Saturday, December 28, 2013

Stolen by the Nazis

They stole lives in the Holocaust, and they stole their victims' art works.  Yet here it is 70 years later, and the heirs are still fighting to get their property back.  This is criminal.

"Not all lawyers are making a buck on the backs of survivors. American lawyer Chris Marinello, now based in London, has successfully negotiated many small Holocaust restitution claims pro bono. Today, however, he and his firm are representing one of the most important heirs in the Holocaust art restitution world, the family of art dealer Paul Rosenberg.
Since the publication of the Munich collection, he has been in direct contact with the task force of what he calls eminent art historians and leaders in the restitution field. And, like other lawyers of claimants, he has faced stonewalling and been told to have patience. 'My client in 94 years old and she doesn’t want to be told to have patience,' says Marinello."

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