Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Serves Them Right!

From Hot Air, about this story: "Oklahoma death-row inmate dies of heart attack after botched execution.  'This could be a real turning point in the whole debate as people get disgusted by this sort of thing,' said one death-penalty opponent afterward. Could it? See for yourself what this degenerate did to earn himself a spot on the gurney and decide how disgusted you are. He raped the victim, shot her, and then had his cohorts bury her alive while she was bleeding out — and of the two men Oklahoma was set to execute last night, he’s arguably the lesser offender of the two. The other guy raped and killed … an infant. His execution’s now been stayed while Oklahoma figures out what went wrong with the drug cocktail they administered to the first inmate."  The only thing I'm disgusted about is that liberals actually expect us to care when the executions of animals like these aren't painless!  Why shouldn't they suffer?

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