Monday, September 10, 2012

But Remember: He's LIKEABLE!

I really fear for this country when I keep reading all these stories about Obama's "likeability".  I can't stand it -- it's hazardous to my health!
From Gallup:  “Even though Americans are disappointed in Obama's handling of the economy, they may cut him some slack when rendering a final judgment because more Americans continue to blame George W. Bush than Obama for the nation's economic problems. Obama will likely try to make the case to voters that the state of the economy when he took office should be factored into their judgments on how he has handled the economy.”
In the same vein, our friend Niall Ferguson writes at the start of his analysis: "The economy's in the tank, yet Romney can't seem to gain an edge. One thing's for sure: this election is about personal likability. It's not the economy, stupid."
Isn't it supposed to be about what shape the country is in, and not how likable the candidate is?  People liked the smiling Jimmy Carter, but they were smart enough to hate what our country had become after 4 years. There's something extremely wrong when voters are so willfully blind that they now prefer to suffer through another Great Depression simply because they like Obama! Do they like him enough to remain unemployed and broke? His slogan should be "Backward", not "Forward", because that's the direction he and these moronic voters are forcing all of us to go!

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