Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Helpful Grammar Tips

This is a very useful article: "20 Common Grammar Mistakes That (Almost) Everyone Gets Wrong".  One of the twenty is the word "nauseous", which made me laugh, because my family has always used it the wrong way; and because of the inflection with which it was used, I actually always thought it was Yiddish!

A Good Trade

Tom Purcell suggests a trade with Canada: Obama for Harper . I'll go for that! 
"As President Obama continues to 'spread the wealth around,' grow government and look for ways to raise taxes to pay for it all, Canada's prime minister believes a pro-growth approach is the best way to fund his country's social programs.
Here's what one of the prime minister's spokesmen told Postmedia News:
'I think Canada's record has always been one that we are firm believers in the markets and we know that prosperity, through capitalism in markets, is ultimately what pays for all the things that we enjoy here in Canada.'
Sheesh! I remember when U.S. presidents believed such things.
In any event, a reversal of Canadian and American fortunes appears to have occurred.
So I have a proposition for our friends up north: Hey, Canada, want to switch leaders for a while?
Isn't our president more suited to your traditions, whereas your prime minister is more suited to ours?
We'll give him back once he gets U.S. unemployment below 7 percent."

Monday, January 30, 2012

Silence Was Golden

Increasingly, I am nostalgic for the phone booth.

Good Reading Tonight

As always, there is a lot of good reading at Betsy's Page.  Read the item about food stamp fraud.  They have completely removed the stigma and made dependency on government a positive rather than a negative trait. Being "on the dole" used to be shameful; now it's welcomed. Very sad.
Also, check out the things to read at Larwyn's Linx.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Great Britain, USA

The Telegraph's Janet Daley writes that Barack Obama is trying to make the US a more socialist state. She says that America could learn a lot from Britain:
"As we try desperately to extricate ourselves from the consequences of that philosophy, which sounds so eminently reasonable ('giving everybody a fair share', the President called it), we could tell America a thing or two – if it would only listen. Human beings are so much more complicated than this childlike conception of fairness assumes. When government takes away an ever larger proportion of the wealth which entrepreneurial activity creates and attempts to distribute it 'fairly' (that is to say, evenly) throughout society in the form of welfare programmes and public spending projects, the effects are much, much more complex and perverse than a simple financial equation would suggest."
We simply can't afford four more years of his destruction of our country.

The Courage of FDR

Last night, the History Channel aired a program called "Pearl Harbor: 24 Hours After". We all know about FDR's great speech,  “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941—a date which will live in infamy—the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”  But most people don't realize the brave effort it took him just to get to the podium. 
"For any president giving a speech before a joint session of Congress, knowing that millions of Americans would be huddled next to their radios listening to every word would be stressful enough. Franklin Delano Roosevelt had the added physical burden of strapping on his metal leg braces, traveling to the Capitol, and navigating the path to the rostrum in full glare of the newsreels.
Even a task as simple as getting dressed required enormous effort.
At 11 a.m. valet Arthur Prettyman entered FDR’s bedroom and began the laborious task of dressing the president for his trip to the Capitol. After laying FDR flat in bed, Prettyman would remove the president’s pajamas and slip his legs into the heavy metal braces, which weighed roughly five pounds each. The braces had a hinge at the knee that could be locked into position, along with three straps: One went below the president’s knee, another across his thigh, and a third was positioned at the top of the brace just below the hip. When pulled tight the straps would keep his legs rigid. FDR’s black dress shoes were attached to the bottom of the braces through a hole drilled into the heel. The most difficult part of the process for Prettyman was trying to fit the lifeless foot into the shoe. Once the braces were strapped on and the shoes secured, Prettyman proceeded to dress the president. FDR chose formal morning clothes—black cutaway coat, striped trousers, and a gray-and-white tie. Roosevelt insisted on an added feature: a black armband he wore in memory of his mother."
Read the whole article and you will appreciate his character even more.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Watcher's Council

You can see the winning Watcher's Council entries here -- it's The State of Obama Edition!


You have to admire China and Cuba; they are doing everything they can to provide oil for their countries, everything that Obama refuses to do for his:
"While Obama dithers on Keystone, America's chief energy competitors are making hay on the international energy market. Canadian officials have made it clear they will build a pipeline that will either go south to supply the United States or west to supply China. Officials in Beijing are probably cheering for Obama's supposed concern for the environment. The Chinese are also rapidly consolidating their status as Brazil's preferred partner in developing the South American company's rich offshore oil resources. And China's government-controlled energy industry is investing substantial sums in Canadian and U.S. exploration and drilling firms. It never hurts to own a substantial piece of your competitor's key industry.
Then there is Cuba, which just this week saw the arrival off its northern coast of the Chinese-built Scarabeo 9 drilling rig. The Spanish energy giant Repsol will use the Scarabeo 9 to drill wells located about 70 miles off the Florida Keys in the Gulf of Mexico in waters claimed by Cuba."
Obama is un-American, in my opinion, and the Republican candidates should be stressing this issue every chance they get (when they're not too busy attacking on another, that is.) We don't want a President who puts America last.

Saturday Evening Rockwell

Here are some Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post covers and the stories behind them.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Bringing Poetry to Life

I had never read "The Lady of Shalott" until I heard it sung many years ago by Loreena McKennitt. (via American Digest)  Her rendition of "The Highwayman" is also wonderful.

Translating Obamish

If you missed -- or ignored -- the State of the Union speech, Paul Greenberg has translated it for you!  Here's an excerpt:
"The State of the Union is much better thanks to my efforts over the past three years to improve your poor wretched lives -- efforts unparalleled since Abraham Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, and maybe Martin Van Buren -- to restore our nation's economic health. Those efforts have been highly successful, no matter what you think. Or feel or see or know.
Thanks to our federal government's having invented the fracking process to extract natural gas from shale formations, much the way Al Gore invented the Internet, we are making dramatic progress in solving the Energy Crisis and generally repairing the damage done to the middle class by the previous administration. (Middle Class: a general term for everyone in the sound of my voice who can vote.) Rest assured: If anything's wrong with this country, it's George W. Bush's fault. But I must be honest: It wasn't all his fault. Some of it was Dick Cheney's."

Manic Media Bias

Howie Carr shows examples of  how the media treats Democrats and Republicans much differently.  The Media Research Center's CyberAlert has this item on Bob Schieffer's nauseating reaction to the meeting between Obama and Gov. Brewer.   Liberals always see Obama as a victim of evil Republicans and continue to give him a free pass.
Also, read Ed Koch on media bias against Israel:  "The lack of media attention given to these Arab threats and the constant unfair attacks by the media, cowardly governments and U.N. officials on Israel is what angers people like me."

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Obama Must Be Defeated

And they wonder why we fear four more years of an Obama Presidency?  Here are just two reasons. Neal Boortz has a good analysis of the issues dividing our country. 
"You can thank Barack Obama and his incessant class warfare campaign for this spike in people who recognize the growing conflict between the rich and the poor.  Unable to run on his record, Obama must create a conflict so egregious among a segment of the voting population that they are driven to the polls by rage or envy, convinced of the fact that they will never get ahead in life without Barack Obama at the helm to take money away from the evil rich people."
And at Nealz Nuze I found this American Thinker column that states,
"America stands at a crossroads in 2012, for this is the year when the American people will decide irrevocably whether they wish to see their country transformed into a European-style welfare state. At this crossroads the choice is between two very different futures.  The welfare state promises lifetime benefits for the entire population.  Every American will be entitled to a safety net of food support, housing, education, medical care, child care, child tax credits, transportation, and a host of other benefits regardless of whether he or she chooses to work.  Everyone will enjoy the right to this wide array of government benefits covering the necessities of life, but to pay for it, those who choose to work will be taxed to the point that they too live near the level of welfare recipients. Eventually, the logic of the welfare state dictates that few will choose to work.  Instead of a nation divided into "takers and makers," America will become like Greece: a society composed mostly of takers.  And those takers will never willingly relinquish their lifetime benefits."
Yes, America is being "fundamentally transformed", all right -- into a socialist nation we can't even recognize as the country we so proudly grew up in.

The Hole Story

Here's a nice story about Muslims and Jews who like one another: http://www.npr.org/2012/01/24/145539430/muslim-men-rescue-bagel-shop-and-keep-it-kosher">"Muslim Men Rescue Bagel Shop And Keep It Kosher".

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Pot Calling the Kettle Black" Award Winner

"Mother of 'Toddlers & Tiaras' star Isabella Barrett claims three media outlets tried to sexualize the 5-year-old’s performance in web video".

The Rich Are Evil

Michael Tanner analyzes the Redistributive State of the Union: "The president’s vision of the state of the union is a zero-sum one in which, if some people get rich, it must make other people poor. If Warren Buffett makes money, then Peggy Joseph won’t have gas for her car. The only alternative is for the government to step in and make Mr. Buffett pay for Ms. Joseph’s gas".  What an embarrassment Obama is, and what a pathetic country he has turned this into!  Speaking of embarrassing, this headline is from Haaretz: "U.S. Jewish democrats: Obama’s address is an endorsement of our values". Well, it certainly wasn't an endorsement of my values!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Awful State of Our Union

If you can't stand to actually look at, or listen to, Obama, then follow along at the NRO Tweet Tracker, which includes Jonah Goldberg's line,  "Weird. Closed-captioning just reads 'Bush's fault' over and over again" and Dan Foster's "Joe Wilson quietly sipping Chamomile tea and practicing his enunciation."
(Above graphic seen at Free Republic)

Cartoon of the Day

I spotted this Nate Beeler cartoon today at Lucianne.com.

The Chinese Schindler

In Canada, they honored the late diplomat Feng Shan Ho, known as "the Chinese Schindler."

Monday, January 23, 2012

Jewish Chinese Food

Here's an amusingly delightful article about Ed Schoenfeld, the Jewish owner of a Chinese restaurant, referred to by the Forward as a "Mu Shu Mensch".

Not Obama's Fault

Obama's speech tomorrow night out to be good for a laugh. Joseph Curl discusses the truly dismal state of the union.  Meanwhile, I believe the British must be living in an alternative universe. According to the Telegraph, "Barack Obama has reasons to smile again. As the president prepares his State of the Union address, the future looks more hopeful – the US economy is recovering, Republicans are weak and he is untainted by scandal."

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Haveil Havalim Time

Haveil Havalim #344 - New Banner Edition is up at Isramom!


What a quick and needless downfall Joe Paterno had: from scandal, to disgrace, to firing, to death, in less than a year!  Let's just hope that don't try to turn him into some sort of victim now. (Ugh, the despicable Westboro Baptist Church is going to protest at his funeral. Can't anything be done to stop these vultures?)

Watcher's Council

Enjoy the latest Watcher's Council winning entries.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


You always come across such nice things at Metafilter!

"Darkness Falls"

That's the sadly appropriate headline World Jewish Daily gave to this news from Egypt: "Egypt's first democratic elections in generations are now officially over, and the results are nothing less than a nightmare for Israel, the Middle East, and the West at large: the Arab world's most populous and influential nation will soon be ruled by an Islamist regime dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood."  Not only that, but there was another man-caused disaster yesterday, this time in Nigeria, as Islamic terrorist thugs murdered nearly 200 people.

Jews of Macedonia

Remembering the Jews of Macedonia.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Putting on the Ritz

Here's another enjoyable column by Greg Crosby, who writes about Sid Caesar and other greats of the Golden Age.

Speaking Our Mind

I think one of the reasons we all responded with such fervor to the slapdown Gingrich gave John King last night was because it was a much-awaited, and long overdue, indictment of the mainstream media bias in general. No matter what the outcome of the Republican presidential race, Newt Gingrich has done us proud in his attacks on Obama and on the media.  (Above cartoon seen at Free Republic)

A Headline I Never Thought I'd See

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this headline -- in the liberal Washington Post! "Rejecting the Keystone pipeline is an act of insanity".

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Whole Wide World

A stunning video about our universe  (great music, too!),  as seen at Metafilter.

Good Questions

Read Yid With Lid:
"The real scandal is not about Newt Gingrich and/or his three marriages, nor is it about Mitt Romney's tax returns--none of these questions are about whether or not these two (or any of the) candidates are the best choice to head up the GOP ticket in 2012. There is a scandal related to the ABC interview we should be asking. Why is the press working so hard to find and expose skeletons in the GOP candidates’ closets when they still haven't bothered to look inside Barack Obama's closet?"
Well, we already know the answer to that!  To me, the Gingrich "bombshell" is a repeat of the Herman Cain smearing; the timing of it is too convenient to be seen as anything else.

The Sketchbook from Auschwitz

Very poignant. But no matter how graphic the evidence, there are always those who claim the Holocaust never took place. Even if someone had taken movies of the exterminations, they wouldn't believe.

It's Israel's Fault

Barry Rubin reports on "The Three Rules of Western Discourse and Why The Media Must Always Blame Israel".

Con Artist of the Day

As punishment, despicable people like this ought to first get the disease they are faking! And she calls herself a nurse!  "Donors gave Jennifer Risa Stover more than $30,000 after she told them she was battling uterine cancer. One co-worker at the Colorado hospice where she worked handed over $12,000 to help Ms Stover pay medical bills and her mortgage. But authorities say Stover, 35, never had cancer and allegedly made up the illness to get cash from friends and other donors." 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Year of Wallenberg

Did you know that 2012 is the year of Raoul Wallenberg?  (Via Shalom Life)

The Dependency President

He's not only the food stamp President, he's also the anti-work President: "President Obama said that he will delay his vacation and keep Congress in session until the passage of his desired payroll tax cut and unemployment benefits extension -- two proposals that Obama said would create more jobs than the Keystone XL pipeline that his administration recently delayed."  The thought of four more years of this man's destructive policies makes me ill.

Excuse of the Day

Yeah, right: "Costa Concordia: captain ‘says he tripped and fell into life boat’." One of the commenters says, "Compare him to Captain Sully."

Haveil Havalim Time

Haveil Havalim #343 is up at Just Call Me Chaviva.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

An Interesting Comparison

I've watched the marvelous "Downton Abbey", but this never occurred to me: "The patriarchs of the 1960s musical Fiddler on the Roof and of the posh British television series Downton Abbey share a very deep and most unlikely kinship."
Oh, and now, it's not only bad to be wealthy; it's bad to watch a TV show about the wealthy!  I was amazed to read about that criticism at National Review.

Chivalry is Dead

Read Rich Lowry on the end of chivalry: “We’ve gone from 'Women and children, first,' to 'Dude, where’s my lifeboat?' As the women of the Costa Concordia can testify, that’s a long way down.” But a lot of this is women's own fault -- the feminists didn't want men opening doors for them or treating them like ladies, and political correctness has made things worse.  Well, now they're being treated just like men, without regard or respect. You can't have it both ways.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A Great Miracle

It's hard to believe, but today marks the second anniversary of the Miracle on the Hudson.  Too bad Captain Sully isn't running for President!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Republican Suicide

Excuse me, but when -- if ever -- are the Republicans going to start attacking Obama and explaining why they would be a definite improvement after the destruction this man has caused our country?  Does anyone remember John McCain and his aversion to speaking out against Obama? Nice guys do finish last.  I'm fearful that this sort of spinelessness is going to get him reelected.  And take a look at what Newsweek magazine thinks of us(as first seen at Hot Air)

Antisemitism: More Prevalent Than Ever

How many times do we need to say it?"Attention! Anti-Semitism, always present though typically under the radar, now is more frequently overt and is appearing in the light of day!" (via Blogs Lucianne Loves)

What We're Voting For in November

Per American Digest:
"The election of 2012 ain't a conservative popularity contest. It's a war to, first, last, and always, destroy any possibility of a second term for Barack Hussain Obama.
This is not a 'Vote-For' election. This is a 'Vote-Against' election. This is not a 'Sit-It-Out-And-Pout' election. This is a 'Get-Obama-Out' election. That is what it is about and that is all it is about."
If you need even more persuasion, here are some Obama propaganda posters, courtesy of Atlas Shrugs.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mr. Smith Goes to the NFC Championship

Whoever could have imagined that tonight's highly-touted match between Tim Tebow and Tom Brady would feel almost anticlimactic after the last 5 amazing minutes of the 49-ers - Saints game?

News Tidbits

The obsession with Facebook & Twitter has reached new heights. While a cruise ship sank, "Miss Metcalf posted a message on Facebook last night, saying: 'My name is Rose, its Friday 13th and I'm one of the last survivors on board the sinking cruise liner off the coast of Italy. Pray for us to be rescued.'"  Somehow, I doubt I'd be thinking of Facebook while on a sinking ship. But seriously, it's a miracle that most of the passengers were rescued; and the so-called Captain, that coward, should get prison time for abandoning ship.

Does anyone else think it's awfully convenient that John Edwards has been diagnosed with a 'life-threatening' ailment -- right before his trial is to begin?

They are making hay out of the story of Marines urinating on the bodies of Taliban thugs. There seems to be more outrage over this than over our dead soldier being dragged through the streets in Somalia years ago.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Watcher's Council

Read the latest winning posts from the Watcher's Council.

Football Frenzy

Rick Telander at the Chicago Sun-Times has a column on tomorrow's Broncos vs. Patriots game:
"Me, I can’t wait to see Tom Brady and mates take on the Broncos.
Not to see Tebow be demolished.
But to see if a running, bare-armed, cheerful, fundamentals-be-damned, totally retro, winning quarterback can beat cunning coach Bill Belichick and suave, classically formed quarterback Brady in a game that is — remember — as vicious as it is pretty.
I don’t think God has anything to do with it. Come on!
But I think secular, nondenominational, nonsectarian, reflective Tebowing, done at the right moments, might be the coolest thing since snow angels."

This is Not a Joke

You've got to be kidding: "Lindsay Lohan In Talks To Play Elizabeth Taylor In Lifetime Movie." Who will play Richard Burton, Charlie Sheen?

A Tribute to The Apostrophe

The dumbing-down continues.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

70th Anniversary of the Wannsee Conference

January 20, 1942: an evil turning point in history.

Truth in Advertising

In a campaign speech, Obama said: "If you stick with me, we're going to finish what we started in 2008."  He's not lying -- he's going to finish destroying our country!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Universally Liked

The Telegraph has a slide show of some of  Universal Studios' greatest hits. Compare and contrast "To Kill a Mockingbird" to the trash out today.

"The Z-Word"

Jay Nordlinger interprets the Z-Word: Zionism:  "Over the years, people have denounced Zionism while proclaiming their great love of Jews. They’re not anti-Jewish, you see, but merely anti-Zionist. They could just as well say 'anti-Israel,' but 'Zionist' is somehow the word of choice." Read the entire piece.

Oh Say, Can You See?

I could have written this column myself. It's Jim Mullen's description of the ordeal of getting new glasses:   "The worst part of buying eyeglasses is that you can't see what they look like on your face because -- you need glasses!"

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Headline of the Day

The way I'm feeling, this isn't much of an exaggeration: "Poll: Americans Fear Obama Reelection More than Iranian Nukes."

Cruising The Web With Betsy

I always enjoy these links at Betsy's Page.

The Sporting Life

I was one of the 42 million people who saw the stunning Broncos defeat of the Steelers the other night. All this time I've been trying to think of who Tim Tebow reminded me of, and it's Jimmy Stewart as Jefferson Smith in "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington".  He may not be a great quarterback, but Tim Tebow has that same open, innocent, trusting, respectful manner.  He, along with decent men and truly great quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, have turned me into a football fan.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Jewish in Germany

Donna Swarthout writes about how difficult it still is to be Jewish in Germany. (Via Tablet)

Challenging the Messiah

I always wondered why no Democrats dared to run against Obama.  If this is true, shouldn't this be all over the network news? (Oh, never mind).  "Ralph Nader is accusing the White House of applying political pressure to stop Democrats who were considering a primary challenge against the president."

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Haveil Havalim Time!

Haveil Havalim #342 is up at me-ander.  Fortunately for us loyal HH readers, she is squeezing herself back into hosting.

Common Sense Talk

Read this article. "Santorum: Not every kid has to go to college".  And not every American has to own his own home -- especially when he can't afford to do so! 

Stuck on Selfish

I've heard stories like this one before, like a girl  on a cruise who missed her boyfriend, so she called in a bomb threat so the ship could return to port.  But this takes the cake, especially since the rest of her family was in it with her:  "Joan Barnett, who works at the Manhattan High School of Hospitality Management, weaved an elaborate lie that her daughter died of a heart attack in Costa Rica so she could get an additional week off of work." Well, now she will have 52 weeks off from now on.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

At Least He Didn't Say We Control The Media

It must be very easy to become a preacher. This creep is another Jeremiah Wright: "Katy Perry’s preacher dad rants at Jews in sermon". Here's a great comment by a Free Republic reader: "You know how Jews got rich?  By not focusing on what other people have, working hard, and providing valuable services. That’s how they were able to buy jewelry and have cash, honey."

Quiet Please!

I enjoy Don Surber's posts and got a kick out of this photo and the reader comments.

Tasteless Stupidity of the Year (So Far)

Do people never stop and think before they come up with outrageous comparisons like this? "A gym in Dubai has come under fire this week, after launching an ad campaign that used an image of the Auschwitz concentration camp, according to The Post Game. The caption? 'Where your calories go to die.' Yep."  Gee, how motivational!  (Via Five Feet of Fury)

Friday, January 06, 2012

New Scrolls Found

World Jewish Daily reports:  "Amidst the endless crises of the Middle East, the most significant events for the Jewish people are sometimes overlooked, their full importance only realized months or years later. This was the case with the initial unearthing of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and may well prove to be the case with a recent archeological discovery in Afghanistan: an ancient genizah of reportedly immense significance."

Watcher's Council

Here's a list of the first Watcher's Council winners of 2012.

"A Deadbeat Nation"

According to Senator Marco Rubio, Obama has made America a deadbeat nation. He's right, unfortunately,  Also, I don't believe a word Obama says about the so-called recovery, which is conveniently happening in time for his reelection.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Santorum Surge?

A nice article about Rick Santorum, who lost last night by a mere eight votes. The way everyone's carrying on for Romney, you'd think he had won 50% of the vote instead of 25%.  I can't forget about Romneycare, so Santorum looks more attractive to me as a candidate. I'd love to see who Romney and Santorum would choose as their running mates; that would make a big difference. But no matter who the Republican nominee turns out to be, to the Democrats and to the media he's too rich, too conservative, too racist, too cruel. We have to fight back, and fight hard, every day.

Goodbye to the Stars

I always enjoy Rex Reed's columns. Here's his tribute to the celebrities who passed away in 2011.

Wishful Thinking

I got the new Stephen King novel today at the library (and have only 2 weeks to read 850 pages!) When I saw the back cover, my heart skipped a beat. If only it really had happened that way on 11/22/63!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Morons Wanted

Talk about dumbing down! Here's another ridiculous story from the land of political correctness: "Employers are facing more uncertainty in the wake of a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission warning them that requiring a high school diploma from a job applicant might violate the Americans with Disabilities Act." So, requiring voters to provide ID is racist, and requiring job-applicants to be educated is discriminatory against the 'disabled'. I give up. (Via Nealz Nuze)


Cast your vote for Republican presidential candidate at the Drudge Report. I have always liked Rick Santorum and am happy to hear about his sudden surge. But it looks now looks like Gingrich, the best debater of the lot and the best hope to best Obama at a debate, may not even finish in the top 3! Instead of calling Romney a liar, he would have been better off calling Obama one!  

Monday, January 02, 2012

What a World

Here's Ben Stein: "That reminds me that Joseph Cotten played an old, alcoholic, dying man in Citizen Kane. At that time Cotten was probably not even thirty. Can you believe that Citizen Kane and Gone With the Wind were made within months of each other in 1938-39, when World War II was already started and Dachau was up and running? What a world that was. Now, we have movies about passing gas. And some people say voters should not have to show photo ID. It's just unbelievable. What a world we live in now. What a fall was this."

Obama's Enablers

I agree with Doug Ross, who says that the EPA is the enemy of civilization. Like Obama, this agency is deliberately suppressing success, business, and self-reliance.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

More Happy News From The Middle East

Michael Rubin on Hamas and the Turks: "It is ironic that the Obama administration has bent over backwards to supply Turkey with the latest American technology to bolster Turkey’s fight against terrorism, even at the expense of our own troops’ security, and then Erdo─čan turns around to provide aid and comfort to terrorists. At least Obama can take solace in the fact that, with Haniyeh’s visit, Obama will no longer be the only world leader to hug the mercurial Turkish leader."

The Searchers

I love "The Searchers", and this closing scene and music are just perfect.  It's sung by The Sons of the Pioneers, of which Ken Curtis was a member. Curtis played Charlie McCorry in the film, was the son-in-law of director John Ford, and was most well-known for the role of Festus on "Gunsmoke."

"Woman Sues Bar"

2012 has started out with a bang. I see that personal responsibility will be as nonexistent as it was in 2011.