Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Terrorism Denial

I wanted to kick in the television when Alan Colmes defended the "rights" of the isolated extremist Abdulmutallab to a civilian trial. Jennifer Rubin at Contentions describes the terrorist denial that never ends:
"When the Obama administration flacks tell us this was only an 'attempt' or that it was 'foiled,' they should tell that to the passengers on that flight and to their loved ones. The Obama team is now seemingly in the business of defining terrorism downward. We are supposed to celebrate and think that the 'system worked' because 300 poor souls were traumatized rather than incinerated on Christmas Day."
"The desire to not believe there are jihadist fanatics determined to kill us — organized in multiple international venues, not amenable to reason or persuasion, and only stoppable if captured or killed — is so intense that it still ensnares elite sophisticates and those who are charged with keeping us safe."

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Debbie said...

The liberal template, Alan Colmes follows the script. He's not quite as obnoxious as some. They can deny and try to downplay all they want, but the facts are quickly coming out and the Obama administration looks like Keystone Cops.

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