Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Crown Heights --- Again

"Hooligans" is too polite a word to describe these animals:
"A group of 50 to 75 teenage hooligans entered a Jewish-owned grocery store, Gourmet Butcher, on Carroll and Troy street in Crown Heights and trashed it, according to a CrownHeights.info report.
The attack happened on Saturday night, when a group of teenagers vandalizing cars and school buses on the street, then entered the store, trashed it, and assaulted one of the workers.
The owner, Yanki Klein, called the police. He also said that besides regularly stealing products, teenagers have come into his store yelling 'heil Hitler'."
Says Daniel Greenfield, "The employees of the butcher store however don’t take the invasion lying down and instead of doing the 'Hands Up, Don’t Loot' thing, they chase the thugs out with a broom. I’m sure Obama Inc. will shortly be hitting them with a civil rights investigation."

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