Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Obama: It Gets Worse Every Day

Ben Stein refers to Obama's sheer chutzpah in another terrific column, this time about Benghazigate:   "The administration is just falling apart in its attempt to explain why it was covering up for murderers in Benghazi, and the GOP is attacking the administration for their lies and miscues. Here comes the good part. The Democrats are firing back by saying that the GOP is trying to 'politicize' a tragedy. YES!!! The Democrats in the Obama regime screw up horribly in Libya, then lie about it. They are the ruling party in a democracy. But they are not allowed to be criticized by the main opposition party. If anyone tries to point out the President's lies, that person is 'playing politics' with foreign policy!"
Neal Boortz writes about "the new normal", and the country he no longer recognizes.
Drudge is hinting about some damaging revelations in an old Obama speech, but I can't get too excited about it. If it really sounds as bad as it is, you know the Republicans will get the blame on the eve of the first debate; and the Obamamedia will go into overdrive.
Another four years of Obama is unimaginable. But voters have more important things on their mind, like this: "Hard-Hitting NYTimes Hails Michelle Obama's 'Elegant Arms' and Barack's Shirtless Photos".

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