Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Today's Tidbits

Here are some things I saw during my Internet-skimming today:

From Daniel Greenfield: "Sanders supporters who feel the Bern dreaming of all the free stuff they will get might want to look at history and ask themselves whether they will end up standing on one of Bernie’s bread lines instead."

From Liz Peek: "Establishment Republicans are horrified that the nominee may not be one of them. My advice: get over it. Start to find common ground with Trump and help him beat Hillary, or he will indeed destroy the party."

From World Jewish Daily:  "Instead of going out of office with a whimper, new reports indicate that Obama plans to punish the Jewish state with a U.N. resolution that would set the terms for any future 'peace deal.' Of course, this resolution will not be favorable to Israel, since making peace with a people who only want your destruction is impossible."

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