Friday, May 10, 2013

Tabloid TV

I just love it when writers think the same way I do. In his column,  Bernard Goldberg talks about "Jodi Arias, Cable TV, and a Nation Fascinated by Shiny Objects." He writes, "Mike Huckabee, the Fox News host, said that the Benghazi hearings would lead to the downfall of Barack Obama, that when the facts came out Mr. Obama would not be able to finish his presidency. That is nothing but wishful thinking masquerading as political analysis. Americans don't care about Benghazi. Not all Americans, of course, just most Americans.  But they care about Jodi Arias because shallow people like shiny objects. That's why they love to follow car chases on TV, even when the culprit is only some doofus who stole a piece of gum from a 7-11. The chase can go on for hours. They'll keep watching. Car chases are more interesting than real news any day." That's sadly true, and you can see it personified in Greta Van Susteren, who I usually like. When she talks about politics on her show, she's great. But she turns into another person when there's a murder or disappearance involving a woman, and then her show becomes unwatchable.

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