Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let's Fargesn Ferguson!

Lloyd Marcus offers a dose of common sense in his column titled Enough With The Ferguson Pandering.

In today's Larwyn's Linx, Charles Hurt suggests the Ferguson protests be called Obama Riots.

Watcher's Council Winners

The Council has spoken! Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners. The first place Council winner is Bookworm Room's Brit Hume’s loud silence reveals the ugly secret about Obama’s immigration amnesty announcement.
First place in the Non-Council category is Dennis Prager with We Have a Moral Divide, Not a Racial One.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Argus Hamilton Quips

Check out Hamilton's latest column full of his wry observations on the news. I like this item: "Ferguson demonstrators rioted a second night Tuesday with TV cameras airing all the mayhem over the Missouri grand jury's verdict which sided in favor of the Ferguson cop. The rioters smashed the window of a Pay-Less shoe store and looted the place. They took everything except the work boots."

Good Friday Links

If you haven't already guessed, John Kerry and the P5+1 world powers (if you can even use the word "power" any more to describe the U.S. under Obama) are the recipients of The Golden Weasel Award as Weasel of the Week for their great work stopping Iran's nuclear program.  Instead of forcing Hagel to resign, Kerry should have resigned rather than surrender once again to the enemy.

Read Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup - Thankful Without a Mandate.

The Drudge Report has Black Friday Stampede stories such as these:  "Shoppers Brawl Over BARBIE Doll At WALMART...Cops Pry Women Off Of TVs...'Shoppers Literally Stealing Items From Other People's Carts'...Man Tries To Wrestle Away Home Theater System." These are supposedly adults. Is there no embarrassment or shame? Ferguson protesters showed up at some stores, which is very fitting since they all have violent behavior in common.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Real Thanksgiving

I love stories like this:  Holocaust Survivor and Rescuer Reunite at JFK Airport Before Thanksgiving. "A Holocaust survivor met with her rescuer at JFK International Airport in New York on Wednesday, a day before Thanksgiving, for the first time in 69 years. The meeting between Mira Wexler and Helena Weglowski from Poland was organized by the Jewish Foundation for the Righteous (JFR)."  As the number of survivors dwindles, these stories are even more important.

Lots 'o Links

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are some posts you can really sink your teeth into, thanks to Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx
Interested in a $35,000 Thanksgiving meal?  Click here to see what's on the menu.

A tip for Thanksgiving dining with liberals: don't talk about politics. And here are ridiculous suggestions for how liberals can talk to conservatives. Daniel Greenfield is thankful for the left, because "As we fight the left, we become stronger, more dedicated and more purposeful. We become the men and women that we were meant to be."

Enjoy the peace and quiet of Thanksgiving, for the ridiculous Christmas stampedes start tomorrow. Funny how a Christmas tree is offensive, but the sight of greedy people fighting over merchandise and being trampeled isn't.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Jewish Life in Poland

Read about Peter Forgács’ documentary ‘Letters to Afar’, "a monument to the world before the Holocaust."  As Anya Ulinich writes, "To watch any home movie made 80 years ago is to know that most people in it are dead. But in the case of these films, it wasn’t just individual persons who died, but also an entire community, a culture, a way of life."

Some Good News About Ferguson

Instapundit reports:  "A Ferguson bakery owner says she is 'so humbly blessed' after receiving nearly $100,000 in online donations to repair her shop that was damaged by looters." Now that's more like it, rewarding hard-working people like Natalie Dubose!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Just Tell Vladimir

This is the best yet. Remember Obama told the Russians he'd have "more flexibility" after the 2012 election? Here's what Kerry is telling them now: John Kerry Advised Russian Foreign Minister ‘Just Ignore Obama’;US Secretary of State Advises Russian Counterpart Not To Take US President's Words At Face Value.  The Iranians probably already know this.

The Wild, Wild West

Thanks a lot, people of Ferguson, for making this country look even worse to our enemies.  If terrorists want to do some recruiting, they can just come to Missouri. Thanks for burning down the businesses where some people actually worked to make a living.  Thanks for rioting, looting, and burning, which shows how civilized you are. This is just inexcusable. You want to be treated with respect? Then show some respect for the law -- and for yourselves.

Monday, November 24, 2014


I agree with Bill Kristol: "How Do You Spell Scapegoat? H-A-G-E-L.  So Chuck Hagel has been fired as defense secretary. We were critical of his appointment, and opposed his confirmation by the Senate. But let's be clear: Hagel has done what he was asked and what was expected of him at the Pentagon. To the degree he has deviated from the Obama White House line, he's been more right than wrong (e.g., on the threat the Islamic State poses)."

Too bad O-B-A-M-A and K-E-R-R-Y can't be fired.

Speaking of scapegoats, read Victor Davis Hanson's column Explaining Away Obama, especially the section titled Bush Everywhere.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Beautiful Music: Warsaw Concerto


The Deadline and the Red Line

Unlike Obama's phony red line against Syria, which he didn't enforce, Netanyahu is drawing a red line against Iran, saying "Israel will not accept a deal that allows Iran to retain nuclear materials in any form." Good for him.

Politically Incorrect Cartoon

Politically incorrect version, with mustache
Politically correct version, without mustache

Gary Varvel is one of my favorite editorial cartoonists, so I was amazed to see how the Indianapolis Star actually edited the cartoon so some people wouldn't be offended!  The Indy Star ought to be angrier with Obama than they are with Gary Varvel.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

November 22

Can November 22 ever mean anything but the assassination of JFK, a day Liz Smith calls "a day that changed everything"?

Here's a guide to must-reads about that terrible day, include an article about the last beautiful photo of Jack and Jackie.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Good Friday Links

Haveil Havalim, The Chaye Sarah Edition, is up at Beneath the Wings.

The Council has spoken! Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners.  The Council winner was Joshupundit's The Blood of Zion Cries Out.
The Non-Council winner was Victor Davis Hanson's A Moral Primer ("Obama's legacy: government-induced chaos at home, moral equivalence abroad.")

You have to read Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup. The title is A Nation of Obamas. Now there's a scary thought.

Argus Hamilton Quips

Argus Hamilton always offers an amusing take on the news, including this item:  "President Obama announced his executive order legalizing millions of illegal aliens Thursday in a televised address. Everyone agrees that it's a whole new day. Who would've guessed that six years into Obama's presidency Charles Manson would be a family man and Bill Cosby would be the sociopath?" 

And who would've guessed that our president would be be so contemptuous of his country, its citizens, and its laws?

Unequivocal Support For Israel

Read this Weekly Standard op-ed by Bill Kristol titled With Israel, Against Terror.  In it he writes, "We’re pleased the Times managed to refrain from blaming the victims of terror for the terrorist act. But we’re a bit befuddled by the Times’s profession of incomprehension. Really, what’s not to comprehend? The Palestinians wanted to kill Jews. They did so, brutally and savagely. This is not the first time this has happened in recent months, years, or decades. It is not exactly something new in the annals of the modern Middle East, or of the world...America has the misfortune to have an anti-Israel president for two more years. America has the good fortune to have a pro-Israel Congress for that same period of time. It should be a priority for that Congress, through speech and deed, to signal unequivocally to Israel and its enemies that terror and pressure against Israel will not succeed, and that America stands with Israel in our common fight against terror and barbarism."

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oh Well, It's Just Jews

These photos of the slaughter in the synagogue should be shared and posted everywhere. Unlike the staged, faked photos that the Associated Press and other news outlets like to show, this, unfortunately, is the real thing.

Michael Freund refers to the brutal attacks as "A 'Palestinian' pogrom in Jerusalem", in a Jewish World Review page titled "Religion of Peace Report."


This situation is just disgraceful, the open threats of rioting and violence if the Ferguson cop's case isn't sent to the jury. From the Atlantic: Ferguson Protests Are Coming to Your City; Demonstrations in nearly 100 cities will follow Officer Darren Wilson's grand jury announcement. I remember these same threats of violence if O.J. Simpson wasn't acquitted.

If we Jews rioted now and stormed mosques all over the country in response to the massacre at the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue, would that be tolerated? I think not.

Lots 'o Links

It's Thursday, so it must be time for the best recaps on the news and our culture, from Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx.

Peter Wehner says that Obama is about to commit an act of constitutional infamy.  Maybe the illegals can move to Ferguson and they can all loot, protest, and riot together.

The winner of the Golden Weasel award as Weasel of the Week is Nancy Pelosi!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yawn If The Victims Are Jews

Netanyahu is demanding world denunciation of Palestinian terrorism after the synagogue atrocities. The only way he'd get world denunciation of terrorism is if Jews murdered Arabs praying in a mosque. Then you'd definitely see condemnation. Does the name Baruch Goldstein ring a bell? But Jews didn't celebrate -- we were horrified and sickened by that massacre. That's the difference between us.

I always read The Algemeiner, and there are many good articles today. Bobby Jindal said what Obama would never say: “An attack on a synagogue shows that there are no bounds for terrorists. These are people depraved of any humanity in their hearts, and they must not only be stopped, they must be exterminated.”

Alan Dershowitz let Ashley Banfield and CNN have it after the usual moral  equivalency garbage

And Minister Naftali Bennett "posted a video which, he said, explained the BBC’s objection to the display of images of the atrocity. The video featured Tom Gross, a pro-Israel media analyst, pointing out on Israeli television that during the war in Gaza over the summer, the BBC 'showed pictures of dead Palestinians day after day, hour after hour.' Gross continued: 'There is a kind of unspoken policy at the BBC that when Palestinians are the victims, they show the pictures in their bloodiest form, but when Jews or Israelis are the victims, they don’t want to see any pictures.'"  In other words, don't humanize Jews in any way, even in death.

Travels With Khrushchev

Last night, PBS aired "Cold War Roadshow", a terrific documentary about Nikita Khrushchev's 1959 visit to the United States.  Ironically, his son Sergei became an American citizen.

If you want to read a book on the same topic, see K Blows Top: A Cold War Comic Interlude, Starring Nikita Khrushchev, America's Most Unlikely Tourist.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Candy and Fireworks

"Large numbers of Palestinians in eastern Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza were pictured celebrating the attack, handing out candy to children. Many of the celebrants carried axes to mark the fact that an axe was among the weapons utilized by Ghassan and Odai Abu Jamal, the terrorists behind today’s attack."

"Hamas official Mushir al-Masri even managed to commission or otherwise obtain a grotesque political cartoon praising the 'heroic' synagogue attack, which he promptly posted on Twitter."

This brazenness is what happens when the enemy - whether Hamas, the PLO, Al Qaeda, ISIS, or the antisemite down the street - is not afraid of the West's response. There IS no response.  If it's fireworks they want, Israel should give it to them, in the form of air strikes.

Word of the Year?

Unfortunately, the 2014 word of the year  is "vape", which is short for the vapor from electronic cigarettes. It should stand for vapid, because that's what this word and the runners-up are. Have you ever heard of "bae" and "normcore"?

Remember when people spoke well and intelligently? After reading this list, that's hard to believe.

Slaughter in the Synagogue

4 Rabbis were slaughtered in a synagogue before the 2 Palestinian terrorists were killed by police.  CNN first reported this as an attack on a mosque, which is more fitting the anti-Israel, pro-Muslim bias in our news coverage.

Don't worry -- the Muslims will riot anyway, and the usual protesters will condemn the Jews, and we'll have to hear about the religion of peace. Let them shout all they want. We are not like the parents of Peter Kassig, who actually said they will forgive the animals who beheaded him! We Jews should neither forgive not forget this barbaric obscenity and should use whatever means necessary to kill these savages, without apology!

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Shirt From Outer Space

Finally, someone sticking up for Dr. Matt Taylor, whose "offensive shirt" (thanks to the continuing insanity of political correctness) stole the headlines from a great scientific achievement.  Boris Johnson writes, "It’s the hypocrisy of it all that irritates me. Here is Kim Kardashian – a heroine and idol to some members of my family – deciding to bust out all over the place, and good for her. No one seeks to engulf her in a tweetstorm of rage. But why is she held to be noble and pure, while Dr Taylor is attacked for being vulgar and tasteless?
I think his critics should go to the National Gallery and look at the Rokeby Venus by Velázquez. Or look at the stuff by Rubens. Are we saying that these glorious images should be torn from the walls?
What are we all – a bunch of Islamist maniacs who think any representation of the human form is an offence against God? This is the 21st century, for goodness’ sake. And if you ask yourself why so few have come to the defence of the scientist, the answer is that no one dares."

If I had been Dr. Taylor, I would have neither apologized nor cried.  He's a scientist who has more important things to do than worry about his clothes. Obviously the feminists have less important things to do.

(Cartoon by Walt Handelsman)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just Keep Making Excuses And Do Nothing

Sadly but not surprisingly, Peter Kassig has been beheaded by the ISIS butchers, showing that even converting to their filthy religion doesn't help you. That's yet another statistic to add to the number of Islamic terror attacks since September 11.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Kowtowing To Terrorists

A rabbi was stabbed in the throat in Antwerp. The Jewish Press writes, "Observant Jews also have been advised not to wear a kippa in the streets of Europe so they won’t be targets for anti-Semites. Will the same sages now suggest that Jew should stop walking to synagogue?"

Yes, by all means let's not do or wear anything that might indicate we're Jewish. That'll show the terrorists!

As one of the commenters says, "Amazingly they are not calling on Muslims to be tolerant, instead they say that the Jewish people hide their religion. No wonder there is violence."

We should all wear larger Stars of David in defiance.

The Endless Obama-Go-Round

I know just how the guy feels. 

Every day, it's another Obama scandal. And although Gruber is being used as a handy scapegoat, it's Obama who's the President, and it's called Obamacare, not Grubercare.  And it definitely won't be Gruber who gets the blame when Obama forces through his amnesty plan.

In the meantime, you can undergo POS Barry Therapy® thanks to Michelle Obama's Mirror, and try releasing the stress with these 
helpful games.

Cartoon by Steve Breen, as seen at

Obama and Nixon

Here's a great column by Peggy Noonan titled "The Loneliest President Since Nixon."  I understand what she means, but this is an insult to Nixon. Watergate was his downfall, but people forget that he was an excellent foreign policy President. He ended the Vietnam War, he normalized relations between America and China, he was a friend to Israel, and he had diplomatic relations all over the world. What has Obama done except destroy countries and relationships?  At least Nixon resigned. We still have 2 more years of Obama's lies and destructiveness.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Watcher's Council

The Council has spoken! Here are the latest Watcher's Council winners. Joshuapundit's The Day The World Stopped won first place in the Council category, while Andrew J. McCarthy's Amnesty and Impeachment won first place in the Non-Council category. Make sure to check out all the winners!

The Last Salute

This is a very touching Veterans Day story:  " — World War II Veteran Justus Belfield gave his final salute on Veterans Day.
The proud 98-year-old was too weak to leave his bed at Baptist Health Nursing and Rehabilitation Center for the nursing home’s veterans’ parade and luncheon, but there was no doubt he was there in spirit.
In honor of the day, he asked to be dressed in his olive green Army uniform, which he’d worn for every patriotic occasion since he and his wife, Lillian, moved to Baptist several years ago." 

Go read the whole thing, and look at the photograph of this patriot.


The headline at WorldJewishDaily is Total Capitulation: "U.S. President Barack Obama is about to cut a deal with Iran that amounts to a complete and total surrender to the demands of the Islamic Republic. Perhaps the single most stunning act of incompetence and capitulation by an American president in history."

From Investors Business Daily: Obama's Amnesty Will Turn U.S. Into Welfare Magnet.

Don't you love when Obama badmouths his own country while abroad? 
Keystone pipeline: Obama bashes project while in Myanmar.

In its newsletter, the Jewish Press says this: "WARNING: Reading this article is likely to get you very upset." That article begins this way: "The U.S. State Dept. has decided that Israel should not destroy the home of the terrorists because doing so would be 'counterproductive to the cause of peace and exacerbate an already tense situation.'  The decree was announced to reporters on Thursday by State Dept. spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who called the idea of demolishing a terrorist’s home 'punitive.'"

These items are from this week alone. We non-stupid Americans have had to cope with 6 years of this destructive man, and we have 2 more years of struggle and strife to go. When he finally leaves office, he ought to become a dictator in Central America or Africa -- they'd worship him there.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lots 'o Links

It's time for your weekly recap of the news thanks to Maggie's Farm, Betsy's Page, and Larwyn's Linx.  You can read about the so-called kissing bug disease, dubbed "the new AIDS", while the enterovirus that's killed several children is all but ignored.

Don't forget to check out Haveil Havalim, the Vayeira Version, hosted by Adventures in AliyahLand.

Can you guess who the Weasel of the Week is?   It's none other than Jonathan "The American voters are too stupid" Gruber!  But remember that he didn't mention those of us who chose not to vote for Obama, and who opposed Obamacare from the start -- we're not stupid at all.

Let me get this straight. This Philae comet lander scientist's shirt got women all bent out of shape;  yet women don't seem to mind the fact that the talentless Kim Kardashian is posing nude and showing off her rear end (as the New York Post said, you can't "unsee it"). So he's more offensive than she is?? If you don't want a "war on women", stop acting like trash.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Gratitude From a Holocaust Survivor

In this touching column, Martin Greenfield, author of the new book “Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor,” thanks American vets for rescuing him:  "Seventy years ago, Nazi soldiers descended on my tiny village in the Carpathian Mountains, rounded up me and my family and packed us into cattle cars headed for Auschwitz. My mother, grandparents, sister and 5-year-old baby brother were sent to the ovens. I was 15 years old. Today, I own America’s premier hand-tailored menswear company and make suits for everyone from President Obama to Jimmy Fallon to James Spader’s character Raymond 'Red' Reddington on NBC’s 'The Blacklist.'  Everything I am or will ever be I owe to God and the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines of the US Armed Forces who fought and died to liberate me."

Contempt For Congress

Obama is still threatening to issue an executive order on immigration.  The Republicans had better fight back, hard.

One thing they can do is tell Obama that if he insists on ramming this amnesty through despite the opposition to it, then the illegals can come here, but they will not be allowed to collect welfare, food stamps, disability, free cell phones, Obamacare, or any other dependency entitlements; and they have to learn English. Let's see how well that works out.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

American Jews in the Military

Here's a nice article: "Exhibit spotlights 350 years of US Jews in the military; National Museum of American Jewish Military History’s new permanent show is a comprehensive look through to the 20,000 Jewish soldiers now on active duty."

Fighting Back

Dr. Haim Shine writes about The fight for our right to live in Israel:
"These are difficult days, with attack after attack carried out by savage knife wielders and inhuman car rammers, who are again putting to a test the spiritual strength of the Israeli people. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, should know that we will never lose our will to live as a free people in our homeland, because we have no other home in the world. Jews who are not willing to grasp a sword will not be able to hold onto life. We will not give up and we will not capitulate, because this is our mission in life. Weakness is not leadership and endless concessions do not constitute a vision.
The Israeli government must send a clear and determined message and act with all the force necessary to put the murderous violence to a halt. This is war, and we have no choice but to win, if we want to live. 'Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.'"

Or as Sarah Tuttle-Singer puts it so succinctly, "It’s time to tell terrorism to go f%ck itself."

Let the antisemites march in the streets again all they want.  We can't let them - or the enemy - intimidate us any more. Let's fight back.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Thank a Veteran

Here's a nice article about veterans in general, and Audie Murphy in particular.

When you see a veteran, just say thank you for his service and courage, not just on Veterans Day, but every day.

The Victimology of Dependency

This unbelievable headline shows you the terrible decline in our society: Food Stamp Recipients, Advocates Sue Over Work Requirements.  The article says, "Most Americans agree that able-bodied adults should be required to do some type of work to receive welfare assistance. But two nonprofit groups and a handful of food stamp recipients in New Mexico are suing the state for trying to encourage just that."

The article actually had to explain why work is good:  "Self-sufficiency through work is a principle that should undergird the welfare system. Welfare programs should encourage able-bodied individuals toward self-sufficiency. If welfare assistance is needed it is there, but work is better and welfare policy should encourage it first. Time away from work doesn’t look good on a resume, and unnecessarily enrolling in welfare impedes an individual’s long-term wage growth."

Please, before it's too late, bring back stigma, shame, and embarrassment, and make sure able-bodied people know that idleness and unlimited welfare will no longer be encouraged and tolerated.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Britain Honors Her War Dead

"'Silence proves more powerful than terror'. The Queen defies terror threat as she leads the nation in memory of the fallen on Remembrance Sunday."

What a moving ceremony, and what a beautifully-written account!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Face of a World War I Soldier

Last night on the BBC World News, I saw this amazing mosaic of the face of Private James Ernest Beaney, who was killed in WWI. The mosaic is made out of 30,000 images.  For a closer look, click here.

Thoughts on the Kristallnacht Pogrom

Abraham Foxman writes about Kristallnacht's Lessons for Today.

You can read the first-hand accounts of Witnesses to Kristallnacht, and you can see some photographs here.

Can people stop referring to the events of Nov. 9-10, 1938 as a "tragedy"? This wasn't a tragedy, this was a deliberate attack, a pogrom.

November 4: The Week in Pictures

You have to see these post-elections photos and cartoons, courtesy of Power Line.

Friday, November 07, 2014

Good Friday Links

The Council has spoken! Here are this week's Watcher's Council results. Joshuapundit's A Murder in Jerusalem..And What To Do About It won first place among the Council winners; Peggy Noonan's column How To Lose, And Win, Graciously, was the Non-Council winner. Note how she cites President George W. Bush as an example of political graciousness.

Don't miss Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup - Winning.

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Weasel of the Week

The Watcher's Council has again chosen someone embodying a weasel, and deserving of the Golden Weasel award. That recipient is the outrageous Lena Dunham who, even if what she's said is made up, is one sick individual. Naturally, the sister she sexually abused is defending her, proving that if you're an ultra-liberal, nothing is wrong or inappropriate. Remember, this is the same Lena Dunham who did that ad comparing voting for Obama to having sex for the first time, so I'm really not at all surprised by this latest news. Anything for publicity and ratings!

Republican Reassurance

Steve Forbes suggests some legislation the Republicans should pass now that they control the Senate. I agree with these suggestions, especially approving the Keystone Pipeline, and repealing the employer and individual mandates of Obamacare. Another item on their agenda should be a visit to Israel to reassure Netanyahu that, despite Obama, we are their ally, and we're not all antisemites.

Lots 'o (Election Day) Links

Savor your Republican victory at Larwyn's Linx, Betsy's Page, and Maggie's Farm.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014


We won decisively, and we're coming to take back our country.  Try and stop us.

The Washington Post reports the following: "You should go read the story, but it signals that the chilly relationship between President Obama and Senate Democrats is now entering a deep freeze. Senate Democrats aren't likely to care at all about Obama's attempts to burnish his legacy in his final two years. They're going to be laser-focused on winning the Senate back.As he looks toward his final two years, Obama is looking toward a Congress with few friends, and many enemies, on both sides of the aisle."

(The above graphic is from the 11/5/14 home page of Blogs Lucianne.Loves.)

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Republicans Triumphant!

What a great victory for us tonight -- control of the House and the Senate; wins for Ernst and Walker and Tillis and Perdue; the debunking of the "war on women"; a clear referendum on, and repudiation of, Obama's policies; the defeat of Obama clone Kay Hagan; & so much more!  Congratulations on a job well done.

Tomorrow at work, I'll have to hear a lot of anti-Republican sentiment, but I'm just too euphoric to care.

PC Emoticons

Evidently, these people have way too much time on their hands. From the UK Guardian: "The Unicode Consortium, an industry body devoted to the development and promotion of software standards, has proposed a draft plan to add a range of five skin tone options for human emoji characters...Emoji are cartoon-like pictograms often sent via text messages to convey emotion and humor."  Can't you just use words instead of smiley faces? And why is the color of pictograms in a text message even considered important at all?

Drunkblogging the Results

VodkaPundit Stephen Green is drunkblogging the election results to spare us from becoming physically ill if we try watching it ourselves on TV tonight.

Monday, November 03, 2014

Most Courageous

I saw the extremely moving story about Lauren Hill on ESPN last night and think she is braver and more gracious than most adults in her place would be. It's very fitting that she received the Pat Summitt Most Courageous Award but so unfair that such a life is being cut short.

Our History

Look at the exquisite POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews here and here.

Sunday, November 02, 2014

No Victim

Read about the amazing woman who refuses to think of herself as a victim: Holocaust survivor: 'I did my best acting during the war - it deserved an Oscar';Ruth Posner, 84, is starring in a new play that tells the remarkable story of her escape from the Warsaw Ghetto during the Holocaust. 

The so-called victims of the phony "war on women" should read this and maybe learn something.

Had Enough?

In a scathing indictment of Obama and the Democrats titled Obama always pointing the finger of blame at someone else, Michael Goodwin writes:
"We are witnessing the total collapse of a bad idea. Obamaism, a quasi-socialist commitment to a more powerful government at home and an abdication of American leadership around the world, is being exposed as a historic calamity. It is fueling domestic fear and global disorder and may well lead to a world war...If there were any doubts the Obama Democrats cannot be trusted, look at their scurrilous campaigns. From coast to coast, their message is uniformly odious: Republicans are waging a 'war on women' and they are racists. That’s it. They can’t defend the legislation they passed, the economy they produced or the foreign policy they supported. Most don’t want to be seen with Obama, yet they take the money he raises and follow his lead in exploiting race and gender fault lines. Scraping the bottom of the rancid barrel, they prove they will do anything to hold on to power. They cannot be allowed to succeed. It is time for them to go."

Read the whole column and pass it on, especially to your friends who are somehow still undecided. The choice is clear.

Saturday, November 01, 2014

Weekend Links

Sometimes you feel as if you're the only person who feels this way -- especially when you're surrounded and outnumbered by liberals. So it's always a relief to come across your own thoughts expressed by a good blogger. Doug Ross wonders how anyone can vote for the Democrats on Tuesday: "My stomach is in knots.  The country is polarized. It has been beaten and molded, frightened and cowed, herded into separate camps by something called the Democrat Party, which is less a political entity than it is an idolatrous religion. The Democrat Party has a single, fanatical goal: the destruction of America."

In a similar vein, Instapundit has this: "IT’S COME TO THIS: Hope and Change gives way to Fear and Loathing."

Here's Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup - Going Mad.

"A Moral Duty to Vote Republican"

This is from Ben Stein's column at The American Spectator:  "Mr. Obama got his start on the national scene attacking Israel and defending the Palestinians. Mr. Obama has not the faintest idea of how fragile is Israel or how great its moral claims are. More, he does not care. Like all narcissists, he can spare very little love for anyone except himself.

But for the Obama White House to call Benjamin Netanyahu, by far the bravest leader of a free people on the planet, a 'chickens--t' and 'a coward' and to refuse to apologize is disgraceful.

To me, the words come from Mr. Obama’s friends of his youth in the Farrakhan movement in Chicago. Or maybe from his close friends in the Gulf States or his newest best friends, the Iranians. But to call the head of the government of one of our closest allies, our only ally with guts, barnyard epithets and refuse to apologize is simply sickening. He has never used words like this even for Al Qaeda or ISIS or the Al Nusra Front. Has he lost his mind?

For us Jews, and for many great Christians, Israel is sacred. For any of us who love America the most by far but also love Israel, Mr. Obama has cast himself out into the darkness not of the blacks, but of the black shirts. After what the Obama White House said and did, it is a moral duty for those who stand with Israel to vote Republican."