Friday, November 28, 2014

Good Friday Links

If you haven't already guessed, John Kerry and the P5+1 world powers (if you can even use the word "power" any more to describe the U.S. under Obama) are the recipients of The Golden Weasel Award as Weasel of the Week for their great work stopping Iran's nuclear program.  Instead of forcing Hagel to resign, Kerry should have resigned rather than surrender once again to the enemy.

Read Daniel Greenfield's Friday Afternoon Roundup - Thankful Without a Mandate.

The Drudge Report has Black Friday Stampede stories such as these:  "Shoppers Brawl Over BARBIE Doll At WALMART...Cops Pry Women Off Of TVs...'Shoppers Literally Stealing Items From Other People's Carts'...Man Tries To Wrestle Away Home Theater System." These are supposedly adults. Is there no embarrassment or shame? Ferguson protesters showed up at some stores, which is very fitting since they all have violent behavior in common.

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