.

Of course, a basket of cheer wouldn’t be complete without a card — the little kitty on the cover might melt his evil heart — and New Yorkers lined up to pen their personal greetings.

'Happy [Jewish] New Year 5773. Available for counseling if you need it,' wrote psychologist Alan Hifler, 64, outside Zabar’s deli on the Upper West Side.

'Welcome to New York and the USA! Home of all that is good!' scribbled student Gabriella Guimaraes, 20.

'We’d gladly burn your tongue with coffee,' another woman wrote.

Mark Kirszner, 69, a retired social worker, said, 'He could choke on it.'

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The MSM: Hopelessly Devoted to Obama

The Anchoress links to this perfect 2009 satire from The Onion about how the mainstream media does whatever it takes to protect Obama.  That was 3 years ago, and the fawning and excuse-making hasn't stopped.

The Last Flight of the Endeavor

Spectacular photos of the space shuttle Endeavor on her final flight.

Cowardice at the U.N.

I can't get out of my mind the pictures of Ambassador Stevens being dragged through the shouting mobs of terrorists.  And, after 2 weeks of lies,  here is Obama's strong response:  "President Obama will address 'the recent unrest in the Muslim world' in his speech Tuesday to the United Nations General Assembly, the White House is saying. That includes denouncing both the protests at American diplomatic posts in the Middle East -- including the death of the U.S. ambassador to Libya -- and the anti-Islam film that is inspiring some of the protests."  "Recent unrest"? It was terrorism and murders of Americans! And to equate a You Tube film with the assassinations of Americans is moral equivalence of the most cowardly kind. I'd love to see the United States delegation get up and walk out during his speech.

Friday, September 21, 2012

From The Ashes

Look at these photos of Pompei,  from a British museum exhibit of artifacts from Pompei and Herculaneum.

Watcher's Council

Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners, including many posts about the 9/11/12 terrorist attacks.

The Continuing Self-Delusion of the Obama Voter

Why would any rational, intelligent, decent American re-elect Obama, especially after all the revolting developments of this year alone?  Does anyone care that Daniel Greenfield is right when he writes that "truth is the ultimate gaffe"? Are you really happy to see charts like these showing that more Americans have been added to the food stamp roll than to the jobs roll? Do you like the fact that your President has spent $70,000 on ads apologizing for that YouTube video??   We don't apologize -- we are owed apologies from savages who murder Americans!  But these idiots will vote for him anyway, while I become more physically ill every day.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Re-Elect Obama...At Your Own Risk

Jeffrey Lord calls Obama the "Redistributor-in-Chief", writing that "constitutional rights, free speech, religion, jobs, poverty, and everything else are up for grabs.
In her column, Alicia Colon asks, "Are we that stupid?". Unfortunately, for too many moronic American voters, the answer is yes. But why should the rest of us be forced to suffer through four more unbearable years? There ought to be two Presidents -- one for the takers, and one for the producers.
Ben Stein comments on Obama's appearance on Letterman last night: "The first question should have been, 'Mister President, what on earth are you doing here? The Middle East is on the brink of war. Iran, the most dangerous nation on earth, is about to get a nuclear bomb. Why did you blow off talks to save the world from an Islamic bomb and the Mideast from war to appear on a comedy talk show?' Of course, that was never asked. "
Oh, and if all that isn't bad enough, look at this great idea: "O eyes ‘blind sheik’ release;  GOPers blast idea to appease Egypt".  Talk about being blind to terrorism!
It's getting worse and more outrageous and inexcusable by the day. I may need tranquilizers and heartburn medicine to make it until November 6.

Very Viral Video

I had never heard of this "Gangnam Style" video until the sports radio show "Mike & Mike" raved about it this morning.   Then I saw this U.S. Navy parody. It's catchy, but I don't see what all the fuss is.

Lots 'o Links

There is so much good stuff to read online, and here's some of it thanks to Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cartoon of the Day

By Bob Gorrell.

It's About Time!

I don't like the UK Guardian newspaper at all, but I sure did like this news story:  "Koch brothers' free-market group plan anti-Occupy rally in New York.  Americans for Prosperity to gather in Manhattan on Thursday to 'stand up to these extremists who despise free enterprise.'"  Good for them!

Question of the Year

In his column today, Quin Hillyer asks a question that I keep asking: "How can any cogent American citizen possibly even consider voting for Barack Obama now? That's what lots of conservatives and moderates are asking each other, again and again. It's completely baffling, to those who grew up with any sort of sense of what America means and what the American character traditionally has been, that anybody can look at the man's record and want more of the same."

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Political Correctness Alert!

Father-daughter dances have been banned in Cranston, RI --  all because one single mother complainedOne idiot sues, and everyone else has to suffer?   So your daughter doesn't have a father -- so don't go to the dance!  Big deal! It's not mandatory, and it's not even a necessity of life! Why would you even think to sue over it? This PC insanity gets worst by the day and has replaced common sense in our country.

The Pretenders in the White House & the Media

This is a must-read column by Andrew B. Wilson titled "Mideast in Flames -- And Obama Still Can Do No Wrong." This is just an excerpt, but you have to read the entire piece.
The Middle East is in flames, our embassies are under attack, and four American diplomats have come home in coffins. So who is to blame? It's time for the MSM to round up all the usual suspects -- and to exonerate a president who cavorts with Hollywood celebrities and goes on the David Letterman show to demonstrate his famous cool under fire. Perhaps he will do a Top Ten list on why the U.S. should stand by and do nothing while Iran gets ready to launch a nuclear attack that will achieve its oft stated goal of destroying Israel... Expect the two of them to pull long faces for 15 seconds or so over the murder of the U.S. ambassador to Libya and his three colleagues. Then each of them will settle down to his own brand of idle banter and cool aloofness. There's not much to care or worry about, if you are as disengaged and self-centered as the gap-toothed comic or the president who seems to have learned nothing at all from nearly four years of on-the-job training in his first real job (i.e. one with real responsibility -- if he cared to acknowledge it). The mainstream media can congratulate themselves for helping to make this grotesquely conceited and troubling show possible."

Items in the News

I came across these news stories during my lunch break, and some of them made me lose my appetite. Here are some Notable Quotables from the Media Research Center.   According to Cindy Adams,  Henry Kissinger stated "In 10 years, there will be no more Israel.”  Let's hope he's wrong, but the terrorism in the Middle East isn't reassuring.  Thomas Sowell wonders why Republicans can't talk.  Meanwhile, Mitt Romney DID talk, about the 47% of entitlement recipients who'll reelect Obama. The truth hurts, so naturally the media has pounced on this so-called gaffe. Since when is the truth considered a gaffe? (It's called a gaffe when you're a Republican.)  Romney's getting more grief over this than Obama got for lying that the Muslim terrorist riots were "spontaneous"! Anyway, Romney should not apologize.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Rosh Hashana!

The Decline of America

Things are pretty bad when the Libyan President understands terrorism better than the President of the United States does: "'The idea that this criminal and cowardly act was a spontaneous protest that just spun out of control is completely unfounded and preposterous,' said Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif."   And Ben Stein states, about our country,  "When republics fall, it's not always slow. It can be like slamming a door. It is later than any dare think." That's the problem -- the people who will vote to reelect Obama either don't think, or else they want this to happen. Very frightening.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Political Correctness = Weakness

Michael Goodwin writes :
"According to President Obama’s narrative, the murder of four Americans in Libya is a story of  'senseless violence' provoked by an anti-Islam video. According to his Praetorian Guards in the media, the story is how Mitt Romney rudely criticized Obama’s foreign policy.
Here’s the real story: The murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others is the most important terrorist attack on American civilians since 9/11. And it happened on the 11th anniversary of that day of infamy, on Obama’s watch."
The blaming of everyone but the Obama administration; the apologies and excuses; the political correctness, even now -- it all unfortunately overshadows and cancels out the grief we felt in observing the 11th anniversary of 9/11. It makes you feel that the victims of September 11 gave their lives in vain, if these moronic people, in continuing to grovel to the Muslims, have obviously learned absolutely nothing from that day!
Instapundit suggests that Obama resign. Of course he won't do that, but we can do the next best thing and defeat him in November. What a message that will send to the Muslim world, and what a boost for Israel!

A Real Riot!

Gee, I sure hope The People's Cube has apologized to the Middle East for offending Muslims before publishing their annual Muslim Riots Edition and Caption Contest! By the way, you'll notice they've been running this edition since 2007, for obvious reasons.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder

I am now convinced that Michael Savage was right when he defined liberalism that way. And I am convinced that reading and watching the news these days is hazardous to the health of all sane Americans. Today over at Free Republic, I was outraged when I came across this unbelievable statement by MNSBC's Michael Eric Dyson "When we see these kind of conflagrations, we’re able to point the finger and say, ‘Oh, how horrible it is’ — but we’re horrible, too, because we’ve quietly fueled and fomented the kind of unnecessary hostility towards Muslims that we ought to take a mirror at and look at ourselves."  Unnecessary hostility?  Are these liberals so completely delusional that they can't remember the Muslim attacks on September 11? Or the Muslim attack on the USS Cole? Or the Muslim attack on the Khobar Towers?  Or the Muslim bombing of Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland?  If these bleeding hearts had their way, they'd prefer us to kiss the Muslims rather than hate them! Excuse me, but I will continue to hate them. and especially this week, I have even less reason to ever change my mind.

Four of a Kind, Full House, Chance!

I've been a big Yahtzee fan since age twelve, so I really got a kick out of this revelation.

War of the Muslim Worlds

For some strange reason, when I saw a roundup on TV of the twenty or so countries where Muslim fanatics were rioting, I thought of the scene in the original version of The War of the Worlds, where the generals were displaying a map where the cylinders had arrived to create death and destruction.

Watcher's Council

Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners.

Friday, September 14, 2012

True Class

Read about this touching appearance by Van Cliburn.

New Obama Campaign Slogan!

Samuel L. Jackson is starring in a pro-Obama ad of great taste and refinement. And just look who paid for the ad!   "The Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane star will film a vulgar YouTube advert backing President Obama as early as tomorrow and in the video he will implore voters to 'Wake the f**k up! Vote for Obama.'  The provocative pro-Obama campaign ad has been paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research Super PAC."

Worldwide Jihad: Coming to a Country Near You!

Here's a strong condemnation of this week's terrorist attacks by Newt Gingrich, who will undoubtedly be pilloried by the media the way Romney was.
"It is tragic that the president is so committed to a leftist worldview that he cannot allow himself to face these facts.
It is inconceivable that there just happened to be attacks in Egypt and Libya on Sept. 11. Yet when I connected the dots between the two countries on TV yesterday morning, the reporter asked me if I had inside knowledge. It had clearly not occurred to them that simultaneous attacks on embassies were almost certainly not coincidental.
No one has looked into how the news of this stupid film reached crowds in Egypt and Libya. Similarly, a few years ago, no one wanted to look at how anger about Danish cartoons spread across the Muslim world.
The left is desperate to deal with each new incident as though it is occurring in isolation."
Open your eyes and look at what's going on -- it's not about a movie, it's about worldwide Islamic extremism!
Rudy Giuliani was on CNBC's Squawk Box this morning, and he said that the more we appease, the more they attack. I'd love to see him as Romney's Director of Homeland Security; at least he knows what he's talking about!
Cartoon by Ramirez

Courage Under Fire

Here's another beautifully written September 11 tribute by Gerard Vanderleun at American Digest. The contrast between the brave souls of 9/11, and Obama's appeasement of  terrorists couldn't be more stark.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Lots 'o Links

In case you haven't already read enough this week, here's more from Maggie's Farm, from Betsy's Page, and from Larwyn's Linx.

Our Shameless Media

The other day, editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez wrote a column about the disgraceful media bias in favor of Obama. He couldn't have been more timely.
In today's Washington Post, Jennifer Rubin continues the discussion.  It's just outrageous.

Barbarians in the Middle East & Africa; Useless Idiots in the White House

This disgraceful administration probably thinks this isn't terrorism,  just a 'man-caused disaster'. The real man-caused disaster will come if the American voters re-elect this President anyway!
* In her column "The 9/11 attacks on the US embassies were not about a movie", Caroline Glick writes: "With these facts in hand, it is clear that the attempts to present these acts of war against the US as the consequence of some stupid nothing movie are obscene attempts to deflect the blame for these unwarranted attacks onto their victims and away from their perpetrators."   Doesn't this remind you of the violent to the Danish cartoon years ago?  All these savages and their apologists need is the flimsiest excuse. Not only are people continuing to blame US, but some antisemites almost immediately claimed that the filmmaker was Jewish! "Sam Bacile"? Imbecile is more like it!
* I saw Michelle Malkin on Hannity, and I applauded when I heard what she said
* Ben Stein is extremely angry:
"Mr. President, Mitt Romney Is Not the Enemy. Al Qaeda is. Please inform your Ministry of Truth.
So, let me get this straight:
It is September 11, 2012. An Al Qaeda sponsored mob is marching, running, screaming towards the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Supposedly they are angry about an e-mail cartoon about the Islamic figure, Mohammed. It is known right away that the organizers of the march are the same entity that did the mass murder of Americans on 9.11.01.
The Embassy issues an apology for an American using his free speech rights about a matter of deep concern. They attempt to appease the mob. It doesn't work. The mobs acts violently and disrespectfully towards the U.S. Embassy. They are al Qaeda. This is what they do.
No comment or almost none from Mr. Obama.
Then an al Qaeda mob attacks the U.S. Mission in Benghazi, Libya, burns it, kills the U.S. Ambassador and three other heroic American diplomats. Again, in a classic al Qaeda move, it is all timed perfectly to infuriate the USA. It isn't spontaneous. It was 9/11, for Pete's sake.
No comment from Mr. Obama except terse condolences.
Then along comes Governor Romney, who rightly says, "Hey, why are we appeasing an al Qaeda mob? Why aren't we calling these guys the vicious killers that they are? Why are we back in this apology to bad guys mode?"
Then, and only then, the Obama White House goes into hyper drive. It turns out that the real problem is not al Qaeda. No, and it's not Mr. Obama's appeasement. No, the real threat to America is (wait for it), Mitt Romney. Yes!!! According to White House uber-pal, MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Romney is working with the terrorists against the U.S. government by calling for criticism of the al Qaeda!
Yes, Romney is the enemy for pointing out that Mr. Obama is ass kissing the terrorists!
This is terrifying. The media line up to get their marching orders from the Obama Ministry of Truth and suddenly it's Gospel: the problem is not al Qaeda. It is Romney. With a 'more in sorrow than in anger…' look and tone, Mr. Obama pities Romney's naïveté.
This is disgusting. It is nauseating. This is what happens when you have a one-party media. The lie becomes the truth. George Orwell saw it coming. In 1984, his MiniTrue had up its mission.
    Who controls the present, controls the past.
    Who controls the past controls the future.
It has happened. The MSM and the White House have outlawed truth. Some of us old ones can remember when it was legal and the media worked to keep it alive. Now, like the firemen in Fahrenheit 451, the MSM press exists to obliterate truth -- not to preserve it.
Meanwhile, Mr. Netanyahu begs the U.S. to do something to protect it and the world from the Iranian bomb. Mr. Obama bobs and weaves to avoid contact with reality and responsibility. No one even mentions that if we had allowed Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush to build ABM defense, the whole world would be a safer place, and we race towards war or an Islamic control of our expression or both, and the master politician gets ready for his turn on Letterman.
God help us.
How I wish that someone that Mr. Obama respects (I have no idea if there is such a person) would look him in the eye and say, 'Look, Mr. President, those Muslim terrorists in al Qaeda are not our friends. They have done terrible things to us. They have just done something brand new and horrible to us: they murdered our ambassador to Libya. No matter how much you kiss up to them, they will not be our friends. Maybe you think they'll be your friends because you have so many Muslim friends in the black community in Chicago.
'But they won't. They hurt us whenever they can. They are blood brothers to the people who run Iran. THEY ARE NOT REASONABLE PEOPLE. You cannot appease them into peace any more than Chamberlain could appease Hitler.
'The only thing they respect is strength. That's it. Their guru, Osama bin Laden, put it well. 'Between a strong horse and a weak horse, people will favor the strong horse.'
'That's what we have to learn, Mr. President. We have to be the strong horse. Not the buttering up horse. The strong horse. Get it?'
The big problem is that there is no one Mr. Obama really respects to tell him the truth and we will all have to pay for it."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - SEPTEMBER 11, 2012

Even now, eleven years later, the absolute horror of the attacks; the feeling that the attacks would never stop; the sorrow and the outrage; the huge death toll; the families torn apart; the scale of the planning of this attack by the terrorists; and the scope of the long recovery process are all fresh in our minds.
Or at least in some of our minds. I came across this item today via the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, in regards to the 'change in tone' about 9/11: "The Rev. Francis Wade, interim dean of the cathedral, told the Associated Press that the change is part of an effort to help the country 'heal and move past the tragedy of 9/11.' Even the press release for the Congressional remembrance event was lacking emotion, with no comments from Members who will attend and speak at the memorial ceremony."
"Move past the tragedy"? It wasn't a tragedy, it was a savage slaughter by murderers, and it's not something you can "move past".  The part about lacking emotion I can understand -- except for what I saw on TV this morning,  I didn't hear a soul mention the significance of this day.
But thankfully, you can always rely on the usual good writers online, including Elizabeth Scalia at The Anchoress, who has a September 11 roundup;  and this column by David French.  His sentiments echo mine, so I'm quoting the column in its entirety.
"9/11: The Case for Controlled and Sustained Rage
Every year on the eve of 9/11, my wife and I show our older kids pictures from the day. And every year I feel a fresh sense of rage at the attack. It’s a puzzling phenomenon of politically correct American life that almost immediately our media and national leadership began a long process of emotional de-escalation, a process that continues even after eleven years of war and continual, wholesale atrocities from our enemies. While nothing could shield the families of the fallen from the pain and reality of their loss, the networks 'spared' the rest of us the worst of the images. And they 'spare' us still today. 

I’ve said this before, but if there is one lesson I learned during my own deployment, it’s that our enemy is far more evil than most Americans imagine. Their evil should trigger rage — a controlled rage — and it certainly does for our soldiers downrange. A morally depraved country attacked like we were on 9/11 would lash out wildly and indiscriminately, annihilating its enemies and anyone in their proximity. A morally weak country would shrink back, timidly, complying with terrorists demands. But our nation has largely responded in the right way, with a righteous anger that has in part sustained us through eleven years of continual conflict — a war that represents the most focused application of violence in the entire history of warfare. 

Every September 11, I’m proud of my country. I’m proud of the men and women who sacrificed themselves on Flight 93 — our first counterattack in the War on Terror. I’m proud that the entire day of September 11, 2001, was marked and characterized by profound examples of American heroism, compassion, and decency. I’m proud that our nation has fought longer — with an all-volunteer military — than the jihadists ever thought we would (turns out we’re not so 'soft' after all). And I’m proud that throughout that very long war, we’ve been neither depraved nor weak, but have focused our attacks on our enemies while sacrificing to defend the defenseless, at home and abroad.

On this eleventh anniversary, take a moment to view once again the images not just of that terrible day but also of the war that has followed. And when you do, remember that you are right to be angry — and that anger should renew your resolve."

I Can't Stand It

I couldn't even wait till my usual blogging time to express my outrage.  WE are apologizing to THEM? Now more than ever, it is time to vote this administration out of office before it's too late for us all. I'd rather not endure another September 11 if I can help it. Check out Jihad Watch  as well as this Barry Rubin column for more analysis.  I don't even want to know how the mainstream media will spin this in Obama's favor. My, the Arab Spring is sure working out well, isn't it?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Wait For What? Wait Until When?"

Is there any doubt left regarding Obama's contempt for Israel?  American Jews are deluding themselves if they still think he has Israel's best interests at heart.  All he has are HIS best interests at heart!  So Israel should stop waiting -- let's start protecting ourselves now by going after Iran's nuclear facilities already, and protecting ourselves on November 6 by voting Obama out of office, before it's too late.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Jews We Wish Weren't Jews

Shalom Life has a series on Jews We Wish Weren't Jews. I immediately thought of George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and Roseanne Barr. And then there are gentiles I wish were Jews, such as Rudy Giuliani and Captain Sullenberger.

But Remember: He's LIKEABLE!

I really fear for this country when I keep reading all these stories about Obama's "likeability".  I can't stand it -- it's hazardous to my health!
From Gallup:  “Even though Americans are disappointed in Obama's handling of the economy, they may cut him some slack when rendering a final judgment because more Americans continue to blame George W. Bush than Obama for the nation's economic problems. Obama will likely try to make the case to voters that the state of the economy when he took office should be factored into their judgments on how he has handled the economy.”
In the same vein, our friend Niall Ferguson writes at the start of his analysis: "The economy's in the tank, yet Romney can't seem to gain an edge. One thing's for sure: this election is about personal likability. It's not the economy, stupid."
Isn't it supposed to be about what shape the country is in, and not how likable the candidate is?  People liked the smiling Jimmy Carter, but they were smart enough to hate what our country had become after 4 years. There's something extremely wrong when voters are so willfully blind that they now prefer to suffer through another Great Depression simply because they like Obama! Do they like him enough to remain unemployed and broke? His slogan should be "Backward", not "Forward", because that's the direction he and these moronic voters are forcing all of us to go!

A Message From 9-11-01

Isn't this story touching?  "The Scott family recently received a letter Randy wrote and threw from a window of the building after the airplanes hit the towers."

Sunday, September 09, 2012

September 11 on TV

I'm always glad the National Geographic Channel and the History Channel air the September 11 documentaries every year. It's important to remind yourself of the true horror of that day.  The image that's always been the most traumatic for me is the sight of Flight 175 slicing into the South Tower. Because we never actually saw the other 3 attacks, this one is the most vivid memory;seeing that, and seeing the size of the plane and the tower, you realize how terrified the passengers on all the planes must have been that day -- and how brave.

Watcher's Council

Here's the list of  the latest Watcher's Council winners.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Timeline of Terror

I watched this on Fox News last night: "Don’t miss Fox News Reporting’s 9/11: Timeline of Terror, Saturday at 3p ET, and Sunday at 9p and 12a ET." No matter how many times you have seen the footage, you still feel as traumatized, helpless, and angry as you did 11 years ago.  You see and hear about all the names and all the stories you've become familiar with over the years, heroes such as Todd Beamer, Tom Burnett, Barbara Olson, Stanley Praimnath & Brian Clark, Fire Chief Richie Picciotto, stewardess Betty Ong, Mayor Guiliani, the hijacked pilots, and all the firemen and policemen who sacrificed their lives to save others.
And when President Bush used the bullhorn to say, "I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you!", and the crowd chanted "USA! USA!", I felt extremely proud to be an American.

Yes, Corporations ARE People!

There was a great debate yesterday on Neil Cavuto's show about the Obama administration's latest anti-business attack that "corporations aren't people".  Just the fact that anyone has to argue with these irrational people shows how Obama has demeaned and demonized the concept of work in this country.  All corporations should write letters to the editor of their newspapers, take out pull-page ads, and go on every TV and radio show to refute this insanity. I've worked for two large corporations, and not only were they indeed people, but they were some of the greatest people I've ever known, and I was proud to work there.
You have to wonder: if the unemployed Obama supporters were offered jobs with corporations, would they prefer to remain unemployed rather than work at such "evil" places?

Just Brown Bag It!

Well, good for them
"A movement protesting new federal guidelines for healthy school lunches that began in Pennsylvania has spread to Minnesota, where hundreds of students are now bringing brown bags in a boycott of the new menu.  Starting this year, there are strict limits on calories, sodium and meat portions. Whole milk is off the menu altogether, and kids are required to take a fruit or vegetable. As parents with fussy eaters might guess, some student's aren't salivating over those options."
It's about time! And note that it takes kids to do what adults are too spineless to do. People are fed up already. I love the line that says "kids are required" to take a fruit or vegetable. Required by whom? And what happens if you refuse? If this isn't an example of Big Brother, I don't know what is.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Not Your Grandparents' Democrats

Today's Democrats ought to just go ahead and change their name to the Radical Party, because their extremism bears no relation to the Dems of the past. Among other things, imagine cheering for abortion and for illegal aliens; booing Jerusalem and God; encouraging Americans to be dependent on government, and government checks, like Julia; and claiming that "corporations aren't people". That lefties like this will determine the next four years for the rest of us makes me sick, and very frightened.
More good news for Obama: "Record 88,921,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’—119,000 Fewer Employed in August Than July".
Andrew Klavan explains Obamanomics, at Instapundit.

My, How Amusing

What kind of people are these?: "A bomb hoax in Philadelphia that turned a Dallas-bound flight around and led to a full-scale SWAT response was apparently triggered by a spiteful ex-girlfriend who participated in a cruel joke on her former beau who was aboard the US Air flight." This couple, especially the girlfriend, ought to be charged as terrorists. Imagine doing something so vile and sick, and right before September 11! Yes, I'm sure the passengers were extremely amused.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thank Goodness for the British

The Brits are doing the remembering for us: "Sept. 11 is approaching, and American television is maintaining a polite distance. Since last year, when more than two dozen new documentaries and memorials were presented for the 10th anniversary of the 2001 attacks, our attention has receded again. Apparently the most appropriate gift for an 11th anniversary is reruns."

Lots 'o Links

Prepare for some great reading at Maggie's Farm, at  Betsy's Page, and of course at Larwyn's Linx.

"The New Normal"?

I swear if I hear the Dems use that phrase one more time, I'll scream. This is their excuse for the failure that is the Obama presidency, and their reason for giving him another chance. We can't afford to take any more chances with him.

Here's a terrific description from David Harsanyi:
"Democrats say that things are a lot better than they used to be. And if you believe all the things we’re hearing, you might wonder: How did we survive in this Godforsaken place before 2008? Were children really left to die on the slab? Were college kids forced to pay for their own journalism degrees? Were people expected to head over to the CVS and buy their own condoms? Did we really suffer through year after year of 5 percent unemployment? Were we really so immoral before He showed up? Apparently."
I loved Geoffrey P. Hunt's American Thinker column titled Dems to God and Everybody Else: Drop Dead. Here's an excerpt:
"Drop-dead to seniors on Medicare, who will soon find rationing, capitation, and fewer doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals open to them.
Drop dead to those seniors greeted by the ObamaCare death panels of experts denying critical procedures whose 'cost to the system outweighs the value to society of any given individual life.'
Drop-dead to retirees whose fixed income is eroding under accelerating prices for food and fuel, also now suffering from interest rate hell where their life savings invested in government securities are no better off than stuffing under a mattress.
Drop-dead to retirees' pension funds and those saving for retirement in 401Ks investing in common stocks, as the Dems seek to confiscate corporate profits and suffocate business expansion through endless government regulation.
Drop-dead to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and investors whose federal income taxes will skyrocket in 2013.
Drop-dead to victims of horrible inner-city public schools denied school choice or voucher programs, and anybody else who objects to the union dominated public school monopoly.
Drop-dead to future generations faced with repaying over $16 trillion in federal government debt on top of more trillions in state and local government obligations used to reward municipal unions with fat pensions and 100% subsidized health care for life.
Drop-dead to the top 10% income earners who pay 68% of all federal income taxes  upon whom food stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security depend. 
Drop-dead to anyone who still believes that 'government of the people, and by the people shall not perish from the earth.'
Drop-dead.  After all, God didn't build that."
National Review lists 689 reasons to defeat Obama, and Jennifer Rubin summarizes last night's "horror show" at the convention.  I am not watching the convention because it's hazardous to my health.

You can bet that after The Messiah speaks tonight, you will hear more about sharp pant creases, a voice like a symphony, and tingling legs, but you won't hear how he has destroyed our country and will continue to destroy it if he gets reelected.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Haveil Havalim Time!

What a pleasure to see that my feed reader is suddenly working again.  And even better, Haveil Havalim #375 is up at A Soldier's Mother.

Remembering Cantor Fitzgerald

The film "Out of the Clear Blue Sky" honors those Cantor Fitzgerald employees killed on September 11 in one of the worst tragedies of that day.

They Were Against It Before They Were For It

And they were forced to be for it! "Democrats restore references to God, Jerusalem in platform". (a) They did so reluctantly, and only because of the negative publicity; and (b) the vote for the restoration, which was shown on TV in the last hour, clearly showed a majority of Dems voting no, not yes! What an embarrassment, but I'm sure the Dems will lie their way out of this one, too, and probably accuse us of "taking it out of context".

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"F" is for Failure

Obama and the Democratic party both deserve a grade of F.   As you can see, the Dems aren't even bothering to disguise their contempt for the individual.

The Best Facelift Ever!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz before

Debbie Wasserman Schultz today

Her plastic surgeon deserves a medal!

Much Worse Off Than We Were

This is from the September 3 edition of "CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing": 
"'America is better off today than they left us when they left,' Biden declared in finishing his lunchtime rally speech, to the traditional Labor Day auto workers rally in Detroit — a clear effort to rebut the campaign surrogates who offered more equivocal answers to that central quadrennial political question on the Sunday shows. 'I’ve got a little bumper sticker for you, folks: Osama bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive.'"
  That's all they've got after four years? How pathetic.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Crystal Blue Persuasion

I'm sure Tommy James and the Shondells never expected their song to be used this way, but as soon as I heard the first few notes last night, I knew it was perfect. (For some reason I was able to see this clip only with Internet Explorer, not Firefox.)

The Increasing Trivialization of September 11

This is sad: "9/11 Families Upset Over Tourists' Treatment of Memorial: Report". Do people act this way at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, or at Arlington Cemetery? I don't think so. I always thought September 11 was a day to mourn and to remember the victims of  our worst terrorist attack, the way Memorial Day remembers those veterans who died protecting our country. And since when has it been trivialized into a day for volunteering?


Here's to the dwindling number of us who still go to work each day and do the jobs that our anti-business President constantly demeans. Not only do we build that, but we pay taxes on that, and we type that, we file that, we sell that, and we work hard at that. If he had his way, today would be called Unemployment Day instead.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Lame Excuse of the Day

Yeah, right: "The owner of an Indian clothing store says he was unaware of the Nazi dictator when he decided to name his shop 'Hitler,' and dotted the 'i' in the title of the store’s outdoor sign with a swastika, according to the Times of India."

The Ignorance of the Obama Voter

There are 2 good editorial cartoons at No Pasaran, including the one above. Just today I asked someone how he was doing, and he said he wasn't doing well,  the economy stinks, prices are too high. He asked me who I was voting for, and I said Romney-Ryan. He said he was going to vote for Obama, because at least you knew what you were getting.  Yes, you certainly do: more unemployment, more government dependence, higher prices, higher taxes, no jobs, and the continued demonization of conservatives, businesses, and success. So keep complaining -- and vote for him anyway!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

Excuse of the Day

Obviously a Democrat: "82-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Burglary: I ‘Wouldn’t Do All This Nonsense If The Government Gave Us More Money’"

Silence is Golden - But Only for Conservatives

Last night, Michelle Malkin was on TV discussing racist code words, something both she and the wonderful Mark Steyn have written about.  Did you know that "experienced" and "kitchen cabinet" are now racist?  Even Clint Eastwood's empty chair routine is somehow considered to be racist! Steyn remarks: "Still, now that 'golf' and 'Chicago' – along with 'Clint,' 'Medicare,' 'debt,' 'jobs,' 'foreign policy' and 'quantitative easing' – are all racist code words, are there any words left that aren't racist?" And Malkin says, "If the left’s self-appointed Omniscient Diviners of True Meaning have their way, conservatives in the public square won’t be left with anything at all to say. Ever." 

Responding to Obama

I heard them mention on Neil Cavuto's show this morning that Obama is going to make his acceptance speech at Bank of America stadium, but they are worried about how they will fill all 74,000 seats.  I'm surprised they're concerned. All they have to do is promise some sort of government giveaway to the first 74,000 who show up, and 100,000 people will turn out!

Here's how our troops feel about their Commander-in-Chief.