Friday, July 31, 2009

Roseanne Barf

My, but isn't this amusing.

Watcher's Council Nominations

Watcher's Council nominations are up at Soccer Dad.


I got a kick out of this story:
"Deloris Nissen, a 78-year-old retired nurses’ aide from Carroll, tells her hometown paper that she is selling her televisions because she has grown weary of seeing President Barack Obama."
I feel the same way, but my own solution is to simply turn the TV off.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Oh, so now we're related to snakes and vipers. Is anyone keeping track of all the names we've been called? Pamela Geller describes the latest overtures of the religion of peace:
"Antisemitism On Egypt's Al-Rahma TV – Children Memorize, Recite Antisemitic Slogans; Clerics Say Jews Are Offspring of Snakes and Vipers, Call For Reading 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', And State: Our Hatred of The Jews is Purely on Religious Grounds – While Warning Against the Jewish-Zionist Starbucks, Domino's, Burger King & Others. Do the left wing Jewicidals ever read this shiz? The deniers of Islamic anti-semitism are as dangerous as these murderers. The disinformation manufactured by Islamic apologists will be the death of us all."


I always enjoy Jay Nordlinger's "Impromptus" column.

Argus Hamilton Quips

Check out Argus Hamilton's latest column, which includes this timely zinger:
"President Obama hosts Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates and Boston cop James Crowley for a beer at the White House tonight. Let's hope they put away the breakables. Tempers are going to flare when the cop asks the president for his birth certificate."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

PC in UK

You won't believe the unbelievable politically correct and moronic reason that Michael Savage was banned in Britain.

Watcher's Council Winners

Soccer Dad reveals the Watcher's Council winners.

It's Just Not Write

Lifehacker wonders if cursive handwriting is dead. I sure hope not -- I always write that way, and I'm sorry to see yet one more lovely tradition go down the drain.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lindbergh the Louse

Last night on National Geographic Channel, I saw a thoroughly disillusioning, unbelievable expose of Charles Lindbergh. I already knew he was an admirer of the Nazis, and an antisemite, but I didn't realize just how much of an antisemite and traitor he was until I saw this. The narrator said something along the lines of "He had gone from hero to villain in just 15 years." As if this wasn't shocking enough, it was not discovered until after his death that he seemed to have been attempting to perpetuate the Lindbergh species in Europe with his own personal Master Race, resulting in seven more children by three different women. Keeping this a secret would be completely impossible today.

A Name I Can't Refuse

Neal Boortz reports on a perfect phrase:
"This is a new name for the people who think that they have a right to make someone else pay for their health care - and the politicians who support them. This name is for the people who think that it is the government's role to take care of their basic needs - and the politicians who pander for their votes: Entitlement Mobsters."
(Actually, this isn't exactly a new phrase, because I just found it online in a comment on this post from Sept. 2008 -- but it's still perfect!)

Grand Rounds

Fill your prescription for Grand Rounds 5:45 - Le Tour de France Edition, now up at Captain Atopic.

Monday, July 27, 2009

They're Just Not Into Us

Pass this on -- Canadian Laura Rosen Cohen has written a great piece titled "Islam just isn’t into us", about Jews who wear blinders where Muslim antisemitism is concerned. She says,
"Dear fellow Jews, what is so hard to understand about 'we hate your guts, and will continue to kill and maim you'? Just last week, an 'inter-faith' Rabbi, the guest speaker at an ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) conference was shocked … shocked to hear that one of the guest imams felt that Jews deserved the Holocaust because they turned their backs against Allah. What is so hard to understand about that?......Jews: get this through your head once and for all. The Islamic world, under ts current leadership, is just not into you."
What more is there to say?

Health Care Lowlights

Doug Ross has some excerpts from the health care plan. You'll be happy to know that abortions and assisted suicides will NOT be rationed.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Terrible Blasphemy"

This is sad but true:
"If the charges against the rabbis are proved to have been correct," one veteran Brooklyn rabbi said, "it'll be the worst and most terrible blasphemy that will ever be remembered about the New York Jews."

Hello To The Hall

Here's a nice story about Red Sox slugger Jim Rice, who has been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He was one of my favorites when I loved baseball, but his fellow Gold Dust Twin Fred Lynn had the better personality.

"Waking Up To The Truth"

Ben Stein, like many of us, has figured Obama out.

Haveil Havalim Time!

Haveil Havalim #227 is up at first-time host Jewschool. If you are interested in hosting a future edition of Haveil Havalim, contact
Jack at

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Odds And Ends

  • Will this murder of a border guard garner as much outrage and attention as the arrest of Henry Louis Gates?
  • Investors Business Daily, whose editorials I like, sums up Obama and his health care plan in one sentence:
    "Health Care: From the president we now know that cops are stupid, doctors are greedy, Republicans don't play nice, people are dying and we're all going broke if we don't embrace socialized medicine in a week or so. "
  • I always like Greg Crosby's columns. Here's one where he pays tribute to the late Gale Storm and Sam Butera.

Friday, July 24, 2009

How Tweet It Is!

You can now use Twitter to send your prayers to the Western Wall! I like the disclaimer:
"The Tweet Your Prayers site's Frequently Asked Questions page asks what recourse users have if their prayers are not answered. 'Take it up with the Big Guy upstairs,' is the reply. 'We're just the middlemen!'"

Watcher's Council Nominations

Watcher's Council submissions are up at Soccer Dad.

What A Shonda!

His name should be "dreck", not Dwek! And here's a South African blogger who puts it very succinctly: "Oy Vey! Crooked Rabbis Bust for Corruption." At least when other Jews go bad, we don't blame it on antisemitism or go protesting and rioting in the streets. We take things like this, or the Bernie Madoff scandal, very personally, and we feel outraged, embarassed, and betrayed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Czars We'd Like To See

Bruce Bialosky offers some additions to Obama's ever-growing list of Czars. I like the Apology Czar and the Latke Czar.

Health To Pay

I liked Ann Coulter's latest column:
"Instead of making health care more like the DMV, how about we make it more like grocery stores? Give the poor and tough cases health stamps and let the rest of us buy health care -- and health insurance -- on the free market."
(Above cartoon seen at Sultan Knish)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back To The Sixties

And now, for some much-needed nostalgia, click here to return to the 1960s.

Here's To Your Healthcare!

The haste and desperation of the Obama administration to force this health care plan on us should be red flags. If he's so worried about "the uninsured", let him come up with a basic health plan for them only -- and leave the rest of us alone!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 44 is available at the mysterious Doc Gurley.

Mad for the Messiah

Anne Bayefsky writes that the "Jewish community's denial about Obama must stop." Amen to that!

Nosh News

This is an enjoyable article about Jews and the origins of candy favorites.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Anti-Semite of the Day

There ought to be an award given for the most antisemitic descriptions of Israel and Jews. Soccer Dad links to today's "winner".

More Space

The UK Telegraph has a nice page devoted to Apollo 11 and other space news. And Turner Classic Movies is showing space-related movies tonight including "For All Mankind" and "The Right Stuff".

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Watcher's Council Winners

Soccer Dad spotlights the Watcher's Council winners.

Google Logo

If Google had a commemorative logo for the 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick...

"Lawmaker Reading Disorder"

Our politicians are definitely suffering from this crippling disability.

Health Rationing and You!

Haveil Havalim Time

Haveil Havalim #226 is up at Random Thoughts - Do They Have Meaning? Or maybe Jack meant to call it Harry Havalim!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Original Moonwalk

The UK Telegraph has a nice series of photos from the Apollo 11 moon landing; NASA remembers Walter Cronkite.

Excusing Hate

Here's a charming story of antisemitic ranting at an Islamic convention attended by rabbis. While I'm not surprised to hear about Muslims blaming Jews for the Holocaust, I am always surprised to hear rabbis defending these haters!

Friday, July 17, 2009


The Anchoress offers a great many links regarding Obama's 32 Czars, as well as the outrageous healthcare plan that is being foisted on us taxpayers.

Remember Mary Jo Kopechne

Tomorrow is the 40th anniversary of Chappaquiddick. Would this tragic story have received more attention if Neil Armstrong hadn't landed on the moon at the same time?

If George W. Bush Had Done It...

Barking Moonbat has an post that wonders what the reaction would have been if President George W. Bush had done the things Obama has done. We know what it would have been!

Watcher's Council Nominations

Watcher's Council nominations are up at Soccer Dad.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obama's Policy: "Israelis Should Give and Palestinians Should Take."

A must-read by Isi Leibler, who writes "This column is a response to American Jews devoted to Israel who remain under the charismatic spell of their president and challenged me to demonstrate how his policies are harming Israel."

Class Warfare? That's Rich!

Read Neil Cavuto's commentary titled "Who is Paying for Your Free Lunch?", regarding the evil rich, who are demonized even as they are forced to support everyone else.
"Can't afford health care? We'll get health care for you. Can't afford your home? We'll find a way to keep you in your home. Can't pay your tuition tab? Let us pick up the tab. Bit by bit, if you're down and out, the government happy to bail you out. And you don't really have to pay a thing — someone else will. Now, who wouldn't want a deal like that? Nothing beats a free lunch. Especially, as I said, when you're not picking up the tab. Rich folks are — just them — the whole tab."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hazardous to Your Health (Plan)

Glenn Beck displayed the Democrats' health care plan chart on TV tonight, armed with blood pressure cuff and stethoscope! The white areas already exist; the areas in color will be implemented if the Dems get their way. You'll need a gastroenterologist after you see this.

Stiffing Seniors

Every day, there's yet another revelation about what Obama's doing to destroy this country. Instapundit links to Dick Morris' column that says that
“Obama’s health care proposal is, in effect, the repeal of the Medicare program as we know it. The elderly will go from being the group with the most access to free medical care to the one with the least access.”
Isn't that nice? But who cares, just so long as people who have never paid a dime into the system get "their" free health care!

Watcher's Council Winners

Soccer Dad reveals the latest Watcher's Council winners.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tears for Terrorists

More liberal sympathy for terrorists -- or as National Review's Guy Benson calls it, 'Killing Terrorists-Gate' :
"House Democrats are in (cynical, calculated) high dudgeon after a shocking "revelation" was made public this week. Brace yourself, because this bombshell isn't for the faint of heart: After 9/11, the Bush administration considered a CIA program designed to target and kill top al-Qaeda operatives. Gasp. It gets worse: Some members of Congress now say they weren't sufficiently briefed on the then-nascent secret program (which was never actually implemented), and it's even possible that Vice President Cheney intentionally kept lawmakers in the dark about the preliminary plans (which, again, never became operational)."
Aren't we supposed to kill terrorists, especially after they've killed 3,000 Americans in one day?

Over The Moon

Metafilter linked to this great Apollo 11 website.

I 'm The Taxman

Wizbang offers more proof that liberal Democrats hate hard work and achievement. This is an article about how the Dens are going to keep taxing the rich:
"The people who really get hammered by these huge tax increases are the people who came from middle class backgrounds, went to college and then graduate school and mastered a highly-specialized vocation (or became a successful entertainer or athlete, but not a superstar), or who have started their own businesses, and then worked very hard to earn a comfortable middle-six-figure income. They are the people who followed their dreams and fulfilled the wishes of their parents by studying, working hard, and finally achieving success. They are the dreamers of the American Dream. They are usually the first generation of their family to really 'make it big.' They are the people that our country is supposed to help build up and reward. And the Democrats are poised to snatch everything they have worked for right out from underneath them, and, for those right at the edge of top tax bracket, leave them worse off financially than those who earn tens of thousands of dollars a year less per year."

Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds Vol. 5 No. 43 is up at Medicine and Technology.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Politics of Personal Destruction

Commentary's J.G. Thayer reports:
"A new standard is being established in politics: if you challenge — or worse, humiliate — your liberal betters, you will be exposed, scrutinized, and — if necessary — destroyed."

Egregious "Emergencies"

When I spotted this outrageous story, blood nearly shot from my eyes, as Glenn Beck would say.
ILLNESS-FAKER BUMS TREAT ERS AS HOTELS - ON YOUR TAB. These bums are costing you a fortune. Ricky Alardo, a homeless alcoholic nicknamed Ricky Ricardo, swigs cheap vodka by day at his favorite corner in Washington Heights, then calls an ambulance to chauffeur him to the hospital for a free meal and a warm place to sleep, courtesy of taxpayers who fund his Medicaid benefits. For a chronic caller like Alardo -- who phones 911 four or five times a week -- the annual medical bill can be as high as $300,000. Over 13 years, the length of time he has been abusing the emergency room, he has cost the medical system an estimated $3.9 million."
And that's just one person! Multiply that by the millions of parasites in this country, and you can imagine the drain on necessary services -- and on taxpayer money! I have an idea: let the bleeding heart liberals pay the bills.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Frivolous Lawsuit of the Day

This has to be the lawsuit of the day. Serves her right! The only thing a judge should do is take the cell phone away from this irresponsible twit!

Dear Diary

The UK Guardian has a satiric look at Joe Jackson's diary.

Haveil Havalim Time!

Jack says that Haveil Havalim #225 - The "Welcome New Israelis" Edition is now up at How To Be Israeli.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Potential Razzie Award Winner

To sum it up succinctly, "Britney Spears to star in Holocaust movie, Jews verklempt" .

Almost Perfect!

Wow - what a Cinderella story! Giants pitcher Jonathan Sanchez threw a no-hitter last night. He ought to send Randy Johnson a bouquet of flowers -- Johnson's going on the DL made it possible for Sanchez to return to the rotation, and to make history.

Friday, July 10, 2009

A "Stupid Arts Student Thing"?

To me, this is like desecrating an American flag.
"I don't know if it was a stupid arts student thing or if it's an act of terrorism," said Ryan. "I know what it is, it's a crime. You stole public property."

Demon Dems

Michelle Malkin condemns "the bankrupt party of porkulus" and refers to the possibility of yet another stimulus as "Generational Theft Act II." The Democrats are robbing us blind -- yet hardly anyone cares! When is it going to stop?

Frank Comments

What a big fool Barney Frank is! I loved this, too! But when I went to read more about this story, after seeing his disgraceful tirade in the Senate, oddly there were hardly any results on Google. Type in "Barney Frank + Senate envy" and see for yourself.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Don't Take This Lying Down...

Okay, I give up. I simply had to post this ridiculous story.

Misled and Misread

Monica Crowley has a terrific column about how the Obama administration "misread the economy". Her title says it all: "Boy, Do They Think We’re Stupid."

Watcher's Council Nominations

Soccer Dad reveals the latest Watcher's Council nominations.

PC Idiocy

I despise political correctness, and there's a doozy of a PC example at Betsy's Page. Would YOU risk your life waiting to be rescued by a 5'2" female firefighter? I certainly wouldn't!

Lots of Links

There are a lot of good links over at The Anchoress

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Obama's "Fire Sale"

Michael Savage just read aloud this Gerald Warner column about Obama's nuclear giveaway in Russia.
"For Obama, success is not the delivery of watertight nuclear security for America; it is a feel-good news conference and photo opportunity that will create huge approval ratings on liberal campuses where the delusions of 1968 and the anti-Vietnam war movement still linger on in these isolated Jurassic Parks." "
Gerald Warner is British. Will there be similar outrage by Americans?

Why Palin Resigned

Of course! Here is the real reason that Sarah Palin resigned:
" "...a caller to Al Sharpton's radio show yesterday appeared absolutely serious in suggesting a Palin-led plot to get Michael Jackson."
(via Newsbusters)

Human Man-Caused Disasters

Here's a very good analysis of how Obama is enabling the terrorists:
"The high-profile controversy over Israel’s policy of building new homes for Jewish settlements has in fact facilitated Hamas’s mission. Thanks to the Obama Administration’s new strategy regarding the Middle East, the entire world now seems to be obsessed with the issue of the settlements as if they were just now being established."

Grand Rounds

Check your vital signs - it's time for Grand Rounds at Pharmamotion.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Al Bore

Winston Churchill must be rolling in his grave:
"Al Gore today compared the battle against climate change with the struggle against the Nazis."
Oh yes, exactly!

Watcher's Council Winners

Watcher's Council winners are congratulated at Soccer Dad.

Historical Handshakes

If you love history, you'll love this. Instapundit links to video clips showing Civil War veterans at the 75th anniversary of that battle. I remember seeing these images at the end of Ken Burns' marvelous "The Civil War".

Monday, July 06, 2009

Yoo Hoo!

Here's an article about Gertrude Berg, who played Molly Berg for decades on radio and TV as part of the Jewish comedy "The Goldbergs".

Al in Wonderland

Al Sharpton obviously has nothing more important to do:
"The Rev. Al Sharpton said yesterday at a church in Los Angeles that he is requesting that the U.S. Postal Service issue a Michael Jackson commemorative stamp, E! Online reports. The USPS typically requires a five-year waiting period after a death before issuing stamps. Sharpton also called for a national day of mourning, urging people to gather in schools, community centers, and churches to pay tribute to the singer on Tuesday"
Does this mean I can take tomorrow off from work?

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michael Moola

I was wondering about this myself:
"The city of Los Angeles is a half-billion dollars in the hole. Layoffs. Furloughs. Potholes unfilled, trees untrimmed. Animal services, the ethics commission, whack whack whack. So why, why, in any rational universe, should the city of L.A. pick up the policing tab for Michael Jackson's obsequies at Staples Center?"

Looking for The Real Stalker

I couldn't help laughing when I saw Soccer Dad's headline on Marion Barry's latest arrest: "Who set him up this time?" That was my own first thought when I heard this news. He, like so many famous people, has gotten through life by blaming others, and by being enabled by his admirers -- in this case, the idiot voters of Washington DC who keep electing him.

Haveil Havalim Time

Haveil Havalim #224 - The Fourth of July Weekend Edition is up at A Time of the Signs.

Saturday, July 04, 2009


"My God! How little do my countrymen know what precious blessings they are in possession of, and which no other people on earth enjoy!" ~Thomas Jefferson
"You have to love a nation that celebrates its independence every July 4, not with a parade of guns, tanks, and soldiers who file by the White House in a show of strength and muscle, but with family picnics where kids throw Frisbees, the potato salad gets iffy, and the flies die from happiness. You may think you have overeaten, but it is patriotism." ~Erma Bombeck

Friday, July 03, 2009

Sayonara, Sarah!

Yesterday, The Anchoress was analyzing the hatred of Sarah Palin. Now that Palin has stunned us by announcing her resignation as Governor of Alaska, some are speculating that she is doing so in order to run for President in 2012. Now, after what she's already been through, why on earth would she willingly make herself and her family the target of further vituperation?

Watcher's Council Nominations

Watcher's Council nominations are up at Soccer Dad.

The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth

On July 4, 1939, the great, courageous Lou Gehrig gave his famous farewell speech.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A Skyscraper With A View


"Joe Average"

This story comes from England, but it might as well be describing the United State when it asks: "Will no one stand up for Joe Average?"

Undoubting Thomas

Funny how it takes a 90 year old woman to get to the point! Boortz writes,
"I hope that you got the chance to see the exchange yesterday at White House press briefing. Robert Gibbs starts to get really flustered when a CBS reporter continues to hound him over the fact that Obama town hall events are completely staged. There are no 'random' questions from the audience. Everything is pre-selected, every question is screened, etc. So this reporter calls him out on it, and then Helen Thomas gets involved. She says that she has never seen this level of control in the White House before. And if anyone should know, Helen Thomas would. I just LOVE that woman!"

I Declare!

How's this for perfect timing?
"A copy of the US Declaration of Independence has been discovered in Britain. The document, which is in perfect condition, is believed to be one of only 200 printed and was stumbled upon among files at the National Archives in Kew, southwest London, by an American doing research."

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Franken - stein

Now that Al Franken has been declared the winner of the MN Senate race, I can say with certainty that the U.S. Senate is a joke:
"Unless the powers that be in the Senate can put a big, fat muzzle on his mouth, Al Franken’s brand of politics and caustic deportment would make him the poster child for everything that’s wrong in America in 2010. The Senate’s own Rosie O’Donnell."