Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Schmucks of the Week

This article describes Ryan Braun perfectly: "Of the many things Ryan Braun is – a liar nonpareil, a serial doper, a raging narcissist – he is, above all, a self-preservationist. Never did he show that instinct more than when he publicly impugned Dino Laurenzi Jr., the innocent man who happened to collect a vial of Braun's urine that started baseball down the sordid, tortuous path that found its first measure of closure Monday when Braun accepted a suspension for the rest of the season: 65 games gone, hundreds of apologies owed, $3 million-plus lost and one man left to sort through the damage done by his decisions and his alone."   What happened to this country when people find it so easy to cheat, lie, avoid  personality responsibility, and play the victim card?  If this is Obama's "new normal" that we're expected to accept,  then we're in very sad shape.

These  headlines show that New York has become a laughingstock: "Eliot Spitzer advises Geraldo Rivera on ‘selfie’", and "Anthony Weiner admits to sending more lewd images, texts but vows to stay in mayor's race."Let's hope the voters are smarter.

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