Monday, June 05, 2017

P.C. or U.S.?

I get so furious and disgusted with the apathy, excuses, and liberal reactions every time there's another terrorist attack committed by Muslims. We're supposed to just live with it; it's "the new normal"; ISIS is the J.V. team that's "on the run" and "contained.". Even when their victims are killed, you're not supposed to say anything against Muslims. Trump's anger with the Muslim Mayor of London is being met with more outrage than the attacks themselves!

Now read Daniel Greenfield's excellent column Breaking Up With Mr. Islam, which says what I think, only in a very poetic way. "Unfortunately the free world has been forced into an arranged marriage with Mr. Islam. One day he just showed up on our doorstep and the authorities told us we would be living with him from now on. Sometimes he cuts off a head, plants a bomb or kills a few thousand people-- but when we complain to the authorities, they warn us not to cast any aspersions on the good name of Mr. Islam. There might be people doing these terrible things, but it's only because we haven't made them feel at home. We didn't make their coffee just right, we told the wrong jokes and didn't prop up their self-esteem. But whoever those people are, they are certainly not Mr. Islam who is a fine peaceful gentleman and would never harm a fly."

Read the whole thing, and appreciate the writing and the sentiment.

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