Friday, May 24, 2013

Spineless Quislings

Dan Hodges in the UK Telegraph has a scathing indictment of the liberal reaction to the vicious killing of Lee Rigby. Among other things, he writes, 

“'Mundane'. A serviceman is hacked to death in broad daylight. Some reports say an attempt had been made to decapitate him. His murderers posed with the body and encouraged bystanders to take photos. They issued a series of political statements. They waited around casually for armed police to arrive. Then when they did, they charged at the police car with guns and knives, and are themselves cut down in a hail of bullets. If this is Simon Jenkins idea of a mundane act of violence, I don’t want be around when an extreme one is perpetrated. 

"'Keep Calm And Carry On' is a lovely slogan. It looks great on tea towels. But there are occasions when the correct emotional response is not to keep calm and carry on, but to get angry and demand change. This week is one of them.

"It is one thing to keep a cool head, another to have a cold heart. We will not be a more humane or richer or stronger people if we respond to the butchery of a young man who has entered the service of his country by shrugging our shoulders and simply walking on by. If demanding a response to the events of this week is an overreaction, then so be it, let’s overreact. Better that than no reaction at all."

And if Benghazi was any example,  it may be at least 8 months before the British can explain away the circumstances that led to the slaughter of their soldier.
I had hoped that 9/11/01 would have put a stop to the kowtowing, but it's only gotten worse. The weaker our countries respond to each attack, the more they apologize for our people being killed (!), the bolder these extremists become.  How many innocent people will have to die before someone says "Enough's enough"?   Think of the Muslims as Nazis -- we need more Churchills and Roosevelts, and fewer Lindberghs and Chamberlains!

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