Friday, November 16, 2012

Israel Vs. The World

Here's a 3-minute explanation of Israel's right to protect herself from extermination.
Atlas Shrugs shares some of the usual nonsense from the pro-Palestinian mainstream media.
Meanwhile, Israel Hayom suggests that it's time for Europe's Jews to wake up to ever more blatant anti-semitism. And it's time for American Jews to do the same.
"European Jews today do not merely confront a hostile anti-Jewish media. They face increasing violence and even murder. Instead of serving as a wake-up call, the massacre at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France, generated greater violence against Jews and led to the exposure of terrorist cells preparing to murder Jews. There are ongoing anti-Israeli demonstrations in which signs and chants of 'gas the Jews,' 'Hitler was right' or 'slit the throats of Jews' are everyday events, and anti-Semitism is escalating not only in France but in the U.K., Sweden, Hungary, Germany and throughout most of Europe."

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