Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Who Can You Trust?

Not too many people, evidently, as demonstrated by this news: DA: 4 LIers led FDNY, NYPD Social Security disability fraud.  "Those indicted yesterday on charges of obtaining fraudulent benefits included 72 retired NYPD officers, eight retired New York City firefighters, five retired city correction officers and one retired Nassau police officer, Vance said. The retirees claimed they were suffering from mental problems so severe they could not work, and often claimed they could not bear to leave their homes or even operate their home computers, he said. But Vance said records obtained by investigators showed one man piloted a helicopter, another performed mixed martial arts and another worked a cannoli stand at the San Gennaro Festival in Manhattan. Others worked at construction, landscaping and other jobs, he said, and one was a baker. Far from being homebound, bank records show some of the recipients going on vacations and engaging in other activities, and numerous Facebook pages and Twitter accounts showed they used computers, he said." For shame! Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be such a thing as shame any more.

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