Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Desperation Time

Look at this headline and weep: Obama Plays Race Card Against Netanyahu;Congressional black caucus says Netanyahu speech 'disrespectful' to their president. “It’s not simply about President Obama being a black man disrespected by a foreign leader. It’s deeper than that.”  That's the disgraceful claim of Rep. Hank Johnson. The purpose of Netanyahu's speech has nothing whatsoever to do with race, and everything to do with stopping Obama from caving in to Iran.

There's something very wrong when the White House is willing to risk the security of our country and willing to personally attack the PM of Israel to keep him from speaking the truth about Iran and the danger to Israel. What's Obama so afraid of?

Also, please read Jonathan Tobin's article, "How Obama and his mouthpieces are encouraging anti-Jewish behavior."  Here's an excerpt: "But now apparently this reluctance to admit that Islamists terrorists are Muslims extends to refusing to say that Jewish victims were Jewish or that the killers were trying to kill Jews. In doing so, the administration seems to think that denying that it was an act of anti-Semitism will absolve it of any responsibility to speak up against Jew hatred or to acknowledge the way the virus of anti-Semitism has spread among Muslims...But there is a cost attached to Obama's refusal to speak about anti-Semitism and his firm orders to underlings to copy his oblivious stand. By that I do not refer to a political cost for Obama who will never again have to face an electorate, including an American Jewish community that gave him the lion's share of their votes despite his obvious hostility to Israel. Instead it is the Jews of Europe, who continue to be targeted because of their faith amid what even Obama's State Department termed a 'rising tide of anti-Semitism,' who will pay the price for his refusal to speak the truth about violent Jew hatred."
No, it's not a black man disrespected by a foreign leader. But it is the Jewish people being disrespected by the President of the United States.

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