Thursday, October 04, 2012

Congratulations, Mitt Romney!

Mitt Romney accomplished more in 90 minutes than Obama has in 4 years.  Good for him! It's been a pleasure reading the reaction from rabid liberals like Andrew Sullivan and Bill Maher, who were forced to admit that their Messiah was a failed one last night, and forced to accept the fact that Romney can handle himself quite nicely, thank you!
The excuse of the day, so far: “Gore Blames Altitude for Obama's Debate Woes”  
This is from today’s CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing by David Hawkings: “There are a series of corollary questions about Obama, who looked for all the world last night as though he wished he’d chosen to take his wife out to dinner on their actual anniversary — and was plenty peeved that he wasn’t able to. Were there some hard-to-fathom strategic reasons why he never used the phrases ‘Bain Capital’ ‘tax returns,’ ‘abortion rights’ or — most mysterious of all — ‘47 percent’? In the next two debates, will he be able to get over his manifest annoyance that, after four years as the undisputed alpha male in American public life, he’s going to have to share equal billing with someone else for another 180 minutes — and that someone will have the unique standing to call out the president in public? Will he learn that, in a debate, the professorial tone he takes at news conferences comes across as pedantic, and jotting notes at the podium comes across as avoiding eye contact with both his challenger and his country?”
For more great analysis check out Hot Air and National Review. And there's plenty more where that came from. (cartoon at today's

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