Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Phony Scandals"

Just when you think that Obama couldn't possibly irritate and infuriate you more, something else happens, and today it was his speech on the economy (which is still Bush's fault):  "After claiming the country was on the right track economically, Obama proceeded to blame Republicans for 'distractions' and 'phony' scandals coming out of Washington. 'With an endless parade of distractions, political posturing and phony scandals, Washington has taken its eye off the ball.  And I am here to say this needs to stop.  Short-term thinking and stale debates are not what this moment requires.  Our focus must be on the basic economic issues that the matter most to you – the people we represent,' Obama said."  If this isn't sheer chutzpah, I don't know what is. Ask Ambassador Stevens' family if 4 dead in Benghazi is a phony scandal. The only thing that's phony is this president.

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