Monday, December 26, 2016

Obama the Backstabber!

Note that the headline of this article is "Israel fears Obama will strike again": "David Keyes, a spokesman for Netanyahu, said Sunday that Israel has 'ironclad information' that the US worked with the Palestinians on the anti-Israel UN resolution."

"Kulanu leader Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon criticized U.S. President Barack Obama, saying, 'We've talked a lot about the significance of the Security Council resolution, but we need to take note of one thing: how our best friends in the U.N. turned their backs on us at the moment of truth. That's the most shocking part of the story.'"

Let's be very thankful that Donald Trump will be our President instead of Hillary Obama Clinton! And be thankful presidents can only run for two terms, because Obama Says He Would Have Defeated Trump for a Third Term.

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