Saturday, July 01, 2017

Financing Irresponsibility

Shouldn't saving money be your personal responsibility? And shouldn't you pay the consequences if you don't take responsibility for your own life?

Not anymore! San Francisco is paying people $10 a month to save money.  "With nearly half of Americans lacking enough cash savings to cover even a $400 emergency, the City of San Francisco is trying a new way to get people to save money — paying them to do it. The city is recruiting 1,000 people to participate in a campaign called Saverlife that gives participants $60 if they save $20 a month for six months. Participants link their bank accounts electronically to Saverlife so their savings activity can be monitored. They earn $10 a month in rewards and claim their $60 at the end of six months of continuous saving."

How about any easier solution? You personally make sacrifices, stop wasting money on things you can't afford, work two jobs if you have to, and put some money aside for yourself! If you choose not to, you have nobody to blame but yourself. In the meantime, nobody pays those of us who are responsible!

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