Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Cheating Your Way To Fame

This article about the fall of Lance Armstrong is excellent. Rick Morrissey writes,
In other words, the whole thing was a load of nothing, a shell game. Maybe he’ll come clean someday and tell us what compelled him to use performance-enhancing drugs, though I think we know the answer. Ego and competitive drive pushed him, all the way to seven Tour de France titles, which have since been yanked from him. The bigger question: What sort of person not only wants to beat the system but goes to outlandish lengths to show he’s a wonderful human being? There’s something deeply pathological in that. Armstrong used his charity work as a shield, and if you dared question his integrity, that shield would raise a knot on your head.
With all the cheating and steroid scandals over the years, wouldn't you think these people would have learned something?

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