Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Think Like a Liberal -- or Else

It now seems that if you don't agree with the liberal, politically correct view on every issue (pro-marijuana, pro-transgender, pro-gay marriage, etc), you are automatically labeled a bigot, and if you don't give your opinion at all, like Coach K, you are even attacked for that!  Here's the best definition of tolerance that I ever saw: "Tolerance means recognizing others’ right to refuse to celebrate what they don’t agree with. Religious liberty protections defending that right take nothing away from anyone. But compelling celebration certainly does." Amen to that.

I came across this open letter to homosexual activists at Adrienne's Corner, which includes my own sentiments exactly:  "Back in the olden days, people didn't usually announce to the world the manner in which they engaged in sex, including people who were heterosexual.  We deemed it not worthy parlor chit-chat and, frankly, it was no one's business.   Now, the noise makers amongst you are demanding tolerance.  I hate to break this to you, but tolerance is not a good thing.  Tolerance presupposes that the one doing the tolerating has already decided that what he is tolerating is not good....You don't want to be tolerated.  You know that is not a good thing.  No, you want approval for the manner in which you engage in sex."

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