Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ordeal Continues...

I can't believe, as some are speculating, that the terrorist/hijacker of MH 370 took off on the spur of the moment to commit suicide after his wife and kids left him and he was upset with his political leader's arrest. This all sounds ridiculous, like a kid having a temper tantrum.  Instead, this sounds like a well-planned and coordinated attack by a highly-skilled pilot. His wife and kids were spirited away to protect them from the consequences of his actions.  He must have had a lot of help that we don't know about yet.  These aren't amateurs when  "14 countries, 43 ships and 58 aircraft are looking for the plane" and not a sign has been found. (Another eerie fact is that, in our cell phone-obsessed society,  the passengers' phones weren't used to call or text.  If nothing else, maybe our technology will be improved to make tracking planes quicker and easier, and to allow passengers to make calls from any location.) Unfortunately, we may only know the fate of MH370 when it's used for the "nefarious purpose" we can only imagine. In the meantime, all these people are grieving.

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