Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lots 'o Links

It's time once again for the latest news and the most interesting posts, courtesy of Betsy's Page, Maggie's Farm, and Larwyn's Linx.

And don't miss Howie Carr's checklist that lets you know if you're really deplorable or not! Here are just a few items:  

"If you’re deployable, you’re definitely deplorable.  
If you wake before noon, if you call Islamic terrorists Islamic terrorists, if you don’t have an Obamaphone and you don’t believe that global warming is 'settled science' — can you say deplorable?
If you liked your doctor and wanted to keep your doctor, if you wear pants rather than pajamas when you leave the house, if you were passed over for the job even though you got a 95 on the civil-service test — you know what you are.
You may be a deplorable if you don’t think you should have to press one for English."

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