Saturday, February 27, 2016

Close the Backdoor

Read Daniel Greenfield's latest column, Immigration or an iPhone. He says what's plain and right in front of us, except that the politically correct liberals and the pandering, kowtowing Democrats choose not to see. He says, "We do not have an American terror network problem. The Amish aren't using iPhones or obscure apps to coordinate terror attacks. We have a Muslim terror network problem. It's not because of the Methodists that we have to weigh our mouthwash or take our shoes off and put them in a greasy plastic tray at the airport. It's because 19 Muslims entered this country, hijacked our airplanes and murdered thousands of Americans. Guantanamo Bay is not an issue because Buddhists are at war with America. It's an issue because Muslim terrorists are at war with America...The only backdoor that should be at issue here is the one that Muslim terrorists use to enter America. We don't need to violate everyone's rights to close it. We just need the political will to do the common sense thing and shut down the source of the threat. Either that or give up on our privacy."

How many more times do we have to say this, and how many more people will be murdered by Muslims before something is done about it?

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