Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The I Word and the T Word

Here's a great article about the scourge of political correctness, which William Pollack calls a terrorist's best friend.  After listing some ridiculous examples of PC, he says this:

"A maddening example of political correctness run amok is Barack Obama’s refusal to call acts of terror committed in the name of Islam exactly what they are: Islamic terrorism. President Obama will not even refer to ISIS as Islamic terrorists. But they themselves do. This horrifically dangerous creation refer to themselves as the ISLAMIC State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Like their Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and Hezbollah offshoots, they commit massive, reprehensible acts of terror while conquering more and more territory. To President Obama, the beheading of a grandmother in Oklahoma or journalists in Iraq, the Ft. Hood shooting, the annihilation of Christians and their communities in Syria and Iraq, 5000 rockets fired at civilians in Israel this summer or any other act of sheer death and destruction in the name of Islam does not warrant calling it what it is: Islamic Terrorism. This is delusional, dangerous and a clear example of political correctness utilized to defend the indefensible.
How can we defeat an enemy we cannot honestly define? The next thing you know, a follower of Islam might behead or shoot more innocents on American soil only to have the politically-obsessed Obama Administration refer to such Islamic terror as something more mundane like workplace violence.  Oh, wait, they’ve already done that."

It's unbelievable that this president makes it easier for the enemy rather than harder -- it's as if he's been writing their propaganda for them. No wonder nobody fears us.

(Take a look at this post from 2008 titled "Politically Correct Terrorism". Nothing has changed!)

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