Wednesday, November 07, 2012

You Must Forget This

Read this amusing article about the proposed Casablanca "sequel": "If Casablanca 2 turns out to be a success, belated and ill-advised sequels to untouchable golden age movies might just be the next big thing. Maybe next they could make a sequel to Citizen Kane, where Charles Foster Kane could magically come back to life and start a new career as a rapper. Or The Eighth Seal, where Max von Sydow challenges Death to a game of Just Dance 4 on the Nintendo Wii. Or maybe a sequel to Sunset Boulevard, where someone at Warner Bros in the present day finds Norma Desmond's long-forgotten screenplay in a pile and mistakenly believes that it'd be a good idea to turn it into a movie, one that possibly stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt." How about simply not making any more sequels to classic films?

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