Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Sincerest Form of Flattery

I got a kick out of this Vanity Fair takeoff of Robert Caro's writing on LBJ: "The Lost Robert Caro Chapter: President Lyndon B. Johnson Goes to Benihana."

Encouraging Romney News

Instapundit has a Romney campaign roundup amd comments, "Heh. This isn’t the McCain 2008 campaign."  Well, that's a relief! McCain's "let's play nice" attitude was infuriating. You need spine to fight Obama, and if Romney keeps this up, we may just be able to defeat him after all.

What a Kvetch!

Honestly, can't Obama stop this embarrassing whining? How unpresidential, for one thing. WorldJewishDaily's headline is "'It's because of my name!' Obama meets rabbis, whines that nobody likes him".  The story says "A group of conservative rabbis were greeted on Tuesday with yet another example of President Obama's ability to make absolutely everything about himself."

Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard has  a nicely sarcastic column titled, "Barack Obama—Friend of Jews, Scholar of Judaism".

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two Presidents

Unlike his predecessor (a word Obama is fond of using),
President Bush will be gracious and humble.  
(Cartoon via American Digest)

Imagine if Bush Had Said This!

At least the Poles aren't fooled by Obama. The Polish Foreign Minister called  his 'death camps' remark "a matter of ignorance and incompetence." That description sums up his entire presidency!

The Fabric of Their Lives

I saw this sweet story on the news last night: "For Mel and Joey Schwanke, their 65-year marriage is a match made in the closet. The couple from a small city outside Omaha, Nebraska, has 146 custom-made, matching outfits. And they never leave the house unless they are dressed in the same pattern."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Obamapocalypse Now

Here's a must-read: Betsy's Page links to this Wall Street Journal article about the disaster that awaits us if Obama is reelected. It ends,
"The president many people felt would unite the country has instead used one wedge issue after another to divide our people along the lines of income, race, sex and class. This setting of one group against another is part of the re-election process and prospects. It may lead to a more difficult, divisive, and nastier election than we have seen in a while. And that may in turn mean an more difficult time for whoever is president in 2013."
This is no surprise to those of us who weren't fooled the first time around; too bad so many others are willing to subject the rest of us to four more years of it.

Jews and Arabs

Imagine -- a Muslim who doesn't hate Israel: "Ramezan sees those of his family and friends who regularly join in chants of 'Death to America' and 'Death to Israel' as having been 'brainwashed.' He is not the first Iranian or Arab to have come to a realization in recent years that Israel is not the evil entity that people across this region are taught."
In less shocking, more typical news,  here's the story of an Israeli who saved a Turk on Mt. Everest.

Budget Matters

Market Watch's Irwin Kellner writes that there is "No such thing as a free lunch". Exactly right, and I’m fed up with it. But nothing will change until Americans stop thinking of the government as their personal bank and start making sacrifices, taking personal responsibility, and making good choices in life so that the government can stop supporting them and generations of their family in order to get elected!
In a similar vein, Protein Wisdom links to this chart titled "How to make Obama spending  look small".

Monday, May 28, 2012

Living in a Dream World

Betsy's Page links to this column by David Harsanyi about how Obama identifies with average citizens.


I found this touching video at the American Power blog.  Here's a family that never forgets to salute the sacrifice of our troops.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What an Embarrassment!

Here's an embarrassing statistic: "Half of U.S. Lives in Household Getting Benefits". Yes, and if Obama is reelected, that number may reach 75%!  Romney should attack Obama on this shameful news as often as he can.
(I don't like when they lump in Social Security with the entitlements. You have to have worked and paid into the system for years in order to reap those benefits. That's a lot different than getting welfare and food stamps for generations!)

"Hill Justice"

I saw the group Goat Rodeo in performance on PBS the other night. I especially enjoyed this catchy tune  played very joyfully and enthusiastically. At first I didn't realize that the cellist was Yo-Yo Ma, since until then I had only seen him performing classical music.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Final Salute

I read the book "Final Salute" that is mentioned in this touching article about a sad and memorable image.

Watcher's Council

Here are the winners from the Watcher's Council Seven Days In May Edition.

Remember Those Who Sacrificed For Their Country

I was happy to see this editorial by Larry Olmsted.  In it, he urges,  "Let's Not Forget What Memorial Day Weekend is Really All About - The High Cost of Freedom".   I feel the same way.  It annoys me to see the connection to beach getaways and big sales, and to hear inconsiderate oafs setting off loud firecrackers after midnight. Memorial Day isn't a cause for celebration like the Fourth of July; it's a solemn time to honor our war dead.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Shrines to Our Heroes

Old Photos of the American West

I love old B&W photographs, such as these from the late 1800's. They're so dramatic and nostalgic!


Is this Etan Patz's killer? If this isn't a fake confession, and if Pedro Hernandez really is the murderer of that poor famous child, then his family is just as guilty and just as despicable as he is. It sounds like they all had Kitty Genovese-itis - don't bother to report a crime.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Era?

"Egypt ‘on the verge of a new era’ as Islamists claim lead in vote".  Yes, a new era of terrorism and brutality, so keep your fingers crossed they don't win.


Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. I've become addicted to the 25th anniversary performance of "The Phantom of the Opera", and I remember my high school English teacher playing "Jesus Christ Superstar" to us in class. Even the music from some of his less-acclaimed musicals is wonderful, as in the above "Whistle Down the Wind", which I saw on an old ALW birthday celebration tribute.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Anything To Be Reelected

World Jewish Daily has perfectly titled this story: "No Shame! Obama Administration Offers Classified Information on bin Laden Raid so Hollywood can Make a Movie." His whole presidency has been shameful and shameless, so why should this be a surprise?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How America Has Changed

Bill O'Reilly has written about Obama's anti-wealth mentality, his contempt for success and hard work. In a related story, Stella Paul describes how Americans are going abroad in search of jobs they can't get here in their own country. This is part of what Obama has wrought in only 4 years. I can't stomach the thought of 4 more.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Victimized Twice

Read this article from Tablet Magazine titled The Treblinka Gold Rush: "We are in the middle of Europe right after World War II. The peasants in the photograph are standing atop the ashes of 800,000 Jews gassed and cremated in the Treblinka extermination camp between July 1942 and October 1943. The peasants have been digging through remains of Holocaust victims, hoping to find gold and precious stones that their Nazi executioners may have overlooked." What disgusting human beings.

Watcher's Council

Here's this week's Council Forum question: "Jeremiah Wright: Fair Game In 2012, Or A Distraction Better Avoided?”  I say better to be avoided, along with the whole Obama birth certificate  controversy.  Romney and the Republicans should focus on the economy and not get sidetracked.  Unfortunately, too many times the Republicans let themselves get ensnared this way by the Democrats, who will successfully use the race card.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

News That Shouldn't Surprise Us

I wonder if Obama will call this teacher"N.C. Teacher Tells Student He Could Be Arrested for Talking Badly About Obama". (via Drudge)

Sports Pet Peeve

Can the morons in the gallery please refrain from bellowing "In the hole!" at golf tournaments? Where do they think the ball is headed, in the sand trap? And why can't the marshals, or more civilized spectators, tell these idiots to shut up? This boorish shouting makes watching golf on TV extremely annoying.

Good Riddance!

Al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, is finally dead, three long years after being freed from prison. Too bad he didn't suffer as horribly as his victims.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Off-Putting Political Picture

I would be less inclined to vote for Brad Sherman once I saw he had goyished up his family portrait.

Let's Take Up a Collection!

I guess in today's entitlement culture, you are now also entitled to be this reckless: "Man who had 30 kids with 11 women wants child-support break". I will gladly take up a collection to sterilize him and the 11 "mothers"!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Watcher's Council

Here are the Watcher's Council winners from the "The Election Cometh" edition.

It's Always Bush's Fault!

Do you believe this? Byron York writes,  "They're not only still blaming Bush for the problems of the Obama administration -- they're blaming Bush for anticipated problems in Obama's second term, should he win one.  Specifically, a number of commentators on the Left have come up with a scenario in which they blame Bush for nearly all future federal budget deficits until at least 2019".

Willful Blindness

Send this column to every raving liberal you know: "15 Facts That Even Obama's Biggest Supporters Should Be Able To Admit Are True".

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Cowardly John Edwards

Read what Andrea Peyser has to say about John Edwards. Will his good looks and wonderful hair save him?

Jewish Derangement Syndrome

The antisemites, conspiracy theorists, and assorted crackpots are always out in full force when it comes to hatred and fear of Jews and Israel, but this takes the cake: "Turkey Suspects Bird of Spying for Israel".  Among other things, "Turkish authorities were also suspicious of the bird’s nostrils, Ynet reported."

Made To Last

Investor's Business Daily has written a nice tribute to Washington Roebling, builder of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Full of Himself

I laughed out loud at this "fundamentally transformed" Mt. Rushmore, as seen at Doug Ross @ Journal. And in news I was sure had to be a joke, it seems that Obama has turned into Zelig. Unbelievable. See more examples of our historic (or hysteric) president here.

Messiah Complex

Gateway Pundit reports on the latest example of Obama flackery: "David Letterman to Tom Brokaw: “What More Do We Want Obama to Do? Honest to God!” (Barf Alert)".  As you can see from the comments, most of us know what the answer to that question should be!

Happy 80th Anniversary!

Isn't this a wonderful story?  I just love that second photograph!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Utter Shameless of Obama

Please. Spare me. I can't stand it any more. And yet we have to endure several more months of Obaman smears, vampire allusions, and self-pitying nonsense like this: "US election: 'When your name is Barack Hussein Obama, getting elected is difficult'. Prejudice among some American voters will make it difficult for President Barack Obama to win re-election, he has suggested."  When you deliberately destroy our country and turn it into nanny state, you deserve not to win re-election,  I have suggested. It's not your name. It's you.

America: The Next France

Read Tom Purcell:
"Still, I dream of a government-mandated, stress-free existence.
I dream of enjoying several weeks of vacation, basking in the waters of some exotic location.
I dream of sitting around quaint cafes, sipping cognac and nodding approvingly as pretty women stroll by.
I dream of finally being able to relax, knowing that if anybody tries to take away my government job or vacation or generous unemployment benefits, millions of people, also on the government dole, will march into the streets in my defense.
Nice as it would be if America could be more French, even for a little while, I know it is just a dream."

The Universe

I spotted this beautiful video clip at American Digest.

"Mother" of the Day

Why is it that so many so-called "parents" like these never simply just kill themselves instead of murdering their innocent children? You can be sure the "mother" in this tragic case will be portrayed as some sort of victim. It makes me ill.

Time Magazine Cover We'd Like To See

As seen at today!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Captain Denny Fitch, RIP

Al Haynes and Denny Fitch -- I've never forgotten their names. They were the Captain Sullenberger of their day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Our Dignified Presidency

Maybe Obama can hand out autographed copies of this magazine to his supporters!

An Offer I Can Refuse

I love "The Godfather", but I have no interest in reading this "prequel". As Vito asked in the original film, "Is this necessary?"

Israel vs Iran

Charles Krauthammer on Israel: "Netanyahu forfeited September elections that would have given him four more years in power. He chose instead to form a national coalition that guarantees 18 months of stability — 18 months during which, if the world does not act to stop Iran, Israel will. And it will not be the work of one man, one party, or one ideological faction. As in 1967, it will be the work of a nation." And then Iran -- and Obama -- will see what kind of a "mosquito" Israel truly is!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Julia vs. Romney

Here's a must-see video along with some sensible commentary: "The choice to be made by Americans in November is clear! The choice that Americans have to make in the November election will be between four more years of Obama radicalism and weakness and a Romney presidency that will be based on rational policies meant for the good and prosperity of ALL Americans." That's the choice to be made by sensible Americans. The choice to be made by liberal Democrats is between four more years of Nanny-statism, freebies, and big government; or bringing back American pride, a strong work ethic, and personal responsibility.  We know how they will vote.

Annoying Commercials

Greg Crosby is right when it comes to these TV commercials that try to manipulate you into giving to one charity or another. All they manipulate me into doing is turning the channel!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Watcher's Council

Here's a list of the latest Watcher's Council winners, from the Fake-a-Hontas edition.

Old Ellis Island

I've always liked reading about Ellis Island.  Here are some photos of the old, unused buildings.

Hooray for Jewish Mothers!

Haaretz has a column in praise of famous Jewish mothers, but the last paragraph was the best part:
"Every day and for thousands of years, Jewish mothers have been making sacrifices large and small to ensure the success of their children and their families, from managing households to raising kids with Jewish values and sensibilities, to giving us the security we need to go out into the world and make something of ourselves. They are not famous because they thought only of us, not themselves. We cannot name them because there are too many. But without them, the Jewish people would be lost. We salute you, Jewish mothers of the world!"

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Advice for Romney

At Watcher of Weasels, Council members offer suggestions on how Romney can beat Obama in November.  (I like what The Right Planet has to say.) I hope Romney takes the advice.

Surviving the Great Depression

This column from the very nostalgic Reminisce magazine tells how a mother made it easier to get through the Great Depression. The author ends this way:  "Mother’s songs, flowers, paint and victorious spirit surrounded and protected her family. Although those delights cost little or nothing, they wove happiness into a somber background of the Depression. She taught me it’s not your circumstances but your attitude that makes life good." Yeah, just like today!

Some Heavy Political Correctness

This comes from England, which seems to be as fanatically politically correct as we are: "The word ‘obese’ should not be used when encouraging the public to lose weight as it may be ‘derogatory’, councils have been told."  So, a doctor can't tell a 600-lb. patient he's obese,  for fear of hurting his feelings. Please -- let's bring sanity and stigma back.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Keep Calm and Carry On

Having a bad day? Now you can feel better thanks to the help of a calming manatee! (Courtesy of Metafilter)

All Obama, All The Time

If Obama is deliberately seeking ways to divide and repulse this country even further, he couldn't have done a better job.  First, his pandering support of gay "marriage". And then we hear that not only did he personally kill Obama Bin Laden, he also has the troops fighting for HIM -- not for their country. Is there anything this man won't say?

Moocher Mentality

Neal Boortz doesn't mince words in this column about bad choices, entitlements, and personal responsibility: "Hey moochers! Pay attention to decisions".

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Happily Married

Here's a lovely column about a couple married 65 years.

Moral Decay

Thomas Sowell writes, "There has been much concern, rightly expressed, about the rusting of bridges around the country, and the crumbling and corrosion of other parts of the physical infrastructure. But the crumbling of the moral infrastructure is no less deadly."  Read this if you want to see a perfect example of moral collapse. Someone referred to it as "Bowling for Abortions".

Monday, May 07, 2012

Parlez-Vous Tax and Spend?

How depressing. They have just elected the French Obama: "The French elite could be forgiven for being slightly concerned after Hollande’s win after he promised to hit those earning over €1million euros a year with a new 75 percent tax rate." Sound familiar?

Sympathy for the Devils

What a disgraceful excuse for a human being this lawyer is!  And what a slap in the face this circus has been to the 9/11 families. "American female defense lawyer covers up in traditional Islamic dress at 9/11 Guantanamo trial 'out of respect' for her client's religious belief." 

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Mugged By Obama

Frank Miele has written an excellent editorial called "Call 911: Your country is being mugged". It's about waiting idly by while Obama destroys our country. He writes:
"When did “we the people” become “we the bystanders”?
It is almost like the United States is being stabbed and raped like Kitty Genovese in that New York City Street in 1964 all over again, with plenty of witnesses but nobody able or willing to help. A brutal image? Yes, but an apt one.
We cannot say for sure why the apartment dwellers in Queens, N.Y., who heard Genovese’s screams that rainy night when she was murdered didn’t do anything to aid her. They were probably confused, afraid and uncertain of what to do.
Likewise, the American citizenry — watching our country depleted of its resources, choked of its heritage and robbed of its future — seems to be sitting on the sidelines, almost dumbfounded — wishing to do the right thing but paralyzed. Maybe we think someone else is going to save our country for us. Or maybe we just think that it is too late to make a difference — that the victim is bleeding out so rapidly and with so few whimpers that action is pointless.
I’ll admit that sometimes it feels like that, but “Remember the Alamo.” Those defenders of Texas did not give up just because it was hopeless, and neither should we. If there is anything we can do to make a difference, to heal the wounds of our once-mighty republic, to restore the health of our economy, we should do it. And if there is anything we can do to catch the culprits who laid her low, who cut her down, then we should identify them and bring them to justice.
It doesn’t matter where we start either, but it DOES matter that we do start — and that we do NOT give up just because it looks hopeless. Pick a fight — any fight — for freedom, for liberty and for justice and then do your best." (via

Raising Taxes on France

Oh, lovely. The French Obama: "Socialist Francois Hollande wins French presidency".

Saturday, May 05, 2012

News Roundup

You must see this roundup of the news presented by Scott Ott.  
(via The Anchoress)

Death to Terrorists

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his evil fellow killers should be waterboarded in court to put an end to their arrogance. A lethal injection is too good for the likes of these terrorist thugs.

Despicable Liar of the Day

I always wish that this vile kind of con artist actually gets the disease they are faking.

Friday, May 04, 2012

A New, Improved Julia

I greatly enjoyed this spoof of "The Life of Julia".

Watcher's Council

Here are this week's Watcher's Council winners!

Hooray for Hannity!

Hooray for Sean Hannity! I was cheering last night when he demolished that idiot occupier and said,  "I have a suggestion for you. You are 29 years old. Stop wasting your time at 'Occupy Wall Street.' Here’s a novel concept, get up at 6:00 a.m., shovel some coffee down your throat. Hit the pavement, find a job, get to work, stop whining, stop complaining, stop blaming and get your — out of bed and get to work. How does that sound?" It sounds great!  Too bad the President doesn't feel this way instead of enabling a society of Julias and Julians!

Thursday, May 03, 2012

The American Way of Dependency

David Harsanyi writes about Obama's embarrassing campaign ad "The Life of Julia":  "What we are left with is a celebration of a how a woman can live her entire life by leaning on government intervention, dependency and other people's money rather than her own initiative or hard work." No thanks -- I'd rather not have 4 more years of this shameful way of thinking.

"Major League Baseball’s Very Own Mel Gibson"

Is it always the first instinct of stupid, drunken boors to verbally attack the Jews? Andrea Peyser discusses baseball player and antisemite Delmon Young.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Shilling for Obama

This headline is from the British Telegraph: "Barack Obama's ex-girlfriends speak of his 'sexual warmth'".  Boy, the Democrats are really desperate, aren't they? I think I'm going to retch.

The New Nazis

This is what happens when you have kowtowing to Muslims: "Sweden’s ‘Damn Jew’ Problem. Wearing a yarmulke is no longer safe in the city of Malmรถ. The mayor blames the Jews, while other Swedish politicians point to ‘social inequality.’"

Computer Love

I just love the new Internet 9 commercial -- it makes me want to run out and buy a new computer!  
(Note: video won't play on Firefox)

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Teaching the Holocaust

Yes, this is definitely the best way to teach the Holocaust in school! Somehow, I doubt this vile creature will be charged with a hate crime.

Obama The Small And Weak

Frank Gaffney's column is titled, "Wanted: A competent commander in chief: Obama's leadership is resulting in a degraded military". Amen to that. His "leadership" has also resulted in a degraded country. Powerline describes Obama as "...our whiney, immodest, and shamelessly self-promoting president." Also see Alan Caruba's column "America Elected an Ignoramus".

Beautiful Buildings

The UK Telegraph reveals the world's most beautiful buildings.