Friday, December 30, 2016


This is another thing Obama can add to his "legacy", the fact that his spitefulness is deliberately sabotaging Trump even before he takes office.  There are 20 days left till Inauguration Day - what damage will he do next?

I like what Roger L. Simon wrote: "One of the great mysteries of our times is why Barack Obama is still so popular.  His presidency achieved nothing, not even for his own core constituencies, and now, on his way out the door, he is doing everything in his power to make life miserable for Donald Trump, his voters, the American people at large actually, the state of Israel, naturally, and even the world.  And Obama has already made clear that he does not intend to go quietly after January 20.  He will make his views known loud and clear. Please, no."

All I can hope is that Trump and his team can reverse all the damage this petty man has done, and throw it all back in his face.  Among other things, I'd love to see Trump meet with Putin and end this new Cold War with Russia; discover that the real hackers were members of the DNC; prove to be a genuine friend to Israel; and successfully drill for as much oil as possible.

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