Tuesday, June 03, 2014

"The Jew Incinerator"

Richard Baehr wonders if European Jew-hatred has spread to America -- and then shows that it's already here.

"Real violence with the intent to kill Jews occurred in Overland Park, Kansas, a few weeks back, when a lone gunman shot and killed three people at a Jewish community center. The killer probably would have enjoyed the Chicago school game 'The Jew Incinerator,' and would have been willing to help out the California teachers with additional sources for the Holocaust denial assignment.
On college campuses, the intimidation and harassment by the group Students for Justice in Palestine has led to sanctions at a few schools, criminal charges at one, and behavior that in general would fit right into pre-war Germany.
There is a pattern to aggressive anti-Semitism, and more often than not, it spreads rapidly when it is not condemned and called out for what it is quickly. The proliferation of hate speech makes it more likely that some of the vilest of the Jew-haters will jump from words to action when given the opportunity."

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