Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Pattern of Antisemitism

Here's the always relevant Caroline Glick:  "Over the past week alone, Jews in Paris were subjected to four violent attacks. Jewish teenage boys were chased by a man wielding ax. Other teenagers were sprayed with tear gas. Another Jewish teenage boy was tasered. And on Sunday, two men approached a synagogue while shooting a submachine gun and a handgun.
Outside the Jewish media, the events were barely reported. This, but a few weeks after the Belgian government refused to acknowledge that the massacre of four people at the Jewish museum in Brussels by a French jihadi was an anti-Semitic assault.
Jewish teenagers are kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists in Israel, and it’s their fault.
A old, handicapped Jewish man was thrown over the deck of a cruise ship, and America’s premier opera house says it’s art. Jewish teenagers are violently assaulted on the streets of Europe, and Europe yawns.
There is a pattern here. And it has nothing to do with peace."

Dialogue, education, and reason don't work with these people. All they understand is hatred and propaganda, so let's give it back to them in spades.

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