Friday, August 31, 2012

The U.S. Department of Political Correctness

Excuse me, but doesn't the State Department have more important things to do than look for phrases that might offend the overly-sensitive? "Watch your mouth -- everyday phrases like 'hold down the fort' and 'rule of thumb' are potentially offensive bombshells."

Romney for President

While everyone was busy denigrating Clint Eastwood's convention speech,  (including that ultraliberal Michael Moore),  Ed Timperlake has a different perspective, calling it "The Greatest Piece of Performance Art in American Political History." Meanwhile, the same people seem to be ignoring Romney's acceptance speech, which I found direct, honest, and workmanlike.  Politics shouldn't be a reality show. We don't want another Messiah, Greek god, or Lightworker, as Obama has been called. All we want is someone who will quietly and efficiently repair the damage done to our country and make us proud again. We don't want, and we simply can't afford, Obama 2; we want Harry Truman.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Wacky World of Democrat Women

Unbelievable:  "Stockholm Syndrome — the psychological phenomenon in which kidnapping victims develop an affection for their captors as a response to the threat of abuse — may afflict Republican women, suggests a Nation columnist aghast at the existence of pro-life females. 'I’m ashamed for my sex that any woman is still planning to vote for Romney and Ryan,' The Nation’s Katha Pollitt wrote yesterday."  And I'm ashamed and nauseated that Democrats expect all women to be as radically liberal as they are!

Our friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz said that the women who spoke at the Republican convention were "merely 'shiny packaging' to distract voters."  She obviously can't recognize class, achievement, and intelligence when she sees it.

The Ryan Express

I was ecstatic over the convention last night. What great speeches, culminating with that of Paul Ryan.  This morning I was furious when I read some of the usual responses ("Mean!", "Hate-filled!") by the Democrats,  and angry but not at all surprised when I saw this photo, but I was consoled by David Harsanyi's definition that a lie is a truth the Democrats don't like. Mitt Romney has a tough act to follow. Let's hope in his speech tonight, he makes us feel even better and makes the Democrats feel even worse. We MUST win!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pride in His Work

I like reading stories like this: "Flight Attendant Enters Record Book After 63-Year Career".

What the World Needs Now is Love, Mia Love

I always like how conventions make stars out of politicians you aren't familiar with.  Mia Love is such a politician, and I think she will be a next big Republican star, the way Sarah Palin was.
In other news, people are trying to guess the identity of the "mystery speaker" who will appear tomorrow night.  Some are saying Palin or Rush Limbaugh or Clint Eastwood. Personally, I think Capt.Sullenberger would be a great choice -- a national hero and a man of integrity. Even the Democrats wouldn't be able to say anything negative about him.

Jesus Christie!

Boy, what a great speech by the NJ Governor!  It was folksy and honest, like a fireside chat, and he wasn't afraid to speak the truth. I also loved Nikki Haley's speech, and Ann Romney was a real class act. One of the best speeches was the speech by Congressman Artur Davis, former Obama supporter. I think we must have really impressed the Democrats -- they have responded today with their usual attacks of "mean-spirited", "nasty", and "vicious."  Can you imagine what they'll say after Ryan and Romney speak?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Politically Incorrect Sign Language

This has to be a new low in the world of PC insanity.  A deaf 3-year-old boy is being told by school officials to change the sign for his name -- because it resembles a gun. I'm speechless.

Need We Say More?

From World Jewish Daily: "Suha Arafat has finally found a country crazy or careless enough to entertain her ridiculous claim that her late husband, mass-murdering terrorist Yasser Arafat, was murdered. That country is, of course, France."

Commentary Comments

Two things from Commentary magazine.  First, John Podhoretz enjoys the convention roll call, which I always do as well.  I loved the ovations for Jan Brewer and Scott Walker, as well as the state descriptions:  "“The 43rd star on the flag, and the first to sue over Obamacare,” said the representative of Idaho".
Second, the coverage of this brutal attack in Michigan, reported as a "possible Anti-Semitic attack". Possible?! When your attackers ask if you are Jewish before they beat you to a pulp, that sure sounds like antisemitism to me!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tasteless Stupidity of the Year #2

If you want to see true "Holocaust obsession", in a sick way, check out GasTerm Eesti's latest ad campaign. As soon as I read about this, I immediately remembered  their earlier such ad this year.  What next, Kool Aid including a photo of Jim Jones' victims?  Cotton, Inc. showing slaves in the fields?  And people wonder why we get offended.

Obama Theme Song

The Republicans ought to play this song at the Convention!
(Via Moonbattery)

Dialling for Dollars

I thought this had to be a joke, but unfortunately it's not.  Our federal government believes Americans rely too little on the government -- so they have helpfully provided a new website, just in time for the elections, so that even more people can apply for benefits! Apparently, relying on your family isn't good enough for Obama -- and of course there's no mention of relying on yourself. What an embarrassment.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Worse Case Scenario

Forbes is reporting that T.S. Isaac could rival Hurricane Katrina. So residents, whatever you do, don't evacuate or make plans to help yourselves. Instead, wait to be rescued, expect handouts of FEMA gift cards, flights to other states, and free motel rooms; then sit back and blame George W. Bush. After all, it worked the last time!


Ron Rosenbaum writes about "the new holocaust-denial": calling people "holocaust-obsessed." Can you imagine people thinking that way? He says,
"Reading their arguments and the debates they invoke makes me wonder if we’re “holocaust-obsessed” enough. If there still are many more questions about the phenomenon to pursue. The nature of human nature for instance. George Steiner once told me he believed the Holocaust 'removed the reinsurance on human hope,' meaning the conceptual safety net beneath which our belief in the capability for evil could not go. Now we know it can go far lower. But how far below does this unimaginable hell stretch?"
Think of it: 2/3 of all Jews in Europe were exterminated. How can you not be "obsessed", especially if your own family perished that way?

I Like Lykke Li

Last night I happened to turn on the last half of "Austin City Limits", a show I seldom watch, and I was captivated by the entire set of a Swedish singer named Lykke Li. I'd never heard of this band in my life, but she reminded me of Stevie Nicks, and the beat of each song was very catchy. They use different kinds of instruments, and that reminded me of the first time I ever saw Loreena McKennitt and her band on TV. This video is what I saw last night.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Neil Armstrong: An American Icon

I'm so glad I got to see Neil Armstrong walk on the moon, and witness the great accomplishments of the astronauts of the 1960s! I feel sorry for kids today whose idea of a hero is a sports figure. Not surprisingly, there's a nice tribute over at American Digest.

Women Gone Wild

This "war on women" garbage is really annoying. In her column yesterday, Liz Smith actually wrote these words: "WOMEN STILL LOSING CONTROL OF THEIR BODIES — WHAT NEXT — WILL WE LOSE THE VOTE?!" and "Even if you dislike President Obama, by any aspect of right and wrong, you should vote Democratic for the sake of women in the U.S.A."

If this isn't nauseating, I don't know what is. These "Republican women for Obama" must be like the "Rabbis for Obama" -- completely delusional. Also, it turns out that Maria Ciano, who is featured in the Obama ad, is actually a Democrat.

Space Photography

Here are some beautiful photos from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Two Scandals

I saw this "For Shame" ad in USA Today, and at first I assumed they were saying this to Prince Harry, who deserved it! I can't believe all the excuses being made for both Harry (He deserves his privacy!") and cheater Lance Armstrong. ("Leave him alone; he's suffered enough!") He's Prince Harry, not Kim Kardashian, and he should have been acting with the decorum that goes along with his role as heir to the throne. If he didn't want to be splashed all over the media, he shouldn't have given people the opportunity to see him naked! As for Lance Armstrong, he could have competed the old-fashioned way, without cheating his way to the top! Both scandals are of their own making, and they have only themselves to blame. Apologists just make bad behavior even worse.

Spineless Lowlife

Remember real men? Remember when real men had problems, they picked themselves up by their bootstraps and helped themselves instead of sulking or suing? Not any more! This deliberate killer was laid off a year ago, and today he came back to kill his boss! I'm glad the policeman was there to stop him with a bullet. Even if every gun is banned in America, spiteful maniacs like this one will somehow get whatever weapons they need, and if it's not a gun, it'll be something else.

Rabbis for Obama?

Boy, Obama is more desperate than ever, and Bill Kristol let him have it. How he could find 600 rabbis who support him and support his treatment of Israel is beyond me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Business Like Shoe Business

LZ Granderson's column is titled, "Don't blame expensive shoes; LeBron, Nike won't be at fault if people fight over expensive footwear." While I think paying $200 or $300 for sneakers, or camping out for days to buy the latest technology, is ridiculous, manufacturers have the right to sell their stuff at whatever price they choose, and people who can afford it should be able to do so. But people who afford it have no business blaming the manufacturers instead of using common sense, saying 'no', and doing without. Unfortunately, that concept seems to be more rare than ever.

Lots 'o Links

Read the latest interested tidbits over at Maggie's Farm, at Larwyn's Linx, and at  Betsy's Page.

Absolutely Disgraceful!

According to the UK Telegraph:  "The trial of the five men charged over the September 11 attacks on America will not be televised and may not begin for another four years, it has been disclosed."  As if waiting 10 years hasn't been long enough!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Art is Anything You Can Get Away With

On a positive note, at least she didn't ruin "The Last Supper".

A Sad State of Affairs

Cartoon by Gary Varvel.

An Unforgettable Reminder

They've made a film about a powerful image -- the tattooed arms of Holocaust survivors:
"Survivors didn’t have a choice about their tattooed numbers; those were forced on them in the camps, often with pain and violence. But today, their children and grandchildren, the second- and third-generation survivors, are choosing to be marked with a tattoo, replicating the numbers on their bodies. A middle-aged woman who just lost her father recalls that his number was incorporated into the very fabric of their life: The family used it for lock codes and passwords; the number became part of everyday routine. When the woman’s father passed away, she had his number tattooed on her leg. A young grandson of Abramo, a survivor from Thessaloniki, had his beloved grandfather’s number tattooed on his arm, in the exact same place as Abramo. 'Is this so that they don’t forget?' the old man asks him. 'So that I’ll never forget,' his grandson answers."

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The March Across Poland

Here's the headline of the day: Holocaust Survivors, Grandchildren of Nazis, Marching Arm-in-Arm.  The report says,
"Close to 300 grandchildren of Nazis, as well as Holocaust survivors and their children, are marching side-by-side in an effort to speak up for Israel and to speak out against the latest onslaught of global anti-Semitism. Participants of the week-long trek that will take them across Poland and the sites of a number of Nazi Concentration Camps and Death Camps including Belzec, Majdanek, Sobibor and Chelmno, come from various German-speaking countries, Belarus, Israel, the U.S. and Poland."
Good for them!

I'm Just "Akin" to Scream

Oh no, not again!  Just when the Republicans have the momentum, self-destructive urge occurs -- and now, thanks to this Republican idiot, the Democrats are going to talk about nothing but the "war on women".  For the sake of the party, and for the sake of Romney's victory in this crucial election, Todd Akin should resign now.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Phyllis Diller

I grew up watching Phyllis Diller on "Ed Sullivan", with her pre-facelift looks and that great laugh. They don't make 'em like that any more!

A Newsweek Cover I Never Thought I'd See

In fact, my first reaction on seeing this cover was that it was a parody by The People's Cube! I had to double-check for myself, the same way I did when I heard that Obama won the Nobel Prize. What next, Time magazine asking him to resign? The New York Times endorsing Romney? (Don't we wish!)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Desperation of the Obamamedia

No surprise here, but Howie Carr discusses the liberal media and their continuing attempts to protect and excuse him: "The more the campaign goes on, the more desperate the bowtied bumkissers of the lamestream media become in their attempts to save the failed administration of their hero." It's both pathetic and amusing.

Elvis Presley's Jewish Roots

In regards to the Star of David Elvis Presley would wear, “When Charlie Hodge asked Elvis why this particular piece of jewelry was so important, Elvis replied, ‘I don’t want to miss out on goin' to heaven on a technicality.’”

Campaign Issues

Another political point made by Michael Ramirez.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Disability Insensability

In America these days you can go on disability even if you're not disabled. But in England, an obviously disabled man is being asked to prove he's too disabled to work.  Something is definitely wrong with both systems!

VERY Attractive!

Excuse me, but why go to the beach at all?

Oh, Shut Up and Go Away!

Here we go again! The idiot atheists are suing over the September 11 cross.  I checked to see how many atheists there are in America, and  wasn't surprised to see that the number is only 3-5%. So go find yourself something better to do, and stop destroying common decency for everyone else.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Right Choice

From Greg Crosby:
"You can 'hope' for traditional American values and renewed American Exceptionalism or you can 'hope' for a socialistic welfare state. You can 'change' America back into that once shinning city on the hill where anything is possible for those willing to work for it, or you can 'change' America into a food stamp, entitlement society with government control over every aspect of our lives.
President Reagan famously asked, 'Are you better off today than you were four years ago?' Although that is very much a valid question once again, a much graver question might now be, is the United States of America a better country today than it was four years ago? Is America stronger? Are prices lower? Are jobs more plentiful? Are our cities more prosperous? Are you more secure? There's no question that this is an election not of men, but of competing ideologies. Which America do YOU want?"

Watcher's Council

Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners.

Don't Wait - Attack Iran Now!

What a peaceful world we are living in. That Iranian lunatic Ahmadinejad just compared Israel to a cancerous tumor and said that Israel's very existence is an insult to humanity. No, you Nazi pig, it's you and your hateful kind who are the cancer on humanity, and it should be fatal!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Women With Spine

I like reading about people who refuse to be cowed by ridiculous rules & regulations, especially those of Obama.   Here are two women who are standing up for their principles: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, and this Massachusetts baker.  They are saying "Enough is enough" and putting their words into action.

Lots 'o Links

If you need to catch up on your  reading, check out Maggie's Farm, or Betsy's Page, or Nealz Nuze for some good news roundups.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ignoring Hard Work

Here's a terrific reader retort to Obama's latest class warfare comment that the rich are rich not because they have worked hard all their lives, but because they are "lucky":
"Obama, why don't you explain to the 'unlucky' that some of them are doing NOTHING at all and that THEY are lucky that someone is paying for their housing and health care and their food. And you and the ungrateful 'unlucky' ones both complain that it's not enough.
And then you tell the 'lucky' ones that YOU want THEM to pay more. Pay more, for example, to bail out the GM unions that helped drive the company into the ground. The 'lucky' ones get the privilege to pay for all the stupid mistakes YOU and people like you have made.
That attitude just burns me up.
Maybe you need to teach these folks how to become 'lucky' so I won't have to listen to those stupid ads on the radio about the little girl who gets up in the middle of the night hungry and finds the fridge empty because her parent has not signed up for food stamps yet. Tell all your friends to sign up, too!
What you should be telling them is that they should walk up to several 'lucky' looking people each day and say, 'Thanks for helping us out until we can get back on our feet again.' How 'bout some thanks, not just demands?"

Why The Left Loves Obama -- And Why We Don't

Steve McCann writes a good column explaining why the liberal left is determined to re-elect Obama despite the fact that he's destroyed the economy and the country.   Doesn't this sum it up well?
"Sweep the facts under the rug or ignore them completely, as it appears that the most important things in their lives are the legalization of gay marriage, free contraceptives and abortifacients, worshiping at the altar of extreme and discredited environmentalism, mocking and undermining all organized religion (except Islam), and telling the American people what they can eat, where they can live, what may be taught in their schools, how they must operate their businesses, and what health care they can access.
To the true believers on the left, re-electing Barack Obama is not a matter of what is or is not good for the country; rather, for the majority on the left, the primary motivation is geared solely toward defeating their sworn enemy: conservatives and Republicans, whom many falsely believe are a right-wing horde determined to create a theocracy and impose old-fashioned morality. But what they fear most from the right is a determination to reinstitute unfettered individual freedom and concomitant economic growth, which would relegate the American left to the back bench of American society."

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

V-J Day: Victory Over Japan

American Digest reminds us of that momentous occasion.

Desperate Dems

Boy, hasn't the selection of Paul Ryan driven the Obama campaign to new lows!  Here's Jonathan Tobin on that big-mouth Biden's attack on Romney-Ryan, saying they wanted to put the people "back in chains": "While Democrats may defend this as just another Biden exaggeration, this is a clear-cut case of racial incitement. After all, unless he is referring to Jews being returned to slavery some 3,500 years after the Exodus from Egypt, the only possible allusion here is to the enslavement of African Americans in the south. This is more than just garden-variety political hyperbole. It is an unfortunate example of just how desperate Democrats are to scare voters into backing the president’s re-election."

Why Even Bother?

Read Aaron Goldstein'c column. He asks,  "What do Jews have to do to change the hearts and minds of the Arab/Muslim world?"  I think the answer should be "Nothing". You can't force rabid, irrational, antisemitic Muslims to love the Jews any more than you could force the Nazis to prevent the Holocaust. And we ought to stop trying.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Antisemitism Defined

Read this Colbert I. King column about antisemitism:
"By any measure, I am not a Jew. I was not born to a Jewish woman. I was not raised nor educated as a Jew; therefore I do not, as Adam Garfinkle might argue, see the world through the eyes of a Jew, evincing Jewish moral sensibilities or exhibiting any sign of Jewish historical memory.
But I do have the power of recall, and I do, as a non-Jew, recognize vicious anti-Semitism when I see it. The Iranian government is as anti-Semitic as the Third Reich."

Good For Her!

What a great story: "110-year-old Pa. widow gets World War I benefits increase".   She deserves an extra bonus just for living alone and self-sufficiently in a trailer till she was 106!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Holocaust-Deniers, Go Hang Yourselves

The Daily Mail is usually a tabloid rag, but sometimes they include some extraordinary photos and articles, including this one about the last living survivors of Treblinka.

This is The Most Important Election of My Lifetime

At Sultan Knish, you can read a tremendous post by Daniel Greenfield titled "The Most Divisive Campaign in American History". Here are some excerpts, but you have to read all of it. It encapsulates everything I have thought about Obama over the past 4 years but can't eloquently express:
"Romney appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with the last four years. Obama appeals to voters who are dissatisfied with America.
There isn't any inspiration here. Just paranoia over everything from gay marriage to abortion to racial profiling to illegal immigration. A dozen illegal benefits being handed out with the explicit threat that they will be lost if Romney wins. A dozen mini-civil wars being stirred up to divide Americans and set them at each other's throats for the benefit of the Obama campaign.

From Occupy Wall Street to Wisconsin, from Trayvon Martin to Chick-fil-A, the goal of these manufactured conflicts has been to divide and conquer the electorate by emphasizing group rights over individual economic welfare.

Obama can't win on the economy. He can't win on foreign policy. He can't win on any aspect of his administration. All he can do is stir up violence and then promise to heal the country in his second term while winking to all the representatives of the grievance groups. It's not a new game, but the Democratic Party has never played it quite this baldly in a national election. And if it succeeds, then national politics will have finally been reduced to the level of a Chicago election.

We were expected to believe that the typical Obama voter in 2008 was hoping for a better country, but in 2012 there is no more hope, only hate and fear. The typical Obama voter is not acting as an American, but as a representative of an entitled group looking to secure and expand those entitlements at the expense and the detriment of the country at large.

To vote for Obama after years of grotesque economic mismanagement that has no precedent in history, that exceeds the worst actions of Andrew Jackson or Ulysses S. Grant, is not the instinct of an American, but a selfish greedy looter scrambling to grab a few dinner rolls off the tray while the ship is going down. There is no policy justification for voting for a man with the worst economic and foreign policy record in the country's history. There is no American justification for voting for him. Only the UnAmerican motivation of carving up a dying country into group fiefdoms privileging identity politics over the common good.

This is an UnAmerican campaign. It is an Anti-American campaign. It is a campaign by those who hate and fear what America was and who resent having to care about anyone outside their own group. Its group jingoism, its dog whistles and special privileges are repulsive and cynical, treating the people of a great nation like a warren of rats eager to sell each other out for a prize from the Cracker Jack box of identity politics entitlements.

There is not a single Obama voter anywhere in the land who believes that another four years of him will make this country better. Not a single one from coast to coast. No, what they believe is that he will make the country a worse place for those people that they hate. That he will have four more years to sink their ideas deeper in the earth, regardless of how many families go hungry and how many fathers kill themselves because they can no longer take care of their families. What they believe is that Obama will grant their group more special privileges and the rest of the country can go to hell."

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Watcher's Council

It's time to enjoy reading the latest Watcher's Council winners.

True Love

This is the most touching touching story and photo I've seen in a  long time, the story of John Unger and his ailing dog Schoep. The reaction has been an outpouring of support and donations, and the devotion of this man for his faithful companion restores your faith in mankind.


Oh, what a relief! And what a great choice! Congressman Paul Ryan has been one of my dream selections, even though he had said he wasn't interested in the job. I was afraid Romney would go with one of the usual safe picks, Thune or Pawlenty, or would choose to pander by picking Rubio. But this is a smart move at the right time. Ryan's a financial genius and just what we need to focus on the economy and defeat Obama in November.  Now that's what I call real hope and change!
Instapundit offers a roundup of Ryan links.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Difference Between Jews and Muslim Jew-Haters

Can you just picture the Arabs ever doing something like this for Jews?

Let's Re-Elect Him Anyway!

Doesn't Obama find headlines like this embarrassing? I sure do! "One-third of states tap charities to help fund welfare".  Pretty soon it will be one-half of states, then 75%.   That's all you hear any more: not about people working and building and producing, but about people wanting more and more from government and us taxpayers. There's no producers, only takers, and the Republicans should be emphasizing the point that only with Romney's election will things ever turn around for this country.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Argus Hamilton Quips

Here are the latest news items, including this: "Harry Reid charged Friday that Mitt Romney hasn't paid taxes in ten years. Many say it could bring Mitt sympathy. If Harry Reid proves that Romney hasn't paid taxes in ten years, Democratic voters may feel sorry for him and share their food stamps with him."

The Freebie Parade

Besides Michael Ramirez, one of my favorite editorial cartoonists is Chuck Asay.  Remember when it was considered shameful to take handouts, and for men especially? Now, thanks to Obama, it seems to be considered your due, and that's just plain wrong.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Lots 'o Links

Need something to read? Check out the links at Maggie's Farm, at Betsy's Page, and at  And I found this story from the Telegraph pretty amusing to imagine. The good thing is that they're not chasing after Obama!

Jewish Power!

Make sure you read Leonard Green's nice write-up about Alexandra Raisman, our Olympic gold medal - and bronze medal-winning Olympic gymnast, whose performance last night was a rebuke to antisemites everywhere. Maybe Iran was right after all -- this IS the Zionist Olympics!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Fish Reeks from the Head Down

And the Democratic Party has turned into a McCarthyite smear machine. Now, according to them, not only do Republicans push wheelchair-bound grandmothers over cliffs, but we also starve children, kill people with E coli, and cause the death of cancer patients. Yep, Obama is sure likeable, all right!

Calling Mayor Nutter!

I think the Mayor needs to make another speech about curfews after this lovely story: "Police: 7-Year-Old A Suspect In Violent Home Invasion In Juniata".  If they're already robbing homes and attacking people at age 7 and 10, they'll be murderers by the time they're 18! Well, boys will be boys!

Vote for the Mensch, Not for the Schmo

I almost plotzed when I read this amusing parody at the Weekly Standard.

Monday, August 06, 2012

"I Don't Like Your Kind of People"

This Richard Cohen column on Harry's Reid's smear tactics is remarkable, considering he's such a well-known liberal. In the column, he compares Reid to Senator Geary in "The Godfather Part 2" as well as to McCarthy. Unfortunately, I doubt we can ever blackmail Reid into supporting Romney!

The Difference Between Romney Voters and Obama Voters

by Chuck Asay

A Gold Medal for NASA

Congratulations to the geniuses at NASA for successfully landing Curiosity on Mars! And yes, they DID build that!

Missy Franklin, Success Story

This is a terrific take-off of Obama's infamous "You didn't build that" speech, via Cold Fury. Let's just hope Obama doesn't win that on November 6!

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Watcher's Council Winners

Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners, as they continue to keep an eye on the weasels of the world.

Lost and Found

After reading about the mass killings at the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin (I'm glad the murderer is dead), I needed some happier news,  and this story fit the bill: "Forgotten $3,100 cash returned to widow, 90". (via

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Olympics News

British track star Mo Farah won the gold medal  in the 10,000 meter (25 laps) race today.  What a thrill to win in front of the home crowd.  Also, I know everyone's raving about Michael Phelps, but to me, the adorable Missy Franklin is the American face of this Olympics; she and Gabby Douglas will get lots of endorsements. And I was amazed to learn that trampoline is now an Olympics event. Who on earth came up with that silly idea?

A Total Lack of Common Decency

How could anyone in their right mind think that this is funny?

Ramirez for Vice President!

I just love the editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez. Here he does it again(Via American Digest)

Friday, August 03, 2012

A Commercial Break

I'm so glad there seems to be an answer for everything on the Internet! I like this catchy tune on an Acura commercial and wanted to know what it was and hear it again.

"Broken Liberal Souls"

This look at Obama was listed as a "must read" today at, and with good reason. Those of us who knew what he was from the beginning aren't at all surprised by this analysis. I like this line, "Look in the mirror, Mr. Obama. Look what you have become. Even a man who loves himself as much as you do, when nobody else is looking, could not possibly like what he sees."

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Stuff From Mental_Floss

I like the website for the magazine mental_floss, which has such interesting features. Today alone, I came across these photographs of Abraham Lincoln. And here is a list of new words added to the dictionary -- most of which are very annoying!

Lots o' Links

You can't go wrong when you read the links at Betsy's Page and those at Maggie's Farm, plus here's a roundup of Chick-fil-A news at The Anchoress. I think the Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day event yesterday was a reaction to being told how we should think and what we should believe. After all, this isn't Communist Russia or China, with Mao's Little Red Book and the indoctrination camps -- although sometimes it feels that way.

Celebrating Julia Child

While listening to classical music at WGBH today, I came across this tribute to Julia Child.  Bon appetit!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

They Don't Make 'Em Like That Any More

I really liked reading this well-written appreciation of singer Tony Martin.

What Happened to This Country?

Like me, Walter Williams sadly bemoans "How Times Have Changed" regarding vulgar, shameless behavior; lack of common courtesy; and reckless living.

Beetles vs. Oil

It's no wonder this country is in trouble, when officials actually make  self-destructive, idiotic decisions like this one: "A tiny insect could delay construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline by up to a year."  A beetle is more important than oil? Imagine FDR announcing during World War 2, "Gee, I'm sorry we can't produce more tanks and ships for the war effort, but there's an endangered bug that's more important."  
(Via Hot Air)