Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Yawn If The Victims Are Jews

Netanyahu is demanding world denunciation of Palestinian terrorism after the synagogue atrocities. The only way he'd get world denunciation of terrorism is if Jews murdered Arabs praying in a mosque. Then you'd definitely see condemnation. Does the name Baruch Goldstein ring a bell? But Jews didn't celebrate -- we were horrified and sickened by that massacre. That's the difference between us.

I always read The Algemeiner, and there are many good articles today. Bobby Jindal said what Obama would never say: “An attack on a synagogue shows that there are no bounds for terrorists. These are people depraved of any humanity in their hearts, and they must not only be stopped, they must be exterminated.”

Alan Dershowitz let Ashley Banfield and CNN have it after the usual moral  equivalency garbage

And Minister Naftali Bennett "posted a video which, he said, explained the BBC’s objection to the display of images of the atrocity. The video featured Tom Gross, a pro-Israel media analyst, pointing out on Israeli television that during the war in Gaza over the summer, the BBC 'showed pictures of dead Palestinians day after day, hour after hour.' Gross continued: 'There is a kind of unspoken policy at the BBC that when Palestinians are the victims, they show the pictures in their bloodiest form, but when Jews or Israelis are the victims, they don’t want to see any pictures.'"  In other words, don't humanize Jews in any way, even in death.

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