Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Change We Deserve?

Unfortunately, the Republicans continue to self-destruct. Michelle Malkin reports on their inane new slogan, "Change You Deserve":
"Conservatives have spent the entire campaign season eviscerating Democrat candidates who’ve tattooed themselves with the empty 'change' slogan. So what do the brain-dead strategists and p.r. market wizards of the GOP go and do? Wrap themselves in 'change.' What about self-preservation? What about sovereignty? What about consistent adherence to constitutional principles? Nope. We get more insipid 'change.' The crack research staff at GOP HQ somehow missed that 'Change You Deserve' is the marketing slogan for Effexor, an anti-depressant. Brilliant."
I need an anti-depressant myself after reading this.

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judy said...

"The Change You Deserve"


The new and improved Republican Platform Prescription XR for America produces side effects including but not limited to generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, nervousness, yawning, and/or sweating.

Studies have shown a propensity for abnormal vision, impotence, nausea (31%) and constipation (10%).

Also revealed were increased instances of depression, decreased libido, agitation, nightmares, delirium, blurred vision and difficulty focusing.

Known to cause loss of appetite, cold feet, postural hypotension and hemorrhoids (see Bend Over For Bush Syndrome).

Most common side effect is flatulence and political irritability.

Less common side effects include acne and/or pustular rash.

Not a controlled substance and has not been studied in clinical trials regarding potential for abuse.

For further information see Effexor XR for additional warnings.

Consult your family doctor if symptoms persist for more than four years.