Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Black Racism

Here's a bold headline from Daniel Greenfield: It's Time to Call Out Black Racism.  I doubt that any of the presidential candidates will say anything like this:  "Racial insecurity makes it easy for black people to believe the worst about white people and to react collectively. It is why so many black people and insecure white liberals are convinced that opposition to Obama is about his race rather than say his dictatorial ways and contempt for constitutional order, his determination to destroying our borders and our sovereignty, while delivering nuclear weapons to our enemies. It is why a cop shooting a black man will lead to protests and riots, while black gang members shooting up neighborhood houses and killing babies only leads to tearful funerals. It’s also why black activism remains relentlessly focused on imaginary white problems rather than on the pathologies that are ruining and ending lives in all black communities."

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